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Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Skins Look Good


As I’ve talked about a lot here recently, my favorite ‘outfit’ for the iPad 2 is the Apple Smart Cover and a skin for the back. My favorites so far have been a gelaskin and the ZAGG LEATHERskin for iPad 2.

I have to say these Carbon Fiber Skins for the iPad 2 from BelchCo (shown above) look very good to me too.

Here’s the brief intro on them from their BelchCo page:

BelchCo Carbon Fiber Skins for the iPad 2 are a perfect compliment to the New Apple iPad 2. These carbon fiber skins are beautiful, durable and ultrathin. Made out of the highest quality carbon fiber 3M DI-NOC vinyl and cut entirely in the USA, your Belch Co carbon fiber skins will not disappoint.

They come in black and white, and with or without the Apple logo cutout – and they’re priced at an attractive $18.99 for the back skin only. I’ve got a review sample on the way, so I’ll have more thoughts soon.

In the meantime, you can see more details and place an order at their product page here: http://belchco.com/products/carbon-fiber-ipad-2-skins.html

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Removing Photos on iPad To Gain Back Some Free Space


I’ve got a 64GB iPad 2. That’s tons of storage space for a tablet device – but for a number of reasons, I’ve been filling that space up more quickly than I had imagined I would. Earlier this weekend I was down to 15GB free on the iPad 2.

So I decided to make a start on some iPad ‘housekeeping’ to free up a bit more space. My first target was Photos on the iPad 2. Yesterday I had over 5,500 photos on the iPad 2, occupying 5.5GB of space. Although it’s lovely having lots of family photos on the iPad to enjoy via the digital picture frame on the iPad’s lock screen, 5,000 is just too many to have on the device – especially when a lot of them are screenshots and photos from past reviews.

My plan is to look through the photos properly at some point, weed out the tons of old review shots, and return some slimmed down family photo albums to the iPad 2. Here’s how I went about reducing the number of photos on the iPad 2 from 5,500 to just 62 last night:

— First I selected a small number of photos I wanted to be able to put right back on the iPad 2 – a few funny pics of my big Labrador, some wallpapers I like, and mostly screenshots for upcoming reviews. I uploaded these to a Dropbox folder, and then copied them to a new folder  in the /Pictures folder on my MacBook Pro. The reason for creating the folder there is that I absolutely hate iPhoto – so I will instead sync photos in iTunes via the /Pictures folder (which is located under your user folder on the Mac).

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Lovely iOS Rumor of the Week: AirPlay Mirroring for FaceTime in iOS 5


Rene Ritchie of TiPb posted earlier this week about a very nice new feature he tested out in the latest iOS 5 beta: AirPlay mirroring for FaceTime.

From the first time I used FaceTime on the iPad 2, I thought it was FaceTime at its best – largely due to the iPad 2’s lovely big screen.

Needless to say, being able to throw FaceTime up onto a big HD TV screen would take that to a whole new level. The the only big (BIG!) missing piece for FaceTime would be the promised cross-platform support.

Here’s hoping this feature stays in the final release of iOS 5.

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iPad 2 Supply Finally Catching Up with Demand


It looks like Apple has finally got iPad 2 production and supply ramped up sufficiently to meet demand, at least in the US.

For the first time since the iPad 2 release back in March, shipping times for the device are down to 1-3 days. And that’s for all models – WiFi, WiFi + 3G, and both AT&T and Verizon 3G models.

Very good news for everyone still looking to buy an iPad 2, and for Apple as this should only add to the already stellar sales numbers for the iPad 2.

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Quick Notes on the New iPad 2 Jailbreak


I ran the new jailbreakme.com jailbreak on my iPad 2 a couple days ago. It had been a long time for me since I’d last run a jailbreak on one of my iPads, though I’ve had my iPhone 4 jailbroken for some time now.

Of course this is my first jailbreak of the iPad 2 as it has only recently become jailbreakable thanks to the efforts of @comex and others. If you’re feeling grateful to comex for the iPad 2 jailbreak, you can support him with a Paypal donation here: http://www.jailbreakme.com//#donate

If I was summing up my new iPad 2 jailbreak experience two days in I’d say mostly so far, so good – though I have come across a couple of issues, one known and apparently being addressed and one I’ve not heard others mention as yet.

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iPad 2 Shipping Times Down to Under a Week in the US


It looks like Apple may be gaining a bit of ground in its efforts to match iPad 2 supply to the enormous demand for the device. Shipping times for all iPad 2 models at the US Apple site are down below a week. All the WiFi and WiFi + 3G iPad 2 models are currently listed as shipping in 3-5 days.

