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Review – Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World iPad app

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World is one of those big ‘wow factor’ iPad apps that are always great to come across. It has been recently revamped and BBC Worldwide and BBC Earth have collaborated on the new version.

This is an app that grownups will enjoy and kids will love and find hours of engagement with. It’s packed with great imagery, information and gripping interactive elements, as well as a simple interface that makes it easy to explore all of it. The 3D animations and models dinosaurs are more than worth the price of admission on their own, but the app offers a number of other impressive features:

– 280 fully interactive 3D models
– 60 expertly modeled, photorealistic dinosaurs, pterosaurs and reptiles
– 40 fully interactive 3D recreations of dinosaurs in mid-fight
– 200 pages worth of original text
– Hours of magical narration by Stephen Fry

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Review – Quiz Apps: World Football for iPad

Quiz Apps World Football iPad app

Quiz Apps: World Football is a World Cup trivia quiz game for the iPad and iPhone. I’m a huge football fan and I rate the World Cup and the Summer Olympics as probably the two greatest sporting events ever. So I’m pretty much always in the mood to tackle some World Cup and football trivia.

This game promises to be challenging and fun – here’s a little of its App Store description:

Are you ready for the challenge? Test your knowledge about football with Quiz Apps: World Football. World Football is a fun and fast game in which you can find everything about football including players, teams, coaches, goals, championships… 3 different game modes will challenge you whether you are relaxing at home or just need a short fun break on-the-go. The rich content will provide you with months worth of entertainment.

I was keen to see if the game is as challenging as it claims, and I gave it a try the other night. Sadly, this one doesn’t live up to the hype. Hit the break for an explanation of why it disappoints …

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Concert Vault for iPad: Awesome Collection of Live Concert Audio and Video

Concert Vault for iPad

Concert Vault for iPad is a new app that offers up a treasure trove of live concert audio and video from a huge range of artists and bands. The App Store description for the app is far from reticent in describing its virtues:

Concert Vault for iPad brings you something that you truly cannot find anywhere else: the world’s greatest collection of exclusive live concert audio and video from the ’50s to the present day, all available for high quality streaming to your iPad.

The good news is that the app mostly lives up to that lofty introduction.


Concert Vault is a free app that offers a 7 day free trial. After that you need to take out a subscription to continue using it. Subscriptions are reasonably priced at $3.99 per month or $39.99 for a year. Current Concert Vault subscribers can just login to use the app. A subscription gives you access to all of Concert Vault’s content on the iPad, iPhone and on the web.

The app includes thousands of concert recordings in audio (320Kps) and video. There’s daily featured content spanning across genres. It supports AirPlay for streaming content to an HDTV via Apple TV.

The App Store description also mentions that the app is ‘built on the Groovebug platform’. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m hoping it’s something to do with the excellent Groovebug app that is one of the selections in our list of the Best iPad Apps of 2012.

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7 Little Words: Wonderful, Addictive iPad Word Game

7 Little Words for iPad

7 Little Words is a simple and simply addictive word game for the iPad and iPhone. Here’s a slice of its App Store intro:

If you enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, and anagram games, you’re going to love 7 Little Words!
Each bite-size puzzle consists of 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups. Find the mystery words by deciphering the clues and combining the letter groups.
7 Little Words is FUN, CHALLENGING, and EASY TO LEARN. We guarantee you’ve never played anything like it before.

I’m a big fan of word games and this one has become a real favorite for me. In fact it’s my latest addiction on the iPad. I just about can’t go a day without playing it.

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Quick Look: Mini Golf Matchup for iPad

Mini Golf Matchup iPad game

I received a promo email about Mini Golf Matchup for iPad yesterday and the game’s description interested me enough to say yes to a promo code for it. I always have fun when my family and I play an occasional game of mini golf in real life, and this iPad game sounded fun so I gave it a whirl last night.

The idea of the game seems appealing enough – it’s basically mini golf with friends, with the ability to challenge your friends or random online opponents. The game starts off nicely enough with a quick tutorial walkthrough of the basics of how to play – and within just a couple of minutes you’re ready to create a free account (or login via Facebook) and start playing. Unfortunately it goes rapidly off course from there.

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CloudMagic for iPad: Blazing Fast Search for All Your Cloud Data

CloudMagic icon

Search on the iPad is one of those subjects I don’t think about much, except of course when I really need to find an email or document – and then my thoughts generally just extend to being disappointed with incomplete results or the need to search in multiple places, because just about all my essential data is held in various separate cloud services.

The CloudMagic app offers a fantastic solution for finding data very easily on the iPad – across a great range of cloud services. It supports iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar, Google Drive, Google Apps, Box, SkyDrive, Exchange, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Office 365 and quite a few more popular services.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s ridiculously fast too? It is – it starts showing results as you type and it returns full, categorized results just about instantly when you finish entering a search term.

