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Latest iPad 2 TV Ad – ‘Love’

Apple’s latest TV ad for the iPad 2 is titled ‘Love’. It’s the sixth in the series that started with ‘We Believe’ – all featuring excellent narration by Peter Coyote. This one has another good ending line:

Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.

This one features a handful of people engaged in things they love on the iPad 2 – from a basketball coach showing his team a play in a huddle to a young kid enjoying a dinosaur app in a tent.

My favorite part is when they show a woman painting a landscape while standing out in it with the iPad 2. For years now I’ve been fascinated by the amazing art that is created on iOS devices. I’ve even got a little site devoted to it.

This ad, like all in this series, speaks volumes about how versatile the iPad is.

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Verizon’s New iPad 2 TV Ad

Verizon is now running their own TV ads for the iPad 2.

The new ad focuses on the ability to ‘stay connected almost anywhere’ and the power of the Verizon network.

It’s not a terrible ad, but it’s not terribly memorable or strong either. Also, who takes their iPad to the beach???

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Latest TV Ad for the iPad 2 – ‘Learn’

Another very nicely done TV commercial for the iPad 2.

This one focuses on some of the excellent educational apps for the iPad, targeted at age ranges from young kids to university students and beyond.

Very nice to see one of the Vito Technology astronomy apps featured.

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Latest iPad 2 TV Ad – ‘We’ll Always’

Another very good iPad 2 TV ad, the third in the excellent new series with Peter Coyote providing the voiceover.

As ever, the ad shows off the iPad 2, and some great apps for it, beautifully.

You can check out all three iPad 2 ads at Apple’s page for it here: http://www.apple.com/ipad/.

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