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My Decade with the iPad: Upping the Ante

I wrote about my first experience with the iPad back in January, right around the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs announcing the device in 2010. As we close in on the 10th anniversary of the device’s release, I’ve been thinking a lot about where the iPad is today and the things I love about it, both new and old.

While I enjoyed using the original iPad and saw enormous potential in Apple’s tablet platform, it was the iPad 2 that really won me over. It was everything that was good about the iPad, just better all-around. It was thinner, lighter, faster and had better battery life. As big of a jump as we got from the original iPhone hardware to the iPhone 3G, this was even bigger. Add to that the fact that developers were fully onboard with making iPad-specific apps by this point thanks to the success of the first-gen device, and you had a really compelling package for the price.

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My Decade with the iPad: Getting Hooked

We are coming up on a full decade since the announcement of the iPad soon. I already wrote about some of the notable impacts that Apple’s tablets have had on the tech world at large during the last 10 years. Now I am going to head down memory lane and take a look at how my iPads have impacted me and how I do things at work and home.

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The iPad as a Laptop Replacement- Part One

This is certainly ground that has been covered in MANY articles, both before and after the release of the new 10.5” and 12.9” iPad Pros, and for plenty of reason. Apple’s marketing has placed the iPad Pro squarely in the conversation as a primary computing device, and encouraged this kind of examination. However, because the conversations tend to center around those of us in the Apple blogosphere and the tech community at large think, they usually focus on the iPad as a laptop replacement for US as “power users,” rather than more typical users.

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The Nintendo Switch: How Apple Had a Gaming Giant on the Mat and Let Them Get Back Up- Part Three

In the last installment, I talked about Apple’s missed opportunities and overall apathy when it comes to gaming. In this final chapter, it’s time to talk about what Nintendo has done right since the failure of the Wii U. There are also some interesting comparisons to be made between Apple’s ambivalent attitude toward gaming, and areas where they have been more aggressive, and ultimately more successful.

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The Nintendo Switch: How Apple Had a Gaming Giant on the Mat and Let Them Get Back Up- Part Two

In Part One, I covered from 2006, when Nintendo became the kings of console gaming and were still flexing their muscles and substantial lead in mobile gaming, up until 2013 when Apple had turned the tables in mobile and Nintendo’s revenue and stock price were in free fall. Now it’s time to take a look at how and where Apple dropped the ball in gaming, the App Store in general, and especially on the big screen, and the ramifications.

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The Nintendo Switch: How Apple Had a Gaming Giant on the Mat and Let Them Get Back Up- Part One

I finally managed to track down a Nintendo Switch in stock right before Prime Day, which is NOT as easy as you might think. You can find bundled “deals” at ThinkGeek/GameStop and other retailers, but finding a stock Switch alone for the regular price of $299 takes either luck or signing up for in-stock notifications or trackers. This after close to five months on the market shows a level of interest that feels reminiscent of the first year of the Wii. I don’t think predicting sales of 100 million Switches is reasonable right now, but to dismiss this unique very and well-designed hybrid console is just as unwise.

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Apple Drops the iPad 2, Brings Back the iPad 4 with Retina Display

iPad with Retina Display

Apple has revamped the lower / older end of their iPad lineup. They have discontinued the iPad 2 line, and brought back the 4th gen iPad – or iPad with Retina Display as it’s listed in their online store.

The iPad 4 is available right now in 16GB WiFi and WiFi + Cellular models – priced at $399 and $529 respectively – and available in black and white models.

This is effectively a nice little step up for the lower end of the full-size iPad lineup. The iPad 2 was a heck of a great device, but as a 3-year old device it’s hard to compete with the current lineup of tablets from Apple and other vendors. The iPad 4 has excellent specs and features for the price point it’s offered at.

You can see all the details on the new / old iPad 4 and the full iPad lineup at this Apple Store page.

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Cool Things – iPad 2 Takes a Horrific Beating and Keeps on Working


I always say the iPad is an amazing device in so many ways. Generally though when I’m saying that I’m not thinking of indestructible as one of the words I’d use to describe it. Then again, watching this video, maybe indestructible should work its way into the standard set of Apple superlatives for our favorite tablet.

Here’s a little back story from Marcos Suzano, the owner of this tougher-than-tough iPad 2 and creator of the video:

Returning from a trip I had made, I forgot my iPad on the cars top in one of the stops I did. We got on the road and he fell from where I left him onto the asphalt. When we realized and came back to fetch it, it was already destroyed and I even saw buses and truck run over it before the traffic had allowed me to get it… The amazing part is that, when I got it all destroyed and pressed the home button, it was still working normally! That includes the perfect image and all the other functions, working with no sign of damage.

Nice going iPad and thanks to Marcos for emailing about this.

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Latest iPad 2 TV Ad – ‘Love’

Apple’s latest TV ad for the iPad 2 is titled ‘Love’. It’s the sixth in the series that started with ‘We Believe’ – all featuring excellent narration by Peter Coyote. This one has another good ending line:

Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.

This one features a handful of people engaged in things they love on the iPad 2 – from a basketball coach showing his team a play in a huddle to a young kid enjoying a dinosaur app in a tent.

My favorite part is when they show a woman painting a landscape while standing out in it with the iPad 2. For years now I’ve been fascinated by the amazing art that is created on iOS devices. I’ve even got a little site devoted to it.

This ad, like all in this series, speaks volumes about how versatile the iPad is.

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My New iPad 2 Smart Cover


That’s my lovely new iPad 2 Smart Cover up above. It’s one of the newly added dark gray polyurethane models.

I’d been wanting to try out one of the polyurethane models for quite a while, as I’ve only ever used the leather one I bought on iPad 2 launch day.

I took the new smart cover out of its box two minutes ago, and figured I should grab a photo of it while it as clean as it will ever be. So far I quite like the dark gray – though it’s too soon to make any comparisons on using the polyurethane as opposed to the leather one of course.

If I spot any interesting differences in using this new model I’ll be sure to share some thoughts on them here.

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iPad 2 Smart Covers Get a Minor Refresh


Apple has done a minor refresh on their line of Smart Cover cases for the iPad 2.

In particular they’ve made some changes to the polyurethane line of smart covers. They’ve discontinued the orange cover and replaced it with a dark gray one.

Another change is that the microfiber lining inside the polyurethane covers is now color-matched to the cover itself – and the covers are said to be ‘more vibrant’.

Pricing for the polyurethane and leather smart covers remains the same – at $39 and $69 respectively.

I’ve been wanting to try out one of the polyurethane smart covers for a while now (I currently use a navy blue leather one) and I ordered a dark gray one this morning. I should have it by around the end of the week.

You can have a look at the full range of iPad 2 smart covers at Apple’s iPad accessories page.

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