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WordPress iPad App Gets Another Minor Update

Wordpress iPad app

The WordPress app for iPad and iOS has been updated again this week, to Version 3.6. Top of the list of changes in this update is ‘a completely redesigned new user experience’. At first I misread this as being a revamp to the app’s UI, but I think this means the initial sign-in process in the app has been refreshed. I deleted it and reinstalled and the interface does look new to me.

Here’s the full change list for this latest update to the WordPress iOS app:

• A completely redesigned new user experience
• A faster way to post: added a shortcut on the sidebar
– Fixed a problem with Tumblr imported blogs
– Emoticons now appear correctly on notifications
– Performance improvements for notifications
– Updated translations: now also in Russian, Danish, and Korean

Far from a major update here, and it feels to me like this app is still overdue for a more significant one. The interface when writing a post, the heart of a blogging app, still lags way behind apps like Posts and Blogsy – which is a bit of a shame considering WordPress’ stature as the number one blogging platform worldwide.

It’s good to see the WordPress app getting more regular updates, but it would be even better to see it start catching up with the best blogging apps for the iPad.

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iPad’s Best Blogging App Due for Big Update Next Week


Blogsy is – by far and away – the best blogging app for the iPad. It’s the app that many of us had been waiting for ever since the iPad was released – a really capable and easy to use blog editor for use on the iPad.

Along with its ease of use and a strong set of features, another plus point for the app is that it gets regular and substantial updates. And there’s another impressive one due out next week (it has already been submitted to Apple for approval) – the new version will be 3.2, The Minotaur.

One of the highlights of the Minotaur release is support for more blogging platforms – including TypePad, Joomla, and Drupal.

Here are some of the other notable changes and improvements in version 3.2:

HTML – We have figured out a way to parse the HTML Apple uses so now the code on the HTML looks cleaner and more standard.

  • This means you will now see <p> tags again instead of all the <div> tags.
  • This means you will get the ghost image again while the full image loads.
  • This means we were able to program around the iOS5 webkit bug which occasionally kept the webkit from refreshing. (Leading to text not wrapping and not being able to type after an image.)

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QuickWordPress: An Impressive New iPad Blogging App


For a long time there were no decent blogging apps for the iPad or iOS – and I’ve wished for one for ages. Recently a very promising one called Blogsy came along and I have sung its praises more than once already here.

Today I discovered another very impressive new blogging app for the iPad called QuickWordPress. I’ve been using it off and on for most of the day, and it has worked very well for me. My previous post – this one about how the more I use iPad 2 cases the more I love the smart cover – was written and published entirely from within QuickWordPress, and I’ve posted a few other drafts and test posts during the day as well.

The App Store description for this app makes it very clear that it is not intended to be a full-featured weblog client, and that what it aspires to be is a powerful tool for writing, publishing and updating posts on the iPad.  Based on my first day using it, I’d say the app lives up to that goal.

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Blogsy for iPad Gets Its First Update


Blogsymy new favorite blogging app for the iPad, the first good blogging app for iOS – has had its first update this week.

It’s not a major update, but it adds a couple of little improvements and a handful of bug fixes. Here’s the full change list:

Feature change
– The first letter of each word in the title no longer automatically capitalizes.
– error message gives more precise code to identify the issue
Bug fix
– When dragging a link from the built-in browser Blogsy would occasionally crash
– When images were used from Picasa in the dock they would appear in Chrome and Firefox but not in Internet explorer or on Android devices
– When loading a published post with a more tag nothing would show after the location of the more tag
– At times there was an issue when trying to post to Blogger
– Only ‘Administrators’ could post on WordPress blogs

The big update I’m waiting to see, and I know the developers are working hard on it, is the addition of an image upload capability. Hopefully that is coming fairly soon.

You can find the latest version of Blogsy in the App Store now; it’s priced at $2.99.

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Blogsy Makes the App Store New & Noteworthy Section


Blogsy – the very promising new blogging app for the iPad – is now listed in the New and Noteworthy section of the iPad App Store.

