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Cool Things: iPad Takes a 60mph Ride on a Porsche’s Trunk and Hangs on Tight


I’ve watched a lot of iPad case demo videos- but this is the first one I’ve seen where the iPad gets a 60 miles-per-hour joyride on the top of a Porsche’s trunk.

Oh, and quick spoiler alert – the iPad survives unscathed. The case being shown off here, and keeping that joyriding iPad safe, is a Sofshell – which is described like so:

SofShell is a crystal clear case so you can still show off your beloved (yet not anti-gravity) iPad or iPad 2, while keeping it protected. Unlike many cases that aren’t compatible with the Smart Cover, SofShell fully encases the iPad 2 bezel and Smart Cover hinge to hold the Smart Cover in place.

Why does it stay in place better than other cases? SofShell is made from a proprietary elastomer that outperforms Silicone, Neoprene, Rubber, Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) and plastic cases. In fact, SofShell provides super anti-slip protection on angles up to 70˚.

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ZAGGfolio Replacement Case Fixes Clasp Issue


The ZAGGfolio is an iPad keyboard case. It’s quite a good one too, but when it was initially released there was a problem with the case’s clasp that keeps the iPad secured in it.

ZAGG were very pro-active in acknowledging and addressing the issue. They emailed everyone who had purchased a ZAGGfolio to let them know about the issue and to state that they had corrected it and would be issuing replacement cases.

My replacement case arrived yesterday, within the timeframe promised in ZAGG’s email on the subject.

Happily, the new case looks good and the clasp works like a charm. I know that my iSource colleague, James Rogers, who initially reported on the clasp issue, has also said that his replacement case is working well.

Great work by ZAGG on fixing this issue and issuing replacement cases – that’s some top-notch customer service.

I’ll be reviewing the ZAGGfolio and / or comparing it with the Clamcase keyboard case soon.

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ZAGGfolio Replacement Cases Now Shipping


As we learned last month, the ZAGGfolio iPad keyboard case has an issue with the clasp on the case, and ZAGG was very pro-active in  not just acknowledging the issue but emailing everyone who bought one and making clear that they would be replacing the cases.

It was a strong response and a very good approach to see from a leading accessories vendor.


This morning I received an email from ZAGG confirming that my replacement ZAGGfolio case shipped, and giving an expected delivery date of September 15-19. These dates are in line with the 4-6 weeks that ZAGG promised when they sent their email advising of the problem with the case.

Well done ZAGG – excellent customer service on this issue.

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Review – Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

As I’ve admitted here before, I’m a big lover of iPad stands. I have a favorite portable iPad stand (the Compass Mobile Stand from Twelve South) and a few favorites for use on my desk – including the Just Mobile UpStand)

The first time I saw the Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand, I knew it was one that I definitely wanted to try out. I thought it looked elegant and promising – and happily it has turned out to be both, in spades.


Here’s a bit of description and features detail from Just Mobile’s page for the stand:

Designed by the award-winning team at tools®, the Encore™ features a solid aluminum base ring and hinged arm. Adjust the arm to choose the perfect viewing angle for videos, or fold it down for rock-solid typing support.

  • Iconic design by tools
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Foldable for portability
  • Compatible with most tablet computers
  • Solid support for typing

This is the lowest standing desk stand I’ve used for the iPad, and quite lightweight as well.

It’s priced at $59.95.

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Latest ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case Looks Great


Boy, these iPad keyboard case combos just keep getting better by the looks of things. The pic above shows The TROOPER, a limited edition version of the ClamCase for iPad and iPad 2.

I think it looks really sharp, and the details on it sound quite impressive too. It’s got a hardshell case that should provide solid protection for the iPad, an integrated BT keyboard that has got some rave reviews, and a clever 360 degree hinge.

Here are some of its main features:

    • Apple® style scissor action chiclet keys.
    • Infinitely variable 360-degree torque hinge.
    • Instant wake when opened with ClamCase for iPad 2.
    • Made of ultra durable high grade PC-ABS plastic ensuring lasting protection.
    • Soft Touch surfaces for exceptional handling.
    • Quick attach and release of iPad®.
    • 3M® iPad® anti-scratch and shock absorption pads for safe transportation.
    • Latch free operation with snap close hinge.

The TROOPER is shipping now and is priced at $149. You can see more details on it or place an order at its ClamCase product page.

I’m definitely going to try to have a look at one of these soon.

