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Just Arrived – Jot Pro Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2

Jot Pro iPad 2 Stylus

That’s the Adonit Jot Pro iPad 2 Stylus shown above. Mine just arrived yesterday and I got a chance to take it out of its packaging this morning. I’ll do a review of it when I’ve spent some time with it, but for now just a few quick notes and first impressions:

— It came nicely packaged and is a very handsome and relatively slim stylus.

— The rubberized grip is a nice feature.

— The use of a ‘precision disk’ and ballpoint-like tip feels a lot nicer and more natural to write with than the typical nub pointed stylus.

— Its magnets work pretty well. It stays pretty firmly in place on the right side of the iPad 2, and very firmly on the iPad 2 Smart Cover.

That’s about if tor lightning first impressions – I have a good feeling about this one.

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Styló Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2 – Quick First Impressions

Silver Stylo for iPad 2

The Styló Stylus started life as a Kickstarter project a few months ago. Its big unique selling point is that it attaches to the screen of the iPad 2 (or the iPad 2 Smart Cover) via rare earth magnets. I loved the concept of not needing to figure out where to carry a stylus when you want to use one with the iPad 2 and thought the Styló looked great too, so I happily backed the project.

The project got funded, these styluses are now available to buy, and the manufacturers (Just Think Design) sent me a few samples recently.

I’ve been trying the Styló out over the last day or so and I’ve got some quick first impressions to share …

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