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First Look – Mivizu Sense iPad 2 Leather Case


I should start here by admitting that until reader Joanne mentioned them in a comment on a post about another case, I had never heard of Mivizu at all. She mentioned this Mivizu Sense iPad 2 Leather Case,  and I went and took a look at the web page for it.

The case offers smart cover tech support (for the automatic sleep/wake function for the iPad 2). Honestly the case didn’t excite me much and it was from an unknown (to me at least) company – but it was attractively priced and seemed worth a look, so I ordered one.

And boy am I glad I did! I just got the Mivizu Sense a couple days ago but I am very pleasantly surprised at a what a good case this is. I love its light shade of gray, its leather feels ultra-soft and padded and just very nice to touch and hold. The smart cover sleep/wake function works well and the case is a pleasure to use so far.

I had low expectations for an unknown name and a $40 iPad 2 case – so far this case has far exceeded them, and really looks great. I’ll do a review when I’ve spent more time with the case, but it’s safe to say first impressions are very positive.

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Review – Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 (with smart cover tech)


Ever since I discovered how much I like the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2, but also how much I dislike its lack of full protection and inability to play nicely when folded back in use, I’ve been searching for a case that offers the best of both worlds. An iPad 2 case that offers full protection and also full support for smart cover features.

One of the first I spotted that claimed to fit the bill is the Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2. At $39.95 – ordering via XenGadget – it’s nearly 50% off the price of the Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2. So I ordered one, and yesterday it arrived.

The short story here is this case will never again be going on my iPad 2. It’s back in its box and will either be returned to the vendor or just thrown away. For details on why, hit the jump …

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