I don’t often share news on what is in the New and Noteworthy section, but Blogsy is an instant favorite of mine – as it is filling a huge hole in the iPad App Store, giving us a first good blogging app for a device that is perfect for blogging from.

So I’m very happy to see that the app’s launch is going well, and even Apple has decided to showcase it a bit. We had Lance Barton, the founder and CEO of Blogsy, as our guest on our podcast, The Magical and Revolutionary iPad Show, last night – and he had lots of interesting things to say about the app’s launch and upcoming updates and plans for the app. You can livestream or download that episode of the show (and subscribe to it) at the show’s page here:

The Magical and Revolutionary iPad Show

Here’s an App Store link for Blogsy; it’s at an introductory price of just $2.99 right now.

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Blogsy – Blogging App for iPad – Hits the App Store

Blogsy blogging app for iPad

Blogsy is a very promising new blog editor app for the iPad, that has just hit the App Store last night. I have been lamenting the lack of a great – or even good – blogging app for the iPad for ages now. And I’m happy to say I think Blogsy may just be that app.

It’s not great yet, but it is certainly good – and that makes it better than any other blogging app for iPad and iOS right away. The three ‘leading’ iOS blogging apps before Blogsy are all far from good or even decent in my view.

I was fortunate enough to be on the early beta testing team for Blogsy, and I like the app a lot. I also just love the fact that somebody has finally set out to create a truly great blogging app for the iPad, as I believe Blogsy’s developers have.

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This Could Be My Holy Grail of iPad Apps


Today I got a Twitter follow message for an account tied to an upcoming iPad app called Blogsy. There are no real details to speak of about the app as yet – so why the heck am I so excited about it?

Well, I’ll admit I’m more than a bit desperate by now for a good blogging app for the iPad. I’ve written about this more than once – here’s just one example – because it frustrates me immensely. I believe the iPad itself is more than capable of being a great tool for blogging from. The device itself is near perfectly suited for the job; the only thing holding it back is the lack of a great app for the purpose.

So … when I see a teaser page that includes this line I get very interested, and excited:

Great blogging on an iPad won’t be a drag anymore

To which I say – bring it on. Please, please, bring it on. Like yesterday. OK, so I guess I’m all setup for potentially massive disappointment. Comon Blogsy devs – get that baby in the App Store and lets see what it’s got. Actually, it does sound like it should be coming quite soon:

Blogsy iPad App (blogsyapp) on Twitter

If you’re anywhere even close to as interested as I am in this app, you can follow its progress a bit via their Twitter account, @blogsyapp.

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I Want a Blogging App That’s as Good as Keynote

Keynote for iPad

I’ve mentioned this before both here and over at our lovely iPhone (and much more) sister site: it seems incredible that (according to Appshopper today) there are over 280,000 active iOS apps and there is still not a single really good blogging app.

It is even more astounding when I see that there are also now over 35,000 iPad apps available. And, despite all the nonsense you may see said in some places, the iPad is a superb tool for creation, in all sorts of areas – not at all just a ‘consumption’ device.

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WordPress App Updated, Sounds Promising


The WordPress app for the iPad and iPhone has been updated today, to Version 2.6.

I have been a consistent complainer about the lack of any good blog editing apps on iOS – the ‘Big 3’ of WordPress, iBlogger, and BlogPress have all struck me as very limited, missing lots of features, and not at all enjoyable or effective to use. So … I’m always very keen to see what updates hold for any of these apps, especially WordPress as it’s the platform my sites run on.

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Someone, Please: Make a Great Blogging App for the iPad


Here’s one thing that got drummed into me very strongly On Tuesday when I spent the day working on my iPad while my laptop was ‘indisposed’.  Somebody needs to write a great blogging app for it right away.  It is crying out for one and I bet if someone creates a really good one, it will be huge hit.

The iPad itself is eminently capable of being a great device to work on for a a full day – at least for the sort of work I do.  I can happily spend hours at a time on it – keeping up with email and Twitter, following news via RSS feeds and other sources, taking notes and working on reviews.

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