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iPad Insight Garage Sale: Apple iPhone and iPad Cases Available- Just Pay Shipping

As promised in my last post, I have several cases that I have reviewed for older iPhones and iPads over the years that I am willing to send out to the first responder I hear from. Just pay the shipping to you plus a small handling charge of $5 to cover things like boxes, packing material and the time to get all of these packages out the door. Then it’s all yours.

Rest assured that, in spite of the tongue-in-cheek money bag above, this is not a money making venture for me. Feel free to check the retail prices of these cases, or what used versions go for on eBay or elsewhere. You guys are definitely getting the better end of this deal, but that’s fine by me.

I’m just happy to move these quality cases out of my house to people who will get some use out of them. I can’t just throw items this nice away, but I have also never felt good about selling review items that companies have given to me. It’s much better to hand those down or give them away if I’m not using them.

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Review: Mission Workshop Spec Laptop Sleeve

If you have a laptop or a tablet, you had better have something that provides adequate protection to carry it in. The world is a hard place for electronics, with drops and the weather putting your expensive investment at constant risk. Mission Workshop’s Spec Laptop Sleeve is a good choice that I have been testing recently.

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Mummy Case for iPad Mini – the Emperor’s Better Off in his New Clothes

mummy head

Quick research will show that Loop Attachment started its life developing a silicone watchband for the sixth generation iPod Nano (I still have one; it’s no iWatch but it’s decent enough for what it is), but it was the release of the Mummy Case for iPhone a while after that brought them better attention. At a slight risk of being sexist, the band of vibrant colours seemed to delight the girls, and the boys got excited that the silicone strips on the back held their plastic and Nando’s loyalty card. The silicone-clad marriage appeared happy enough.

As one would have expected, an iPad Mini companion was later released on the heels of its iPhone Mummy Case sibling. Although they’ve removed the card-carrying function this time, they were kind enough to replace it with another: it’s now a thief-deterrent. Who’d want to steal a kitsch tablet?

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Cool Things: Monstero iPhone / iPad Cases Designed on an iPad

Monstero Cases

Monstero is a new line of smartphone and tablet cases from Indonesian design Monez Gusmang. The one on the left in the photo above is called ‘The Kuin’. It’s notable because it was designed entirely on an iPad, using ‘finger only’ and no stylus.

Quite a nice result I’d say.

The cases are available for the iPhone and a few other leading smartphones (including Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note devices) and also for some iPad models. The price for the smartphone version is around $21.

You can see more detail on these at Gusmang’s website.

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Pad & Quill Author Series: Build Your Own iPad Case with Some Unique New Designs

Pad and Quill Author Series

Pad & Quill make some lovely handcrafted cases for the iPad. Their latest new collection is called the Author Series and allows us to build our own iPad cases with a fair bit of help and some unique patterns to work with.

The series features 5 very handsome new designs from Tamrah Ryan, an artist from the St. Paul area where P&Q are based and where they make these cases.

You can choose your colors for inside, spine, outside, and elastic – and also select to add pocket and monogram options if you like. And of course you then choose which new design to use on the case. I especially like the blue and black patterned one.

The Author Series goes for $79.99. You can see lots more detail, customize your case, and place an order at the P&Q product page for the new line.

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My New iPad Clearout: Free iPad 3 & iPad mini Cases for You

iPad Cases Collection

Want a great free case for your iPad 3 or iPad mini? Well, I’m going to give away about a dozen great iPad and iPad mini cases over the next week or so.

I just sold my iPad 3 and I’m clearing out my collection of iPad 3 and iPad mini cases as I get ready to buy the new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini. These are all pretty stellar cases and they’re all in mint and like-new condition. These include:

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover cases for the iPad and the iPad mini

— A lovely Pad & Quill Aria case for the iPad mini

— Apple Smart Covers for the iPad and iPad mini

— The excellent Case Prodigy iPad mini case

— Cases from Marware and Piel Frama and other leading vendors.

Hit the break for a sneak peek at the first case I’ll giveaway and how to win these cases for free …

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Cool Things: Coffee-Colored iPad Smart Cover Made with Real Coffee

Coffe Color iPad Smart Cover

The photo above shows a gorgeous coffee-colored iPad Smart Cover – but it’s not a color you’ll find in the Apple store range. It’s the result of a DIY project involving actual coffee being applied to the Smart Cover.

This is the creation of simeon, one of the developers at twolivesleft – makers of Codea and other apps and games.

Simeon decided he wasn’t seeing quite the aging effect he had hoped for on the tan Smart Cover, so he decided to create his own.

I’m not too careful with my cover. I chose the leather cover thinking the more scuffed and damaged it got, the better. I wanted it to look worn. Unfortunately after only two weeks of use it did start to look worn — on one side only.

