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Jailbreakme Update (sorta) Fixes Camera Connection Kit Issue with Latest iPad 2 Jailbreak


If  you jailbroke with the new jailbreakme.com jailbreak for iPad 2 you may have noticed that the Camera Connection Kit no longer worked for importing photos from your iPhone or cameras. I certainly found that and it was a known issue since the jailbreak release.

This week comex (the lead developer of the latest jailbreakme.com jailbreak) and Cydia have released an update that fixes the issue with the Camera Connection Kit.

To apply the fix just open Cydia and agree to do the Essential Upgrade that is suggested. I did this on my iPad 2 this morning and it has fixed the issue, but not 100% I would say – because the iPad 2 now does recognize the Camera Connection Kit, but very slowly. Prior to the jailbreak when the Camera Connection Kit was connected to the iPad 2 it was instantly recognized and the iPad 2 instantly woke up and loaded the Photos app.

With this fix, the iPad 2 does not wake up automatically when the kit is connected. I have to wake it up manually. The Photos app also reacts very slowly now with the kit connected.

I think comex may need to take another swing at this one.

Thanks to iPad in Canada for the heads-up on the update.

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Quick Notes on the New iPad 2 Jailbreak


I ran the new jailbreakme.com jailbreak on my iPad 2 a couple days ago. It had been a long time for me since I’d last run a jailbreak on one of my iPads, though I’ve had my iPhone 4 jailbroken for some time now.

Of course this is my first jailbreak of the iPad 2 as it has only recently become jailbreakable thanks to the efforts of @comex and others. If you’re feeling grateful to comex for the iPad 2 jailbreak, you can support him with a Paypal donation here: http://www.jailbreakme.com//#donate

If I was summing up my new iPad 2 jailbreak experience two days in I’d say mostly so far, so good – though I have come across a couple of issues, one known and apparently being addressed and one I’ve not heard others mention as yet.

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My iPad 2 – Jailbroken


Today I decided to give the new jailbreakme.com jailbreak for the iPad 2 a go – just a short while ago in fact. It’s been a long time since I’ve had an iPad jailbroken, and of course the first time I’ve had the iPad 2 jailbroken.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay with the jailbreak. I’m very keen on iOS 5 – and if there are issues that mean a choice between the OS upgrade and the jailbreak when it’s released, then I’ll almost certainly opt for iOS 5.

For now though my two main reasons for jailbreaking are:

— It’s just been too long and I’m keen to see that state of play with jailbreak for the iPad.

— I really like Ryan Petrich’s DisplayOut jailbreak app, that lets you mirror the iPad screen to a Mac. Mirroring can be done on a stock iPad to Apple TV (via a cable until iOS 5 comes out) but not to a Mac as far as I’m aware. I’m hoping to use it for some app demos soon.

Thus far, I’ve only got SBSettings (old faithful) and DisplayOut installed. So if you’ve got some good iPad 2 jailbreak app / tweak suggestions please share them in the comments.

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Jailbreak for iPad 2 Released


The much-awaited jailbreak for the iPad 2 has been released.

It is an extremely simple browser-based jailbreak – available at the jailbreakme.com website. It doesn’t require getting your device into recovery mode first or anything like that. All you do to jailbreak is visit the jailbreakme site, tap the ‘Free’ button underneath Cydia icon and developer credits, then tap ‘Install’.

The lead developer on this jailbreak is comex, who had help from chpwn, saurik (founder of Cydia and Dev Team member) and others. Comex is a student at Brown university and he is currently looking for internship or other opportunities where he can help ‘make something really cool’.

I am debating about whether to jailbreak my iPad 2. I am very happy with the iPad 2 stock, and very much looking forward to iOS 5 in the Fall – but I am a little tempted to jailbreak solely for the ability to mirror from the iPad 2 to my Mac. I’ll be mulling this over a bit, or succumbing to temptation, during the course of the next couple days.

Have any of you jailbroken your iPad 2 yet?

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iPad 2 Jailbreak Still Under Development


If you’re waiting on a jailbreak for the iPad 2, you may like to know that there is one that’s still under development, and that talk about it is minimal because a recent exploit for it was patched by Apple before it could even be used.

The Dev Team shared this information in their recent blog post on the latest release of the Redsn0w and Pwnage Tool jailbreaks for all other iOS devices that support iOS 4.3.3.

There were no details offered on when and iPad 2 jailbreak release is expected, and given the hush-hush approach it’s not likely we’ll hear much until a release is ready to go.

I’m still fond of jailbreaking my iPhone, but honestly don’t feel tempted much at all to jailbreak the iPad 2. The only reason I can think of that attracts me a bit is that there is an jailbreak app that can do wireless mirroring of the iPad. That’s an awesome capability and one that I wish Apple give us an app for, or allow a 3rd party to offer one in the App Store.

How about you guys / gals? Are you keen to jailbreak your iPad 2?

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iPad 2 Jailbreak Coming Soon?


If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the ability to jailbreak your iPad 2, you may not have much longer to wait. According to a tweet last week from @p0sixninja, a member of the Chronic Dev team, they were already working on finishing the jailbreak for the iPad 2.


I wonder if they’ll now wait a little to see whether the expected iOS 4.3.2 update has any security measures they’ll need to address to ensure it too is jailbreakable.

I have flip-flopped plenty in the past in my levels of temptation to jailbreak my iDevices – mostly choosing to jailbreak my iPhones, and not so often my iPads. Right now I feel very little desire to jailbreak my iPad 2 – though I may become tempted if the only good wireless mirroring solutions are via jailbreak apps.

How about you all – are you keen to jailbreak your iPad 2?

Via: iPadinCanada

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Jailbreak for iPad 2 Coming Soon?


The tweet above from @p0sixninja, a Chronic Dev Team member, seems to indicate that a jailbreak for the iPad 2 may be coming quite soon.

My levels of temptation to jailbreak my iOS devices have varied wildly in the past – as new iOS updates have brought many of the features I used to jailbreak for in the past. I’ve had a very on again / off again sort of relationship with jailbreak on my iPhones – my iPhone 4 is currently jailbroken, but had been stock for a good while up until about 6 weeks ago.

On the iPad, I have had far less desire to jailbreak it. I had my original iPad jailbroken for a good stretch, but once iOS 4.2 with multitasking and folders came along, I was back to stock and really haven’t felt at all tempted since. The iPad 2 is speed merchant and a stellar device right out of the box. I really feel just about zero urge to jailbreak it just now.

How about you all? Are you chomping at the bit to jailbreak your iPad 2?


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