iPad at Work: Controlling Biblical-level Storm Effects on the Movie ‘Noah’

It’s always fascinating to see how amazing special effects are created for movies – seeing all the incredible behind-the-scenes work that goes into the magic that ends up on the big screen.

This video is a fine example – and right at the center of it, controlling all of it, is an iPad.

Fxguide’s Mike Seymour details the how the upcoming blockbuster, Noah, was able to control the mechanics of a giant custom rain machine in a studio that size of two football fields with the use of a single iPad app.

Also another fine example of how the iPad just can’t handle ‘real work’. I mean, movies aren’t big business right?

Spotted Via: MacRumors

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iPad at Work: Helping Climbers Scale the Highest Peaks

iPad Mountain Climbing

The latest story in Apple’s ‘Your Verse’ series on the iPad is all about how the tablet is used by a pair of mountaineers – Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington of the Alpenglow Expeditions group.

The iPad is one of the essential pieces of kit that accompanies the climbers all the way to the summits they reach. One of the most impressive things uncovered in this case study is that the iPad is used by the climbers all the way from the early planning stages of a climb right through to the final ascent.

At each stage of the climb, Ballinger and Harrington reduce the gear in their packs. So as the climb becomes more difficult, they’re carrying only the most essential tools. And because it’s a crucial part of how they navigate the mountain safely, the iPad makes it all the way to the top.

It’s a great piece, with lots of fascinating details on how the climbers work and how he iPad fits into their expeditions. Check it out at this iPad Your Verse page.

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iPad at Work: at the Little League World Series

Little League World Series

The iPad is playing a major part in one of the summer’s most fun sporting events – the Little League World Series. As Apple Insider reports, the iPad is serving as the official scoring and record recording device – used by officials during the 2013 Little League Baseball and Softball World Series.

Officials will use the GameChanger scorekeeping app on 35 iPads to track stats, stream live game updates, generate batting spray charts, and more – across 9 Little League World Series events and 10 regional championships.

GameChanger is an award-winning and powerful app, with an impressive set of features for scorekeepers and fans alike.

I’ve written before about the iPad being widely adopted by NFL football teams and Major League Baseball teams. It’s great to see it being put to such good use at the Little League level too.

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iPad at Work: in and Out of the Pool, Running a Swimming School

iPad at Work by the Pool

I talk every day about the power and capabilities of the iPad, but this is a use case story that even I didn’t imagine: the iPad in use at poolside, in the pool, and running a small business that provides swimming lessons.

At the Woggle Goggle Swimming School in Penrith, Cumbria they’ve built a system that lets them run every aspect of their business on the iPad – from literally in the pool to the back office. The school is run by Ben Levene and his wife Jacqueline. Jacqueline teaches all the swim lessons and Ben handles the commercial and admin side of the business.

Here’s how Ben introduces their usage of the iPad:

With the help of a couple of neat apps, an excellent software builder and a third party iPad product, we have built an all in one system on our iPad, which runs every single function of our swim school.

We take the iPad into the pool and are able to take registers and perform other admin duties. We can film the pupils in and under the water to help us show a pupil where they need to improve there technique. We can even test pupils, pass them for exams and even create high quality printable swimming certificates, all whilst in the pool. The same software also produces all our invoices and communicates with all our customers.

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iPad at Work: in The Guardian Newspaper’s New Coffee Shop

Guardian coffee shop, SHoreditch.<br /><br />Photograph: Graham Turner

Coffee and the iPad are a great pairing. Just check out a local Starbucks and you’ll see ample proof of that. Now The Guardian newspaper is providing its own unique twist on this combo with their new #GUARDIANCOFFEE pop-up coffee shop.

As Techcitynews reports, this new coffee shop in Shoreditch, East London offers fast and free connectivity, iPads on the tables, and Twitter streams and infographics projected on the walls. Oh, and of course easy access to the iPad edition of The Guardian.

This is quite an interesting move for a newspaper company. Newspaper and magazine publishers are faced with many challenges as the demand for their print publications drops and they look to establish their digital titles. A large number of popular print titles, including The Guardian and several rival UK newspapers, have brought out iPad editions over recent years.

It will be fascinating to see if this move has any impact on The Guardian’s iPad and digital editions over time, and whether the pop-up coffee shop is a success for them.

Do we have any London readers here who have checked out a #GUARDIANCOFFEE yet?

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iPad at Work: London Powered by the iPad

London’s Evening Standard ran a recent article focused on how the iPad is ‘powering London’. From barmen to doctors, Apple’s tablet is being used as a working tool rather than just another tech vice. The article runs down how the iPad is being put to work in all sorts of areas in London, from the […]

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iPad at Work: in a Tesla Showroom

Today I saw an iPad at work in a Tesla showroom here in Austin. The iPad is being used as a sort of point-of-sale device – even though the showroom can’t actually sell you a Tesla in the state of Texas. My father-in-law (Dan) and I spent quite a while in the Tesla showroom today. […]

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iPad at Work: on the International Space Station

Why yes – that is an iPad in use on the International Space Station. Chris Hadfield, an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency, tweeted this image – showing his iPad in use with a teleprompter app. Apparently Hadfield also uses the iPad for entertainment – with thousands of songs in his music library. All I […]

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iPad at Work: in 12 Cylinder Ferraris

Ferrari announced this week that they are looking into extending their partnership with Apple on in-car entertainment. They also revealed that their Ferrari FF – their first four-seater and four wheel drive vehicle – has a lot of iPad power in it: Ferrari’s 12-cylinder GT sports car prowess is represented at Geneva by the FF, […]

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