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How To Get Photos from a Floppy Disk to an iPad

This just in from the Department of Crazy iPad Tips: you can get photos off a floppy disk into the Photos app on the iPad. Yes, a floppy disk – you know, like cavemen used before they invented fire.

Seriously though, I guess if you happen to have some cherished photos of your own, or perhaps some from an older relative, stored on an old-school floppy disk – then this is a heck of a handy thing to know about. And it’s very easy to do. All you need is an iPad Camera Connection Kit, a USB floppy drive, a folder on it called DCIM, and file names for the photo files that use DOS style 8 character file names.

Thanks to Niles for letting us know about this video.

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Camera Connection Kit Does iPad to iPad Photo Transfer Too

importing photos with iPad Camera Connection Kit


OK, so this may be blatantly obvious to all of you – but just in case anyone was wondering whether the iPad Camera Connection Kit can import photos from one iPad to another, the answer is absolutely yes.

I just got a new iPad 3G this week, and I’ve been gradually transferring some stuff from my WiFi model across to it over the last couple days.  Today I started thinking about Camera Roll images and figured I’d see whether it was just as easy as grabbing photos off an iPhone.

It is.  New iPad recognized Old iPad just like an iPhone, fired up the Photos app in Import mode, and got all the images transferred in just a few minutes. It even resumed quite nicely right where it left off when I let it drift into sleep mode and woke it back up.

So there you have it, the answer to a question that likely nobody was asking. Smile

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iPad Camera Connection Kit: Works with USB Headphones and USB Keyboards


In addition to its intended / primary function (importing photos from iPhones and cameras), the iPad Camera Connection Kit can also be used to work with USB headphones and USB keyboards.

I don’t have a USB keyboard around to test with just now, but reports at TUAW, Apple Insider and elsewhere indicate that this is working.

I have had a chance to test out using the kit with USB headphones though.  Had a very good test chat over Skype – and it worked just fine.

I’ve also tried out a couple of old USB / flash drives (just to see if the iPad would see any image files on them) – but both just got an error saying the attached USB device is not supported.

What sort of results have you all been getting with your iPad Camera Connection Kits?

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iPad Camera Connection Kit – Importing Photos from an iPhone


The iPad Camera Connection Kit’s primary purpose is to import photos and images from iPhones, cameras, and SD cards, for storage and display on the iPad.

I just received mine yesterday and have now had a chance to try out importing photos from an iPhone via the iPad Camera Connection Kit – so I thought I’d share a few notes on how to work with the Camera Connection Kit and some general notes on what it does and doesn’t do.

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iPad Camera Connection Kit Arrived, Balances Well on a Labrador’s Head


My iPad Camera Connection Kit has arrived, as promised in the last delivery notice from Apple.  Delivery cut it a bit close to the end of the day – it got here just a few minutes ago.

I’ve never been a big one for unboxings – but I did take a moment to test how well the kit’s packaging balances on my faithful hound’s head.  It does very well on a big, flat Labrador noggin – in fact, could probably fit three on there comfortably if I had ’em around.

That’s the extent of my testing for today. :) Hope all of you who were expecting delivery today got yours as well.

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iPad Camera Connection Kit Now Shipping

iPad Camera Connection Kit shipment notice

Looks like Apple is starting to ship iPad Camera Connection Kits.  I got my shipment notice this morning, saying it will be delivered by this Friday – April 23rd.

In many ways this is the most interesting iPad accessory from Apple, as nobody seems quite sure what it will and will not support importing to the iPad. 

If any of you have particular questions about the kit or things you’d like tested with it, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to give them a shot.

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iPad Camera Connection Kit Now Available to Order

iPad Camera Connection Kit


The iPad Camera Connection Kit is now available to order via the Apple online store.  It’s the last of Apple’s own iPad accessories to be be made available and is currently marked for shipping in late April.

The kit goes for $29, and I just ordered mine now.  Interestingly, the kit still hasn’t got a pre-order link on the main iPad Accessories page – but you can order one by going here:


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Apple iPad Accessory Prices

Apple iPad Case

I somehow completely missed this in amongst all the iPad coverage last week.  I’d been checking out the details of Apple’s line of iPad accessories at their site, but had not spotted any prices for them.

In catching up on my RSS feed reading over the last day or so, I got a chance to read some first look post at iLounge.com, covering each of the five Apple iPad accessories. Here are the prices listed for the five items:

  • Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit: $29
  • Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter: $29 
  • iPad Dock: $29
  • iPad Case: $39
  • Pad Keyboard Dock: $69

These all seem about what we’d expect from Apple, nothing outrageous or spectacular pricing wise I’d say.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the other choices we’ll have for cases, docks, keyboards and more from third party manufacturers.

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Apple’s iPad Accessories

iPad Keyboard Dock

I’m sure we’re going to see a huge array of iPad accessories from lots of third party manufacturers leading up to and following the release of the iPad.  Apple also has a few of their own that should be on offer as soon as the iPad is available.

At least a couple of them were shown off during the iPad launch event this past Wednesday – the iPad Keyboard Dock and the iPad Case.

Hit the jump for a little more details on these and the rest of the Apple iPad accessories …

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