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Apple Drops the iPad 2, Brings Back the iPad 4 with Retina Display

iPad with Retina Display

Apple has revamped the lower / older end of their iPad lineup. They have discontinued the iPad 2 line, and brought back the 4th gen iPad – or iPad with Retina Display as it’s listed in their online store.

The iPad 4 is available right now in 16GB WiFi and WiFi + Cellular models – priced at $399 and $529 respectively – and available in black and white models.

This is effectively a nice little step up for the lower end of the full-size iPad lineup. The iPad 2 was a heck of a great device, but as a 3-year old device it’s hard to compete with the current lineup of tablets from Apple and other vendors. The iPad 4 has excellent specs and features for the price point it’s offered at.

You can see all the details on the new / old iPad 4 and the full iPad lineup at this Apple Store page.

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Refurbished 128GB iPad 4 Models Now Available

Refurbished 128GB iPads


Refurbished 128GB iPad 4 models are now available directly from Apple. These are the iPad 4th gen or iPad with Retina display models – with 128GB storage capacity.

There are currently white and black WiFi only models available at Apple’s online store – priced at $679. That price is 15% off, a savings of $120 on the price of a new model. There’s also a white 128GB WiFi + Cellular model for $789 – $140 off the price of a new model.

The 128GB iPad with Retina display models were initially released in January of this year, and have these key specs listed:

Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Bluetooth 4.0 technology
9.7-inch Retina display
5-megapixel iSight camera
FaceTime HD camera
1080p HD video recording
Dual-core A6X chip
10-hour battery life
Smart covers (sold separately), instant on
Multi-Touch screen
1.44 pounds and 0.37 inch

If you’ve got a need for 128GB on your iPad, this is a good deal to look at. I’ve bought refurb mobile devices from Apple in the past and always had stellar experiences with them.

You can check on these offers at this Apple Certified Refurbished page.

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Apple Now Selling Refurb iPad 4 and iPad mini Models

iPad mini Refurbished Models

Apple has made available some refurbished models of the iPad 4 (or 4th gen) and iPad mini. These are being offered at between 6-10% off at the Apple online store.

For iPad 4, there are 5 refurb models available – one WiFi only and four WiFi + Cellular models.

The iPad mini refurbished selection is much more limited, with just two models currently available – a 16GB WiFi + Cellular at $429 ($30 off) and a WiFi only 32GB for $389 ($40 off).

If you know anyone in the market for an iPad 4 or iPad mini at a little bit of a discount these are good deals.

Hat tip to everythingiCafe for sharing the news.

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New 128GB iPad Available Today

128GB iPad

As expected, Apple has made the new 128GB models of the iPad with Retina Display (aka iPad 4) available today.

The new 128GB models are available in black or white and are priced at $799 for the WiFi only model and $929 for the WiFi + Cellular model.

Shipping time for the WiFi only model is listed as 1-3 business days. I called my local Apple store this morning and they have the WiFi only models available, but are not sure as yet about when they’ll have the WiFi + Cellular units in stock.

Are any of you planning to get a 128GB iPad this week?

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Rumor Confirmed: Apple Releasing 128GB iPad with Retina Display Next Week

iPad with Retina Display

Wow, that latest iPad rumor took just about no time at all to prove true. Today Apple has announced a new 128GB version of the iPad 4, or 4th generation iPad with Retina display. The new version will double up the maximum storage capacity for both WiFi only and WiFi + Cellular models of the iPad 4.

Apple’s press release on this is aimed squarely at the business and enterprise market and cites a number of examples of the sorts of uses that make the doubled up storage extremely useful.

“With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs.”
iPad continues to have a significant impact on business with virtually all of the Fortune 500 and over 85 percent of the Global 500 currently deploying or testing iPad. Companies regularly utilizing large amounts of data such as 3D CAD files, X-rays, film edits, music tracks, project blueprints, training videos and service manuals all benefit from having a greater choice of storage options for iPad. The over 10 million iWork® users, and customers who rely on other incredible apps like Global Apptitude for analyzing team film and creating digital playbooks, Auria for an incredible 48 track recording system, or AutoCAD for drafting architectural and engineering drawings, also benefit greatly from having the choice of an iPad with more storage capacity.

