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iPad 2 Put to the Test, Passes With Flying Colors

I have often heard it said in the tech press that Apple isn’t competing directly with Android. They are focused on software, experience, and the mass market, while Google has geared Android more toward power users who are looking for a more inclusive and open ecosystem. This would seem to be the case if you looked at the divergent tactics employed by Apple and the bevy of device manufacturers rolling out new Android tablets.

Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, and many others emphasized how superior their tablets specs were to the iPad 1, and how the new Honeycomb version of Android would give users the ability to do much more than is possible with Apple’s iOS. Apple, on the other hand, choose to give only a cursory nod to the technical side of the iPad 2, focusing more on software, the experience they have gained from a year with the iPad 1, and their leading position in market share and apps. This was the case, even though the specs of the iPad 2 were largely in line with the competition.

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Early Reviews Say iPad 2 Has 512MB of RAM


Early reviews for the iPad 2 look good so far. Some of the usual suspect sort of A-list sites who got their hands on the iPad 2 early have started publishing their thoughts on it, and they are mostly favorable. As expected they are not finding the finding this to be a revolutionary step up from the original, but a welcome and substantial improvement on it nonetheless.

One of the most interesting details to emerge in review by Engadget and MacWorld is that the iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM. While I’m glad to see the RAM is double that of the original iPad, I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get 1GB. I guess that’s another step-up that will await the iPad 3.

I was happy to see that Engagdet says the battery life is still tremendous in their testing of the iPad 2.

What do you all think of the bump-up to 512MB of RAM?

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Have You Got Your iPad 2 Wish List Together?


Image Source: 9to5Mac

OK, so it’s not like whatever we wish for the iPad 2 will magically come true next week when Apple unveils it. But … now that we know the unveiling is coming so soon, it’s the ideal time to start pondering all the recent rumors, ‘leaked’ mockups and case designs and so forth, and come up with a wish list for the iPad Dos.

Here’s a quick top of the head list of some of the main changes that now seem to be widely expected for the iPad 2:

— Slightly thinner and flatter

— Slightly lighter

— Cameras – at least one, likely two

— An upgraded (probably multi-core) processor

— An improved, larger speaker

— A better display, though probably still at the same screen resolution

— Possibly a mystery extra port.

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Latest iPad 2 Rumors Say: Kindle-like Anti-reflection Screen, Thinner, Dual-core Processor, 3 Connectivity Options


Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities released a note to investors today detailing his ideas on the iPad 2′s components. The analyst seems to agree with 9to5mac‘s findings in the SDK and is claiming the iPad 2 will keep the iPad 1′s 1024 x 768 display, but will introduce some improvements like a thinner panel and Kindle-like anti-reflection.

That’s a slice from a report at 9to5Mac yesterday on the latest iPad 2 rumored specs. The same report also says that the next gen iPad will:

  • Have a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor
  • Offer three connectivity options – WiFi, WiFi + GSM (for AT&T and others), and CDMA (for Verizon and others)
  • Have a front camera ‘that’s a 0.3 megapixel VGA shooter and a back camera that’s a 1 megapixel lens’

The above points match 9to5Mac’s findings when digging through the iOS 4.3 SDK.

All of this sounds good to me. The anti-reflective display would be a big plus, the rest is pretty much inline with what we’ve been hearing for a while now about the iPad 2. I really want to know about how much RAM the iPad 2 will have – I think 512MB is a minimum and hope we’ll see 1GB.

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iPad 2 Details from Engadget


Engadget has posted some juicy details on the iPad 2, gained from sources they say have proved reliable in the past. Here’s a quick summary of what they’ve learned:

— It’s going to have a built-in SD card slot, in the location shown in the photo above. And no traditional USB slot.

— It should be released ‘around April’ – which has been the most likely scenario all along, as it would fit Apple’s yearly refresh cycle.

— It will be thinner, as we’ve been hearing every time a ‘leaked’ mockup or case surfaces

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