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Compass Mobile Stand for iPad / iPad 2 Now Comes in 3 Colors


Twelve South’s excellent Compass Mobile Stand for iPad / iPad 2 now comes in three colors, complete with snazzy color names as well – iPad Silver, Tactical Black, and Candy Apple Red.

The Compass Mobile Stand for iPad is easily the most versatile stand for the iPad that I’ve seen. It’s a folding easel type stand that is amazingly compact and very comfortably portable. It folds down to a very easily pocket-able size and folds out just as easily into two different configurations – one ideally suited for ‘viewing mode’ and one that is just perfect for typing mode.

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ZAGGkeys SOLO: BT Keyboard + Stand Combo for iPad and Tablets


ZAGG are on a roll with bringing out some hot new iPad accessories just lately. The ZAGGfolio iPad 2 case and BT keyboard combo was released just a few weeks back – and now they’ve got the brand new ZAGGkeys SOLO iPad keyboard + stand due to start shipping next week.

The ZAGGkeys SOLO is a useful looking wireless keyboard / stand combo for the iPad, iPad 2, and other tablets. It’s even compatible with a few iPhone and iPod Touch models.

The specs for this look pretty good. The keyboard has ‘island-style’ keys said to offer maximum typing room and a number of special function keys to help make common tasks faster when using it.

It looks a fair bit bulkier than the Apple wireless keyboard, but that seems a fair trade-off for the usefulness of the built-in stand – always assuming both work as well as advertised.

They come in silver, black, and white models.

This is one I may well look to review, along with the ZAGGfolio.

If you want to see more details or place a pre-order, check out the ZAGGkeys SOLO page here: http://www.zagg.com/accessories/zaggkeys-solo-ipad-keyboard.php

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New iPad Accessories: Just Mobile’s Encore iPad Stand


As I’ve admitted here before, I am a huge fan of iPad stands. I have a couple of favorites for the desktop (the iPad Stabile stand and the Just Mobile UpStand for iPad) and one favorite for when I’m out and about with the iPad (the Compass Mobile stand).

Just Mobile’s new Encore Stand for iPad looks quite good to me; not least because it is a desktop stand that is also quite portable. It’s got an aluminum base, and an adjustable rubberized hinged arm that can be pushed all the way down for carrying.

It’s a nice looking stand and I like that the arm is meant to be very easy to adjust between ideal angles for viewing and typing.

I’ll be looking to get hold of one of these soon for review.

I spotted this stand via an article at iPad in Canada.

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Review: iPad Stabile Stand – 4 Pounds of iPad Stand


I’m a big fan of iPad stands. I use the iPad continuously throughout my work day, so having it close at hand in a good stand is very useful for me. The Stabile iPad Stand from Thoughtout is four pounds worth of ever-so-solid iPad stand – so I was interested as soon as I saw my friend Larry Greenberg’s review of it, and ordered one right away.

I got mine early this week and it has been a fixture on my desktop ever since I unpacked it – and of course I’ve got some thoughts to share on it. Hit the break for those and some shots of the four-pound beast in action …

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Do Judge This iPad 2 Book Case By Its Cover


The iPad 2 Book Case from ReAuthored is a great concept. It combines good looks, a secure housing for the iPad, and a heck of a good re-use of discarded old books.

It might even reduce the risk of having an iPad stolen, as it makes it look like an old book instead of an expensive tablet device. These cases are handcrafted with these materials:

    • Book: Discarded Book of Varying Title
    • Exterior Cover: Heavy Jacquard or Original Book Binding
    • Interior Cover: Heavy Jacquard 
    • Elastic Closure: Professional Woven Elastic

They’re compatible with both the original iPad and the iPad 2 and they go for $39. For more info and to place an order visit the ReAuthored site: http://www.reauthored.com/products/ipad-2-book-case

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Need an iPad 2 Dock Just Like the One in the Apple Store? Here’s One


If you want to make your iPad 2 feel just like its relatives on display in Apple stores, here’s the dock you need – the iPad 2 Display Dock from newPCgadgets. 

This is the ultimate charging base designed to give you the same professional look that Apple uses for their displays.

The dock is made of clear acrylic, has a recessed base that holds the iPad 2 in landscape mode, and makes for a nice charging / display stand for your iPad 2 and an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The iPad 2 Display Dock goes for $74.95 and you can see more detail on it or place an order here: http://newpcgadgets.com/products/ipad_pedestal/index.html#

I’m going to try to get a review unit – so I may have more to say on this one soon.

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