Great news for those still in the market for an iPad 2.

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Another Plus Point for Gelaskins for the iPad 2


I wrote recently about my favorite ‘outfit’ for the iPad 2 – which consists of the iPad 2 Smart Cover and a Gelaskins skin for the back of the iPad 2.

Today I want to just give a quick mention to another advantage of using Gelaskins on the iPad 2. They can be removed without leaving any marks or blemish on the back of the iPad 2. I removed mine this morning, as I’m going to try out a new skin from ZAGG – and the back of my iPad 2 looks as spotless as it did on the day I bought it.

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Surprise, surprise: people still in line 3 months after iPad 2 launch

(Image source)

Three months to the day after the iPad 2 launched in Austria, I decided to see if I could walk into a store in Vienna and get one. I couldn’t. It’s not possible. Three week waiting period, AFTER you pay down on your chosen unit. Isn’t that just mind-boggling? And why do the Xooms and Tabs and Playbooks of the world think that they have a fighting chance on the market if people still prefer to wait FOR WEEKS rather than walk out with an Android tablet? Continue reading

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My Ideal iPad 2 Outfit: Smart Cover + Gelaskin


The iPad 2 Smart Cover is one of my favorite things about the latest version of the iPad. It feels so much like a perfect extension of the iPad 2 itself that I very rarely take it off. I started out with mixed feelings about the smart cover in early days with it, but the more I’ve used it the more I’ve grown to love it. It is now my iPad 2’s BFF.

I’ve been continually looking for the ideal companion for the iPad 2 smart cover, because I don’t like having the back of the iPad ‘naked’. I initially went with just a Ghost Armor screen protector for the back cover. That worked well enough and certainly offered stellar protection against nicks and scratches – but I wanted something a little more, or thought I did anyway. So I tried out several iPad 2 back cover cases that are compatible with the smart cover.

Most of the back cover cases I’ve tried have been very well made and are high-quality cases – for instance the Speck SmartShell for iPad 2 and the Incipio SmartFeather for iPad 2 – but they all made the iPad 2 feel much heavier to me. None of them actually weigh very much at all, and they feel very light when you hold them on their own, but once they’re on the iPad 2 it just loses that wonderful feeling of lightness that sets it apart from the original iPad.

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Latest Tablet User Survey Good News for iPad, Tablets in General


A recent survey of tablet owners in the US is very good news for Apple and the iPad, and for tablet makers in general. Not surprisingly, it’s not great news for makers of laptops, netbooks, and eReader devices.

The survey, highlighted in a CNET report and conducted by Resolve Market Research, concludes that tablets are no longer seen as just expensive toys, and shows them having a strong ‘cannibalization’ effect on several other similar product classes.

Some of the results and numbers that jumped off the page for me include:

— As we already knew, the iPad currently holds a dominant position in tablet ownership among both personal and business owners. As the chart above shows, they have an 89% share of personal owners in the survey, and an 81% share of business owners. The %age of business owners with an iPad 2 (29%) is impressive.

— A chart showing tablets owners thoughts on what type of device they will not buy after owning a tablet is bad news for eReaders (53%, to top the chart) and netbooks/laptops (42% to come in second in a race nobody wants to win).

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Gelaskins for iPad 2 – First Impressions


I posted a week ago about being interested in Gelaskins as a minimalist option to use with my iPad 2 and the iPad 2 Smart Cover. A few days ago I received my first Gelaskin and applied just the back cover piece of it to my iPad 2.

Over recent weeks I’ve tried a few back cover cases that are compatible with, and designed specifically for use with, the iPad smart cover. A couple of them are very nice cases, but all of them have ended up making the iPad 2 feel quite a bit heavier to me. It’s been a bit of a shocking revelation for me, as they all look quite slim, don’t visually add much bulk at all to the iPad 2, and the number for their actual weight seem quite tiny. Nevertheless, the iPad 2’s wonderful lightness is just not there anymore when using the first few back cover cases I’ve tried.

So Gelaskins started to look like they might be an ideal solution for getting a little bit of protection for the back cover of my iPad 2 while not sacrificing any of its great light feel. They are described as ‘super-thin’ and are less than 1mm thick.

I chose two Gelakins to try out with the iPad 2 – the first one I have applied is the one shown above and in a photo of mine after the break. It’s ‘Vintage Dr. Gonzo’ by Ralph Steadman – who illustrated ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and other works by Hunter S. Thompson. The second one is a rendering of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

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