New Animal-themed Poetic Cases for iPad mini Looking Good

Poetic Covermate iPad mini Cases

Your Poetic has unveiled a number of new iPad mini cases this week. Three of their new animal-themed cases have particularly caught my eye – the Lion, Giraffe, and Elephant covers shown above.

I did a review of a Poetic CovermateiPad mini case a couple of months back and was very impressed with it. Here’s a little bit of my sum-up on it:

The Poetic Covermate iPad mini Case is a very nice folio case for the iPad mini. The Tree design is extremely handsome and the other designs look good too. It’s nicely priced at the Poetic site and is a real bargain at the prices you can currently buy it for on Amazon.

My 10 year old daughter loves that case and finds it gorgeous to use on her iPad mini. I know she’ll love these animal-themed cases too – and have ordered the Giraffe one for her today.

These new cases go for $39.95 on the Poetic site, but you can also find them on Amazon for $14.95. I just searched for ‘poetic covermate iPad mini lion’ for example to find the Lion-themed one.

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Cool Things: Pulp Art Covers for iPad mini

Paper Pulp Art iPad mini case

Here’s a new style of case for the iPad min that’s caught my eye this week: paper sleeve pulp art covers from a company called T&M. They bring some 40’s and 50’s retro flavor or, as T&M says, ‘retro futurism , science fiction and hair-raising adventure worlds’.

They’re made of cardboard and said to offer good protection as well bringing ‘color and humor to the public sphere’. I’m sure that second part is true, and I’m interested to see how good the quality and protection is with these cases.

One thing’s for sure here – I don’t think there’s a lot of danger of walking into a coffee shop with one of these on your iPad mini and then seeing somebody else with the same ‘outfit’. I imagine these would be good conversation starters, and good fun if you’re a fan of this sort of retro, pulp science fiction look.

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ZAGG Announces 2 New iPad mini Keyboard Cases

ZAGGKeys Folio for iPad mini

ZAGG has announced two brand new iPad mini keyboard cases – the ZAGGKeys Folio and the ZAGGKeys Cover. The pitch for both of them is lead with this set of questions:

Your mini can do some pretty amazing things. But…

Can it stand on its own?
Can it increase your typing speed?
Can it protect itself?

Now it can.

The ZAGGKeys Folio, as the name suggests, is a full folio case plus keyboard for the iPad mini, offering full body coverage. The ZAGGKeys Cover is a cover plus keyboard with a cover that can be locked behind when you’re in reading or viewing mode on the iPad mini.

Both of these new keyboard cases claim to offer 30% more typing space than the competition and 135 degrees of viewing via a ‘unique hinge’ that allows for adjusting to best viewing angles for whatever mode you’re in.

ZAGG have been among the leading providers of iPad keyboard cases for sometime now, but their ZAGGKeys Mini 9 keyboard case and cover for the iPad mini, released earlier this year, was a very poor effort. I did a review of the ZAGGKeys Mini 9 back in March and gave it a big ‘Not Recommended’ thumbs down, due to some very sloppy design and major flaws.

I hope and expect that these new iPad mini cases will be much improved. I may try one of them out once I get through reviewing a few other iPad mini cases I’ve had for a while now.

You can check out more details on these two new ZAGG keyboard cases and place orders at the ZAGG product pages for them.

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I Welcome Our Tiny New Overlords Who Clean iPad Screens

Do you like tiny, clever robots? Hate having to clean your iPad screen? Got some time to kill? If you answered yes to all three, then the AutoMee S robot may soon be your new BFF.

This little guy resembles a (very) mini version of a Roomba floor cleaning robot – but built to clean our iPad and iPhone screens. TUAW describes go it cleans a little:

The miniscule bot’s underside is adorned with two motorized, replaceable cleaning discs, so it’s not simply dragging a cleaning cloth around and it’s “smart” enough to recognize the edges of your device and do an about-face so as not to drive off.

It’s due out in March, will cost around $17 and will run on a single AA battery.

Here’s one aspect of the Auto Mee S that may make it quite a tough sell: it’s said to take about 8 minutes to clean an iPad screen. I believe the phrase we’re looking for here is ‘tiny robot is SLOW’.

For more details on the AutoMee S and a link to a demo video, check out TUAW’s post here:

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INVELLOP Leatherette Case Cover for the iPad mini – Take 2

INVELLOP Leatherette iPad mini Case

This just arrived today. It’s an INVELLOP Leatherette Case Cover for the iPad mini. Just like the one I reviewed last week.

I liked this case so much that I got a second one, in my preferred dark blue color. As I mentioned in the review it quickly became my favorite case for my iPad mini, and is getting tons of use. I still use the iPad mini with just a smart cover and even naked at times, just to enjoy how incredibly light it is – – but this has become my go-to case for anytime I’m going out with the iPad mini, or even for when I’m in my home office at times.

So now I’ve got a spare one of these excellent iPad mini cases. It will have a new owner soon – stay tuned.

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