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The current status of the iOS 9 Jailbreak


Mention the word Jailbreak, and you’ll typically receive a very polarizing response from readers. Those in favor of Jailbreaking their iOS devices are generally very supportive. Those who are unfamiliar with the process, or think that the need for Jailbreaking no longer exists, generally could care less or are worried it will void their iPad or iPhone warranty.  Of course, there are those in the middle, like myself, who used to Jailbreak their iPhones and iPads, but are no longer interested. Apple has added enough features to iOS to dilute some of the excitement for me.  In addition, I’m typically an early adopter and/or beta tester, and as a result, I’m compelled to update to the newest available version of iOS. Regardless of how I feel about Jailbreaking my iOS device, if you’re reading this post, you’re obviously interested in learning when we might see an updated tool.

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