Quick Look: Jot Pro Magnetic, Precision Stylus for iPad

Jot Pro Stylus for iPad

The Adonit Jot Pro Stylus is touted as the most precise touch capacitive stylus on the market. I’m not a heavy user of a stylus on the iPad, but I like the idea of being able to take handwritten notes at certain times.

The Jot Pro has a number of features that sounded attractive to me, so I’ve been giving it a try over the last few days.  I’ve tried out a few styluses for the iPad in the last couple years – none of them are terrible, but none of them have convinced me that I could really take notes with them better or more quickly than by using the iPad’s on-screen keyboard.

It was always a bit of nuisance to consider using a stylus when out and about with the iPad as well – since there was generally no easy way to have the stylus at hand. There are only a very rare few iPad cases that have any kind of storage for a stylus, and I’ve never much liked the idea of carrying one in a pocket.

The Jot Pro seemed like a stylus that is a cut above – read on to see whether it has lived up to expectations …

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Just Arrived – Jot Pro Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2

Jot Pro iPad 2 Stylus

That’s the Adonit Jot Pro iPad 2 Stylus shown above. Mine just arrived yesterday and I got a chance to take it out of its packaging this morning. I’ll do a review of it when I’ve spent some time with it, but for now just a few quick notes and first impressions:

– It came nicely packaged and is a very handsome and relatively slim stylus.

– The rubberized grip is a nice feature.

– The use of a ‘precision disk’ and ballpoint-like tip feels a lot nicer and more natural to write with than the typical nub pointed stylus.

– Its magnets work pretty well. It stays pretty firmly in place on the right side of the iPad 2, and very firmly on the iPad 2 Smart Cover.

That’s about if tor lightning first impressions – I have a good feeling about this one.

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Styló Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2 – Quick First Impressions

Silver Stylo for iPad 2

The Styló Stylus started life as a Kickstarter project a few months ago. Its big unique selling point is that it attaches to the screen of the iPad 2 (or the iPad 2 Smart Cover) via rare earth magnets. I loved the concept of not needing to figure out where to carry a stylus when you want to use one with the iPad 2 and thought the Styló looked great too, so I happily backed the project.

The project got funded, these styluses are now available to buy, and the manufacturers (Just Think Design) sent me a few samples recently.

I’ve been trying the Styló out over the last day or so and I’ve got some quick first impressions to share …

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Review – Portenzo Composition Case for iPad 2

iPad 2 Composition Case

The Portenzo Composition for iPad 2 Case is a clever case that looks just like an old-school composition notebook. Actually, just like current composition books as well – I wasn’t sure these were still around but my daughter set me straight on that.

When I first saw the Composition I thought it looked great and ordered one straight away. After a week of using it heavily I can tell you that I’m not disappointed with it – hit the jump for some good reasons why …

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Composition iPad 2 Case – Old-school Composition Notebook Style

Composition iPad 2 Case

Here’s an iPad 2 case that I really like the look of – the Composition iPad 2 Case from Portenzo. I got an email from Portenzo yesterday about another of their products, but this is the one that immediately caught my eye.

I remember using composition notebooks that looked just like that, and I love the idea of applying that style to an iPad case. Here’s a few more things I like about the Composition iPad 2 Case:

– It’s made with traditional bookbinding materials, and made here in the US.

– It support the iPad 2 automatic sleep/wake feature.

– You can swap out the elastic band and have a magna grip closure instead (for $10 extra)

– You can also add a compartment for a stylus (again for $10 extra)

I ordered one yesterday and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

You can get more information on the Composition case, or place an order (pricing starts at $79.95) on the Portenzo product page for it.

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