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iPad Art: The Snail King

The Snail King iPad painting

Today’s featured iPad  art is titled ‘The Snail King’ and is the work of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo.

I have to say I find this image striking and powerful, and also more than a little surprising. I mean, I’ve never seen such a regal and impressive looking snail. Hell, I’ve never seen even just an impressive looking snail.

Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time looking at them properly. Clearly, Senor Ocabo has.

To see more great iPad paintings take a browse through our iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: I’m Watching You

Watching You

Today’s featured iPad art is this striking image with a perfect title – ‘I’m Watching You’.

It’s an iPad painting by Pilar Humada, one of my favorite iPad artists. It still amazes me that Pilar only took up painting on the iPad less than a year ago.

I’m much more of a dog guy, but we have a cat in our household too, and I think that even those who don’t own cats can appreciate the intensity of the stare in this image.

You can see all of Pilar’s great work at her PHumada Flickr stream.

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iPad Art: Coffee without Gravity

iPad Painting Coffee Without Gravity

Here’s a perfect image for a lazy winter Sunday morning, and for this week’s bit of featured iPad art.

It’s titled ‘Coffee without Gravity’ and is the creation of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo – who’s a member of our growing iPad Art community on Google+.

I like the movement in the image that goes along with its title. I also love the lighting – and right about now I feel like I want to rescue one of those coffee cups.

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iPad Art: La Modelo

La Modelo

Today’s featured iPad Art is titled ‘La Modelo’ – ‘The Model’ in English.

One heck of a nice model too. This image reminds me of old school movie posters, back in the days when certain starlets were referred to as ‘bombshells’ and such – and some of those beautiful actresses.

This iPad painting is the work of Pilar Humada – painted freehand on the iPad with the Sketch Club app. If you follow the iPad art posts here you know she is one of my favorite iPad artists.

Take a look at Pilar’s Flickr stream to see lots more of her lovely iPad paintings.

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iPad Art: The Jazz Man

Jazz Man

Here’s our first piece of featured iPad Art for 2014. This iPad painting is titled ‘The Jazz Man’ and created by Leith O’Malley, using primarily the Procreate app.

I’m more of a blues fan than a jazz fan – but this guy has more than enough character in his face to feel like I’d like to give him a listen. I also think he might even pass for a blues man.

You can check out more of Leith O’Malley’s work at his Flickr stream; he has also been kind enough to share some of his work at our Google+ iPad Art community.

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iPad Art: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays by hgberk

Today’s featured iPad Art is of the seasonally themed variety. And also of the lovely, abstract variety courtesy of one of my favorite iPad artists, Helene Goldberg.

I think this is a perfect image to mark the tail end of the holiday season in our iPad art section. It’s also just another beautiful and striking image like so many of Goldberg’s pieces. I always find the colors fascinating in her work and always feel as if they make very clear statements even within the abstract form.

Goldberg is an incredibly prolific iPad artist – when you have a chance take  look at more of her great iPad paintings on her Flickr stream.

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iPad Art: The Old Master

Viejo Maestro by Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo

Today’s featured piece of iPad art is titled ‘Viejo Maestro’ or ‘The Old Master’, and is the work of Google+ user Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo.

Jaime shared this to our growing iPad Art community on Google+ – and I’m very glad he did. I love how much character is in the old master’s face, and wonder who that old master is.

I hope perhaps Jaime will fill us in on who the subject was and what apps he use to create this iPad painting.

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iPad Art: The Small Door

The Small Door

I’m a little late on this iPad Art post, due to our big iPad giveaway contest post yesterday. I hope you’ll agree that today’s great featured iPad painting epitomizes the saying ‘better late than never’.

The image is titled ‘The Small Door’ and it’s the creation of Flickr member Hotel Midnight. Here’s her accompanying text for the painting:

Alice came upon a hall she had not noticed before, and down it was a little door about fifteen inches high: she opened the door and found that it led into the loveliest garden you ever saw. How she longed to get out of that dark hall and into the bright garden.

Once again with Hotel Midnight’ work I find so much to like and be drawn in by. How striking Alice is, the debonair rabbit, the rich colors, the moth pattern in the carpet. I think it’s faithful to the spirit of Alice in Wonderland while also offering a fun new spin on it.

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iPad Art: Under the Sea

Under the Sea by Rafael Co

This weekend’s featured iPad art is this lovely ‘Under the Sea’ painting by Rafael Co.

It was created using the Procreate app on the iPad.

This pick is for my daughter. She loves animals of all kinds and has been fascinated by them since she was tiny. She’ll love how many different sea creatures there are in this image – from a starfish to an Orca. As always with Rafaal Co’s work, there’s so much going on. On top of the sea creatures there’s a mermaid and a sunken ship and probably more that I haven’t even spotted yet.

If you want to see more incredible iPad paintings you can check out this site’s iPad Art section, our iPad Insight Flickr group, or the iPad Art community on Google+.

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Beautiful iPad Portrait of Morgan Freeman – But Not ‘That One’

Morgan Freeman iPad Painting

If you’ve got an internet connection and you’ve spent more than 2 minutes on the web over the last week you’ve probably seen the portrait of Morgan Freeman painted on an iPad. The one that’s been dubbed ‘the world’s most realistic finger painting’.

It was done by the wonderful Kyle Lambert, whose work I featured way back in 2010 at my little iPhone and iPad art site.

Well, here’s another great example of superb portrait work done on an iPad, of the same subject. The one shown above is the creation of another favorite iPad artist, Michael Acosta – and shared to our Google+ iPad Art community.

Here’s Michael’s brief description of the piece:

My tribute to Morgan Freeman- done on my iPad using the app Paper by Fiftythree

Two things spring to mind for me when I admire this portrait. Morgan Freeman has one heck of an epic face, full of character – and there are a whole lot of talented artists creating great things on the iPad.

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Featured iPad Artist: Hotel Midnight

My LIfe in Art by Hotel Midnight

Today’s iPad Art is from an iPad artist whose work I’ve recently discovered on Flickr and I’m captivated by – her Flickr handle is Hotel Midnight. I know all (or certainly most) images have some backstory behind them, but Hotel Midnight’s stories just leap off the page for me – her paintings feel like books with a killer first few sentences that have you gripped right away.

Anyway, my words don’t begin to do her artwork any justice – but luckily hers absolutely do, so I will share them here. The painting above is titled ‘My Life in Art’ – here’s the description:

A life of drawings. I’ve been doing them as long as I remember. I kept them, ripped them up, sold pages, and thankfully saved some. Not everything I did was “fine” art. I reserve the right to trash my work. Whenever I haven’t it has come back to haunt me like Banquo’s ghost at the table. Now my iPad allows me to have my cake and eat it, too.

SketchbookPro, Pixlromatic

I don’t know which I love more – the image or the words.

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