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On the Eve of the iPad 3 Launch, a Quick Rumors Roundup


Tomorrow is the big day finally – Apple’s iPad 3 (or whatever name it ends up with) reveal event in San Francisco.

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted about some of the more notable iPad 3 rumors, though I’ve never been interested in covering all of them. Now that we’re less than 24 hours away from Apple telling us all about the next-gen iPad I thought I’d share a quick, final rundown of some of the latest and most interesting rumors on iPad 3 / iPad HD Eve. I’ll list them according to how likely I feel they are to prove accurate:

As Close to a Sure Thing as Possible with Apple:

— The next iPad will have a hugely improved (likely retina quality) display.

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Lovely iPad Rumors – iPad 3 Retina Display Confirmed

iPad 2 and iPad 3 Screen Comparison

Since Day 1 of iPad 3 rumors a hugely improved display, likely retina quality like the iPhone 4, has been the most often mentioned expected new feature for the next-gen iPad. And now, at least according to the clever folks at MacRumors, the 2048X1536 retina display for the iPad 3 is confirmed.

They’ve managed to get hold of one of the ‘leaked’ iPad 3 displays that have been making the rounds of the iPad 3 rumor circuit over recent months.

MacRumors has now been able to obtain one of these iPad 3 displays and examine it under a microscope in an effort to determine whether it is indeed an ultra-high resolution Retina display. Physically, the purported iPad 3 display is the same size as the current iPad 1 and iPad 2 display at 9.7" in diagonal, and looks quite similar to the naked eye.

Once they got the iPad 3 display under a microscope the differences became clear.

However, when comparing the iPad 3 display to one from an iPad 2 under a microscope, the difference in resolutions becomes readily apparent, with the iPad 3 display’s pixels appearing to be one-quarter the size of those on the iPad 2. … We highlighted a cluster of 4 pixels (2×2) from the iPad 2 to compare it to the same area on the iPad 3. On the iPad 3, the same cluster was occupied by 16 pixels (4×4) — exactly twice the resolution in each direction.

Extrapolating out, the iPad 3 screen should carry a full resolution of 2048×1536, exactly twice the linear resolution of the iPad 1 and iPad 2 which is 1024×768.

I’ve said all along that I believed the hugely improved display for the iPad 3 was virtually a lock, and as we get closer and closer to the iPad 3 announcement (widely expected to be Wednesday March 7) I’ve seen nothing but mounting evidence to support that view.

Although it will hardly be a surprise if this latest report proves true when the iPad 3 is unveiled, it is still definitely very good news. The current iPad display is already excellent – with this upgrade it should be nothing short of amazing.

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iPad 3 Rumors Galore – Announcement First Week of March & Lots More

iPad 3

Wow. Today is a day full of iPad 3 rumors. First and foremost AllThingsD reports that Apple will beholding an event to unveil the iPad 3 (or whatever it ends up being called) the first week of March. They also speculate that the iPad 3 will be available to buy a week after the announcement, just as we saw last year with the iPad 2 announcement and release about 8 days apart.

Next there are a handful of reports floating around with photos that claim to be iPad 3 shells, back covers and the like. 9to5Mac has a couple of good posts on these here and here. Some of the notable conclusions drawn from these photos include:

— The logic board looks noticeably larger than the one in the iPad 2 – which could be to incorporate a larger battery, or just to better accommodate a faster processor and higher rez screen.

— The camera is different – presumably improved.

— The LCD is different – again presumably improved, and dramatically.

There’s also at least one report going around that the next-gen iPad will not have a quad-core processor, but just a dual-core like the iPad 2.

One thing is for sure. Unless Apple makes a huge and unexpected shift in their handling of the iPad, we are now only weeks away from the unveiling of the iPad 3. iPad 3 rumors have been heating up for a while, but now we’re into the raging brushfire segment of things leading up to Apple’s announcement. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with most if the kore interesting rumors, while not covering every wild new rumor that comes down the pipe.

It’s going to an interesting few weeks – and of course Apple’s unveiling can’t come soon enough.

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Latest iPad 3 Rumor Shot Shows Quad-core Processor and LTE Support

iPad 3 Quad Core Shot

Those clever guys at BGR have heard from a source who claims to be in possession of an iPad 3 prototype. That source has run a debugging tool called iBoot that is said to have uncovered a couple of key details about the specs for the iPad 3:

— It’s got an A6 quad-core processor

— The WiFi + model will have support for GSM, CDMA, and LTE – for 4G data capability.

Needless to say the the photo could be a fake and the information could be inaccurate – but the possibility of a prototype being out ‘in the wild’ seems just about plausible as we’ve seen numerous reports of late on how iPad 3 production has already begun.

The quad-core processor is hardly a stretch to believe, while the LTE support is a little less of an oddsmaker’s favorite I’d say. And I still hope that LTE is not coming to this year’s model – unless Apple have worked some sort of magic that doesn’t allow it to be a massive battery killer.

Hopefully we are getting very close to an Apple iPad 3 launch event that will put an end to all the waiting and speculating.

