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iPad Really Took a Back Seat in Apple’s iOS 7 Demo

iOS 7 Demo

Apple unveiled iOS 7 today at their WWDC 2013 Keynote event, and of course there’s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming new version of iOS. I’ll collect my thoughts a little and share some on iOS 7 a little later.

One thing I wanted to comment on right away is how iPad seemed very much in the back seat during all of the talk about iOS 7. Almost every image shown on slides and in demos was an iPhone image. The iPad got an almost in passing sort of mention towards the end of the iOS 7 section of the event – something along the lines of ‘and of course all these features will come to the iPad too’.

More importantly, the first iOS 7 beta for developers is out today for the iPhone; while the betas for iPad are expected ‘in coming weeks’.

It almost feels a little like the iPad was relegated to a second class citizen compared to the iPhone today – which is pretty odd considering that the iPad is the device that still has a dominant market share and seemingly more momentum than the iPhone.

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