The new 128GB versions of the iPad 4 will be available starting next Tuesday, February 5, via Apple retail and online stores and other Apple Authorized resellers. They’ll be available in black and white and priced at $799 for the WiFi only model and $929 for the WiFi + Cellular.

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Do You Want a 128GB iPad?

128GB iPad

Would you be interested in an iPad with 128GB of storage?  It looks like we may soon be seeing one if 9to5Mac and their un-named sources are correct. They say Apple is preparing to release a single additional iPad model, as an additional model in the iPad 4th gen lineup.

Here’s their sum-up on what’s know about this new model:

    • It is a fourth-generation iPad, not a new design.
    • It comes in both the current black and white color options.
    • It comes in both WiFi-only and WiFi + Cellular versions.
    • It is a more premium SKU that will join the current line of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB fourth-generation iPads.
    • 10-pack deals (in both colors) for educational institutions will be offered.

In an update on their original post, 9to5Mac have said prices will be $799 for a WiFi only model and $929 for WiFi + Cellular. There is also some speculation that this new model might be for specific markets – like education or government for example.

If Apple does release a 128GB iPad 4 over the next few months, would you be rushing to grab one? I think if there is no other upgrade to the iPad then I would still stick with my iPad 3 – and await a hopefully lighter, slimmer, more iPad mini like model later in the year.

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ARCHOS Announces the Thinnest Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad

ARCHOS iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

Everybody loves a super slim iPad keyboard case right? Well, maybe not everyone – but iPad keyboard cases styled to look thoroughly ‘Apple-like’ or to make the iPad look a little but like a MacBook Air have certainly proved popular.

Here’s one from a surprising source that looks very promising. It’s the ARCHOS Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad. ARCHOS are well-known and have a good reputation for making portable multimedia players – this new iPad accessory is the product of a new division in the company that’s focused on ‘sharing ARCHOS innovations with other brands’.

There’s a lot to like about the specs for this product – starting with its claim to be the thinnest of the thin when it comes to ultrathin keyboard cases of this kind. It’s just 5mm thick and weighs only 0.5 pounds – both are well under the specs of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad. The rest of its key features sound quite good too:

    • Adjustable kickstand – Allows one to adjust their iPad for the best viewing experience possible
    • Magnetic bonding to the iPad – The keyboard is magnetically held to your iPad
    • Automatic screen switch on/off Function – The iPad will turn on or off when the keyboard is removed or placed in the cover position
    • Long battery life – Enjoy with your iPad for months thanks to a long battery life via a Bluetooth connection
    • Aluminum Back casing – Stylish aluminum back casing to match your iPad
    • Full QWERTY keyboard – Type easily with a full keyboard and work quickly with iOS shortcuts

Oh, and it’s going to be priced at $79 – which is well below any iPad keyboard cover of this type that I’ve seen.

It’s due out in March and I’m definitely looking to get hold of a review unit.

You can see more detail on the new ARCHOS Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad at its product page on the ARCHOS site.

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ZAGG Giving Away 24 iPads in 24 Hours on Black Friday

ZAGG iPad Giveaway

ZAGG are going to be giving out free iPads all day on Black Friday. They’re giving away one free iPad 4 every hour starting at 12AM MST this Friday, November 23.

They did this last year too and if I remember right you can keep on entering for a chance to win every hour. I don’t normally cover iPad giveaways here, but this one from ZAGG is pretty special, so I thought I’d share it.

Check out the ZAGG promo page for the contest – you can enter your name and email address to get a reminder when the contest kicks off. There’s also a text number to use to get hourly reminders once the contest goes live.

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3 Million iPads Sold in 3 Days of iPad mini and iPad 4 Launch Weekend


Apple has announced today that they sold 3 million iPads in the 3days of the launch weekend for the new iPad mini and iPad 4th generation, or iPad 4 – which is double the amount of WiFi only models sold during the comparable launch period for the iPad 3 back in March. That’s comparable of course because there are no WiFi + Cellular models available as yet for the iPad mini or iPad 4.

Here’s the Tim Cook quote from their press release on these numbers:

“Customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis. We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.”

