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AgileBits Introduces The 1Password Extension for Third Party App Integration in iOS 8


This week AgileBits announced that 1Password will support extensions for iOS 8. That’s a big deal because it will allow the 1Password app to send passwords straight into other App Store apps, instead of merely acting as an external password vault. That’s the major difference between the iOS and Mac versions of 1Password: system wide access. This iOS extension should help close that gap and make both versions of 1Password equally useful.

The only catch is that developers will have to make sure they support 1Password’s extension (the code for which is available on Github), but I’m not too worried about that. I think extensions are going to be absolute game changers once iOS 8 is released, and secure password storage will likely be one of the primary use cases.

It’s also really exciting to think about how easy this could all be when TouchID inevitably comes to the iPad…

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