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More Evidence of Retina Display for Next iPad Found in iTunes U and iBooks 2 Apps


As we get closer to the expected launch timeframe for the iPad 3 (or whatever the next-gen iPad ends up being called), more evidence is emerging that appears to prove that an improved Retina quality display will be part of the new iPad.

9to5Mac have shared some images – provided by their reader @sonnydicksonshowing references to iPad2x images within  the new iTunes U app and the iBooks 2 app.

I’ve thought for some time that a Retina display is a virtual lock for the iPad 3. Seeing images like these only serves to reinforce that view.

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Latest iPad 3 Rumors – Production Ramping Up, Launch Event in Early February


iPad 3, or next-gen iPad, rumors continue to heat up this month – and as they do there seems to be a growing consensus on the release timeframe. Here are some of the latest rumors on the iPad 3 that have caught my eye over the last several days:

— A Bloomberg report says that the iPad 3 has entered production and is on track for a March launch, that it will feature a higher-resolution display (probably Retina level) and a quad-core processor, and that it will connect to LTE networks.

DigiTimes (who are admittedly all over the map lately with their rumors) says suppliers of new high-resolution panels for the next-gen iPad are ramping up production and will ship 6-7 million of the new panels in the first quarter of 2012.

— Finally, the Japanese site Macotakara reports that an iPad 3 launch event will be held in February – with the release likely to be in early March.

Though there’s really not much new or unexpected in any of these, it’s always good to see the consensus building up leading up to the expected announcement / release period. A launch event in a few weeks sounds good, as does a release date in early March. I’m hoping we will not see LTE support in the next iPad though.

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iPad Rumors Heating Up – Latest iPad 2, 3 & 4 Rumors


As expected, the first week of the new year has seen iPad rumors heating up quite nicely. Given that the original iPad and iPad 2 were released in April of 2010 and March of 2011 respectively, it’s pretty much a given that rumors are going to be flying around almost continually now until Apple puts us out of our misery and announces the next iPad release. Presumably that will happen sometime within the next 6 weeks or so.

Here’s a few of the major iPad rumors I’ve seen over the last few days, along with my quick thoughts on them (in italics):

Via iLounge editor Jeremy Horwitz:

— The next-gen iPad will see upgrades to both cameras. The front-facing camera will go HD for use with Facetime etc, and the back camera will be ‘iPhone 4/4S-like (bigger)’.

This doesn’t seem far-fetched, but I still wonder how many iPad users care that much about the cameras, especially the rear-facing one.

— The iPad 2 will stay around at a lower price point, while the next-gen will ‘sit above it’ due to high-def screen and improved cameras.

I’ve said before and still believe the improved display for the next iPad is just about a lock. I think the iPad 2 continuing as a lower-priced model to compete with the Kindle Fire and others is a good bet too.

— Launch date ‘similar to iPad 2’s’.

So around early-mid March again. Sounds about right to me, if not a bit earlier.

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Lovely iPad Rumors: iPad 3 Launching In February 2012


It’s getting close to the end of 2011 now – and of course the iPad 3 rumors are starting to heat up. Since the original iPad launched in April (of 2010) and the iPad 2 launched in March (of this year), and since Apple tends to follow regular refresh cycles for its products, it’s not rocket science to predict that the next-gen iPad should be released somewhere close to the fist quarter of next year.

This week’s iPad 3 rumors suggest an early release within that timeframe though. In fact the latest ones – based on an analyst report out of Citigroup – says we should expect the iPad 3 release in February of 2012.

It’s said the iPad 3 will have the much-anticipated retina display at 2048X1536. That seems almost a given by now. Some recent rumors also say the iPad 3 will be thicker while maintaining its 9.7 inch screen size and compatibility with Apple’s Smart Covers.

My quick reaction to these:

Retina Display – let me think about that for less than a second. Yes please!

February release: Yes please with bells on, and also Holy Crap best start saving a few pennies.

Compatibility with Smart Covers: Definitely a big Yes. I don’t consider the smart cover an accessory anymore – it’s more like an essential part of my iPad 2.

Thicker: Ah, not so much. I’d rather if we keep going thinner as far as possible without battery life or other major performance factors suffering.

What do you all think of these latest iPad 3 rumors?

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More Rumors of Apple Stockpiling iPad 3 Units by End of This Year


I did an iPad rumors post a few weeks back about Apple possibly ramping up production already for next year’s iPad 3.

At the end of this past week there were further reports at Apple Insider of Apple stockpiling up to 2 million units of the next gen iPad by the end of 2011.

To ensure it has enough supply of a thinner, higher-resolution third-generation iPad at launch next year, Apple reportedly plans to have around 2 million units already built by the end of 2011.

Citing sources in the company’s upstream supply chain, DigiTimes reported this week that Apple has tasked its suppliers with the development of two tablet projects, code-named "J1" and "J2." Both of the new models are said to have different sizes, specifications and technologies from the currently available iPad 2.

The ‘thinner and higher resolution’ mentions in the report are par for the course right about now – but I’m glad to see more indications that iPad 3 (or whatever name it ends up getting) production is underway and heading towards some good unit numbers leading into 2012. If these prove accurate, hopefully the end result is that there’s more stock available at launch time, more happy new buyers, and more sales.

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