Apple didn’t provide any sort of breakdown on the sales totals for the iPad mini, iPad 4, or iPad 2 over these 3 days – but there are a number of reports around today, like this one, that noted analyst estimates that the iPad mini was sold out in 60% of US Apple stores this weekend – with the 16GB models being the most popular and the quickest to sell out.

Given the shorter than average lines at many Apple stores early Friday morning, and a lot of people’s doubts about the iPad mini price point, it looks like it was a pretty damn good weekend for iPad mini sales and iPad sales in general. Just as another little point of comparison on these numbers, it’s only a few days back that reports of 1 million sales per month for the Nexus 7 tablet were noted as being a huge jump up for one of the flagship Android tablets.

So how many of you dear readers bought a new iPad mini or iPad 4 this past weekend?

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iPad 4th Gen Teardown: 1GB of RAM and No Surprises


Those talented and fast-working folks at iFixit have completed their teardown (dissection) of the new iPad 4th gen, or iPad 4 – hot on the heels of their iPad mini teardown.

The teardown of the iPad 4 confirmed that it has 1GB of RAM, just like the iPad 3 and offered no real surprises given what Apple had already told us about the latest new iPad. Here are a few of the highlights findings from iFixit:

* As opposed to the Samsung display we found in the iPad 3, the new iPad LCD is manufactured by LG. Apple has reportedly been working to move away from Samsung as a primary supplier, so this LG display is not surprising. However, Apple often relies on multiple suppliers for a single component, meaning there are likely other LCD manufacturers lurking inside other iPad 4s.

* The battery is labeled with the same model number (A1389) as in the last round, so it’s no surprise that it’s another 3.7 V, 43 Whr package. Like the iPad 3, the battery is adhered very securely to the rear case. Since batteries are consumables that wear out, the trend of guled-in, hard-to-access batteries in iPads and other Apple devices is unfortunate.

* Chips inside include:
* Apple A6X Processor
* Hynix H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16 GB NAND Flash
* 2 x 4Gb Elpida LP DDR2 = 1 GB DRAM in two packages
* Apple 338S1116 Cirrus Logic Audio Codec
* 343S0622-A1 Dialog Semi PMIC
* Apple 338S1077 Cirrus Logic Class D Amplifier
* Broadcom BCM5974 Touch Screen Controller
* Broadcom BCM5973A1 Touch Screen Controller
* Texas Instruments CD3240B0 Touch Screen Line Driver
* 2 x Fairchild BCHAH/FDMC Voltage Regulator / Reference
* Murata 339S0171 Broadcom BCM4334 WiFi Module

* We found a 1.2MP Facetime HD camera lurking inside, with the ability to shoot 720p HD video. That’s a big improvement from the .3MP Facetime camera in the iPad 3. Compared to the iPad 3, this camera is actually slightly thicker (an extra .4 mm), but it still manages to fit into the same space.

Check out the full iPad 4 teardown for all the gory details.

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iPad Mini & iPad 4 Pre-Orders Start Late Tonight

iPad Mini

Pre-orders for the new iPad Mini and iPad 4 are set to begin on October 26 – and if Apple handles pre-orders the way they have in the recent past for their big mobile device launches then that should mean pre-orders will start at midnight Pacific time tonight.

On recent launches of the iPad and iPhone two things that stood out on launch night are that Apple’s servers get slammed and many users find it difficult to get their orders in, and pre-order stock gets sold out fairly quickly. So if you’re planning to pre-order one of the new iPads tonight, you may need to start right at midnight Pacific and be ready to keep trying if it’s difficult to get pages to load and orders to complete. It may also be helpful to try the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad – that can sometimes be a faster way to get an order in.

Prices for the iPad Mini start at $329 for the 16GB WiFi only model. The iPad 4 starts at $499 for the WiFi only model. You can compare iPad specs, see prices for all the models, and get ready to pre-order at Apple’s Shop iPad page.

I won’t be pre-ordering – as usual, I’ll be out in front of a local Apple store waiting in line at Crazy O’Clock on release day.

Are any of you pre-ordering either the iPad Mini or the iPad 4 tonight? If so, good luck.

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