As you can see in the above photos the right side of the cover is darkened in the place I usually hold it while reading.

This asymmetry wouldn’t do. I had a wonderful, horrible idea: I’d stain the cover with coffee.

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This I Gotta See: a $6.95 iPad Case

Poetic Covermate iPad mini case

Here’s something you don’t see every day – an iPad case for $6.95. And it doesn’t look half bad – in fact, it looks pretty good in its product shots. It’s called the Poetic Covermate Case – for iPad 2 / 3 / 4 or iPad mini – and it costs less than the standard shipping fee for it.

The folks from Your Poetic mentioned this one in my iPad Accessories Google+ community, I took a look at the Amazon page for it, and I couldn’t resist finding out what a $6.95 case for the iPad mini is like. So I ordered one just a few minutes ago.

I’ll let you know what I think of the Poetic Covermate once I’ve had a chance to try it out.

In the meantime, you can see more detail or place an order at this Amazon page.

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Pad & Quill Announce the Aria for iPad Case

Aria for iPad case

I posted a few weeks back about the gorgeous looking new Aria for iPad mini Case from Pad & Quill. Now there’s good news for owners of iPad 2/3/4 models – Pad & Quill have announced the Aria for iPad – and it looks just as handsome as its little buddy.

P&Q reckon the Aria for iPad is ‘the most beautiful case we’ve ever crafted’ – and that’s saying something give their track record for producing great looking cases. Both the  Aria for iPad and the Aria for iPad mini are hand crafted book design cases – made with a combination of boot leather and baltic birch wood.

Here are some of the cases’ other notable features:

  • Multiple self propping angles for viewing
  • Lightweight! Only 12 oz.!
  • Hand finished WOOD with a gorgeous satin finish 
  • Protects and disguises your iPad
  • Magnetic On/Off feature wakes and puts to sleep your iPad… by closing the book!
  • Classic PQ ‘Bookmark’ for easy device removal
  • Access to all functions on the iPad

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Composition Book for iPad mini: Kids’ Favorite Sneaky iPad Case?

Composition Book Case for iPad mini

I did Career Day presentations at my daughter’s school this morning – where I talked about my job as a blogger / site owner to groups of 3rd to 5th graders. It was a blast – the students had lots of great questions and comments.

The guidelines for being a presenter stressed that props and anything else to get the kids engaged were encouraged. So I took along a handful of favorite iPad mini cases, did a very brief rundown on each one, and passed them around the room. The cases I took in were a Zoogue Case Prodigy, a Portenzo Alano, a Portenzo Composition Book, the Oberon Design Celtic Hounds, and a Moshi VersaCover in use on my iPad mini.

Each case had some supporters – with the Celtic Hounds and Alano getting compliments on their great looks, the Case Prodigy getting praise for its versatility and the VersaCover appealing for its lightness and looking cool.

But the runaway favorite was the Composition Book, and it was unanimously cited for one specific reason: the Sneaky factor. Every student who picked it as their favorite talked about how it would make their parents think they were busy with homework while they were actually enjoying a game.

So there you go Portenzo marketing team – make Sneaky the focus of your promotions!

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Last Minute Gift Suggestions for the iPad Owner in Your Life

Alano for iPad mini

If you’ve got a significant other, family member, or friend who’s an iPad owner and likely to enjoy a new iPad accessory as a holiday gift, I’ve got a few last minute suggestions for you. These will work just as well if you feel like treating yourself and your own iPad a little over the next couple of weeks.

There are thousands and thousands of iPad accessories around these days – cases, covers, screen protectors, stands of all shapes and sizes, keyboards and keyboard cases, and on and on. So this is not intended as any sort of comprehensive guide to what’s out there. Instead it’s a very personal suggestion list. I’m fortunate in that because I run this site I get exposed to a wide range of iPad accessories and get an opportunity to check out and review those that strike me as most interesting.

In this post I’ll recommend some of the best I’ve seen and some personal favorite iPad cases and other useful iPad accessories. Let’s get started:

iPad Cases

iPad Smart Cover

Apple iPad Smart Cover:

This is one of the very best companions for the iPad or iPad mini. It attaches ‘like magic’ to the left side of the iPad and automatically wakes and sleeps the iPad when it is opened and closed. It’s very lightweight and comes in a nice range of colors. Smart Covers for the full-sized iPad (IPad 2,3, or 4) come in polyurethane and leather models. For the iPad mini, only the polyurethane models are available.

Price: $39 for the polyurethane smart covers, for iPad or iPad mini. $69 for the leather models.

Product Page: http://www.apple.com/ipad/accessories/

Apple also offers an iPad Smart Case for full coverage, but I have not found it to be anywhere near as impressive as the Smart Cover.

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