Here are a few more of the features highlighted on its App Store page:

Multiple accounts
– Add any number of accounts and search through all of them in one go. Got more than one email account? Add both and search through them together.
One view of all your data
– Get a quick snapshot of all recent updates across all your data.
Rich previews and actions
– Allows you to quickly preview content and take common actions like open attachments, reply, forward, retweet, etc.
Partial word search
– You can find what you are looking for in just a few keystrokes.
Multiple devices
– Works across desktops, smartphones and tablets.

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Electric Slide: Wirelessly Present from iPad to Anywhere, No Cables or AirPlay Needed

Electric Slide for iPad

The iPad is a fantastic device to run a presentation on. Electric Slide is a superb iPad (and iPhone) app that lets you share your presentation wirelessly to just about anywhere from the iPad – with no need for cables or AirPlay Mirroring.

If you’re presenting in a room full of people,  Electric Slide should take your setup time from 5,10, or 15 minutes down to one minute or less. Here’s a little slice of the App Store intro for the app and some of its key features:

Electric Slide is the easiest way to wirelessly present PowerPoint slides, Office documents, PDFs and videos with your iPhone or iPad. Your device is a remote control that works anywhere with any screen. Since viewers just need your simple URL to follow along, setup is a cinch. You can also connect your device directly to a TV or projector via HDMI or VGA.

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A Journey to Antarctica, iPad App Style

Antarctica Standing on the Bottom of the World iPad app

Antarctica – Standing on the Bottom of the World is a riveting adventure travel (true) story told and presented with great impact in a new iPad app.

I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly fascinated with Antarctica (I even have difficulty spelling it correctly) but the promo approach I got for this app was good and highlighted a number of unique and compelling features of this particular story. The App Store intro gives you a feel for some of these:

Visting six continents is a feat, but setting foot on all seven requires a visit to Antarctica.
Join award winning author (and member of the Texas Literary Hall of Fame) Robert Flynn as he journeys, along with grandson Colin, to the last continent on earth, the last to be discovered and the last to be inhabited.. And, yes, there are penguins. And ice…lots of ice.
Featuring maps, photos, links for more in-depth research, ANTARCTICA: STANDING ON THE BOTTON OF THE WORLD includes an original poem from Mo Saidi, sketches from Colin Bass and prose from Flynn, writing with the unique voice and perspective displayed in his novels through several decades. Essays on the Drake Passage, Hope Bay, Deception Island, Antarctica Tourism, Ushaia and more, with photos, maps, slides shows and links.

That’s a pretty great combination of selling points for this app – an awarding winning author, the grandfather and grandson team, and just the journey itself.

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Hourly News: Superb, Simple News Podcasts for iPad

Hourly News iPad app

Hourly News is a simple little single-purpose app for the iPad and iPhone. It’s a podcast app that brings hourly news updates from a small but blue-chip list of sources and presents them in bare-bones basic interface that’s a pleasure to use.

I only just discovered the app a couple days back thanks to a post by MG Siegler, but it has become an instant favorite on my iPad mini.

The sources included in the app are NPR , BBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, WSJ, ESPN, VOA, SRN, FOX news, and Bloomberg Radio – so you get good coverage of pretty much all major news topics.

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Review: Football Manager Handheld 2013 for iPad

Football Manager Handheld 2013

I’ve been a huge fan of football management games for many years. Football here means The Beautiful Game, or soccer if you must. Football Manager has been the clear leader in this category on the desktop for a number of years – and a couple years ago it came to the iPad as Football Manager Handheld 2011.

Football Manager Handheld 2013 is the third generation of this game on the iPad and iPhone. I played the heck out of and reviewed the two previous generations.  I installed this year’s version the day it hit the App Store and have spent numerous hours playing it too – and it’s about time for a review of it.


The game lets you take the reins as manager of any club from a choice of the top leagues in 14 countries. The countries list has expanded this year and now includes Australia, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Wales. You’re in charge of player transfers, training, tactics, and managing the team during matches.

Here are details on features that are new in the 2013 edition of the game:

Making their full debut this year in FMH13 are in-app purchases. These optional extras are available in both game modes and allow you the opportunity to instantly do things such as expanding your stadium or attract a wealthy ‘Sugar Daddy’ chairman for a small fee. You can also purchase fresh new challenges in Challenge Mode.
Please note that the In-App Purchases ‘Expand Stadium’ and ‘Build Youth Academy’ can only be bought once you have started a game and are only usable in that game.

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Daddy Takes a Business Trip: iPad Storybook Hand Painted on an iPad

Daddy Takes a Business Trip iPad App

Daddy Takes a Business Trip is a new iPad storybook app that was hand painted on an iPad.

I have a 9 year old daughter and we’ve been enjoying storybook apps on the iPad for years now. So I’m always on the lookout for interesting new titles for us to enjoy. Although this book is aimed at a lower age group, the fact that it was illustrated entirely on an iPad was enough to get me interested in taking a look.

As many iPad titles of this sort do, the app lets you choose between having the story read to you, reading it yourself, or recording your own voiceover for it. The story itself has a simple and pleasant enough theme about a dad who travels a lot and really just wants to get back home to his kids.

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