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Quick Look – Another Monster at the End of This Book for iPad

Another Monster at the End of This Book for iPad

Another Monster at the End of This Book – Starring Grover and Elmo is the sequel to the excellent ‘The Monster at the End of This Book’ eBook for iPad and iOS. My 8 year old daughter and I are big fans of the original (it made her laugh tons) so as soon as I heard about this sequel from the publishers, Callaway Digital Arts, I gladly snapped up a promo code for it.

The theme of the first book, which starred Grover from Sesame Street, was that Grover was terrified of the monster at the end of the book – and did his absolute best to stop you from turning the pages to get to the end. For younger readers and listeners the tension builds a little as you get to the end and discover a very happy ending with the reveal that the ‘monster’ is Grover himself.

In Another Monster at the End of This Book Grover is joined by Elmo to add to the fun. Grover is still worried sick about reaching the end of the book and the monster waiting there, while Elmo is gung-ho to get there.

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Sting 25 – Free App that Cost Over $1 Million to Produce

Sting 25 iPad app

Sting 25 is a new iPad (released last week) that celebrates the last 25 years of Sting’s career, as both a musician and a humanitarian and activist. The 25 years also mark his time as a solo artist, after leaving The Police.

What originally drew me to the app was pure curiosity after seeing that it is an app that had a production budget of over a million dollars – ‘in the low seven figures’, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Those costs were apparently ‘primarily covered’ by the app’s two big sponsors – American Express and Chevrolet. The app follows on the heels of a 25th anniversary Sting box set released by his record label in late September.

Not surprisingly, given that sort of production budget, this is very nicely done app – with tons of excellent content for Sting fans. There’s everything from lots of great concert footage to video interviews with Sting talking about this project and other subjects surrounding his 25 year anniversary, a whole sections devoted to Sting’s influences and his social activism.

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Review – Above & Beyond: John Kascht for iPad

Above & Beyond: John Kascht for iPad

Above and Beyond: John Kascht is an iPad app that celebrates the work of John Kascht, one of the leading contemporary caricature artists in the US. It’s part of the Above and Beyond series, which ‘showcase incredible imagery and the equally incredible men and women who create them’.

Here’s a little more about Kascht, via the App Store page for the app:

John Kascht is among the most prominent American caricature artists of the past half-century. His work elegantly straddles the line between cartooning and portraiture, and is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery.

Before spotting Above and Beyond: John Kascht I had never heard of Kascht. I’m now a huge admirer of his work, and very glad to have discovered it via this excellent app.

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Quick Look – Kurt Cobain: The Graphic Novel for iPad

Kurt Cobain The Graphic Novel for iPad

Kurt Cobain: The Graphic Novel is a new iPad app released this week that offers a gritty comic-book style look at the short, turbulent life of Cobain, the iconic lead singer of Nirvana.

Here’s a little of the backstory, taken from the app’s About page:

This publication started out as full-colour print book named Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic and was first published in 2003 by Omnibus Press (a division of Music Sales Limited).

Writers Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy constructed their story using biographical fact interwoven with references to the singers tortured self-image. The vibrant art by Flameboy captures both the subjective dreamscape and the objective reality that form the heart of this examination of a tragic musical legend.

I’ve never been a huge Nirvana fan, but this app caught my interest yesterday and I installed it, got drawn in from the first couple pages, and read through its 84 pages in one quick sitting.

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Review – Flick Golf Extreme HD for iPad

Flick Golf Extreme HD for iPad

Flick Golf Extreme HD, as its name implies, offers up extreme golf on the iPad. Extreme courses, extreme challenges, and extreme fun. 

This is the big daddy in the Flick Golf series of apps for the iPad and iPhone. The objective in all of these is to hit hole-in-one shots at every hole. That’s a daunting task right from the off – throw in extreme course locations, crazy pin locations, and ever-changing wind conditions, and this makes for a heck of a challenge.

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Review: Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD is a new iPad app that celebrates ten of the greatest football rivalries, from both pro and college football.

The ten rivalries covered are: Auburn vs Alabama, Texas vs Oklahoma, Ohio State/Michigan, Cowboys/Redskins, USC/Notre Dame, Packers/Bears, Florida/Georgia, Missouri/Kansas, Army/Navy, and Cal/Stanford.

Here’s the App Store elevator pitch for the app:

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals takes you deep inside 10 of football’s definitive rivalries, both college and professional. Stunning photography, compelling videos and moving photo montages narrated by Emmy nominated actor Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights’ coach Eric Taylor) enhance the inside stories as told by SI’s unmatched writers.

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