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Quick First Impression: CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for iPad mini


The CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for iPad mini is the first 3rd party case I’ve bought for the new smaller iPad. I got an Apple Smart Cover for the iPad mini on launch day and it’s working just as well as its big brother does on my iPad 3, but this is the first alternative case option I’ll be trying out with the iPad mini.

I picked this case up for less than $10 on Amazon a couple of weeks ago ($9.21 plus shipping) and it arrived yesterday evening.

As far as very quick first impressions go, I like the case a lot. My daughter and I both thought it looked great right out of the box. It’s a very nice deep shade of blue.

It fits the iPad mini very well, holds it securely, and supports the automatic sleep/wake feature.

I’ll do a proper review when I’ve spent a good amount of time with the case, but it definitely looks promising so far.

You can see more details on the case at its CaseCrown product page, where it goes for $24.95, or search for it on Amazon for lower prices.

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Review: Padintosh Case for iPad


I thought the Padintosh Case for iPad was striking and fun looking the very first time I saw it, and I love the playful ‘Party Like It’s 1984’ strapline for it. It didn’t take me long at all to decide to order one.

I’ve had mine for over a month now and it has been in near constant use on my iPad for the last few weeks. I even removed my long-time favorite Gelaskin from the back of my iPad to make this case fit correctly on my iPad. So I’ve of course got some thoughts on whether the Padintosh is as good as I was hoping it might be.


As you can see above the Padintosh is styled like an old-school Macintosh PC. It’s a back cover case for the new iPad and the iPad 2. It’s a hard case that’s just 2mm thick and is compatible with  Apple’s iPad Smart Cover.

The case is priced at $24.99 at ThinkGeek.

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Dr. Gonzo Has Left My iPad Again

iPad Gelaskin Replaced

I’ve talked a lot about how much I love the combination of an Apple Smart Cover and an ultra-thin Gelaskin on the back of my iPad. I’ve also mentioned more than once that my favorite Gelaskin is the Vintage Gonzo drawing by Ralph Steadman.

This weekend I’ve removed Dr. Gonzo again, for the same reason as when I’ve done this in the past – a number of cases I want to spend more time with and review just don’t quite fit right with a Gelaskin on. It seems incredible that such a super thin skin could make a difference but many cases are designed with such precision that it does.

As you can see in the photo above, my removal process for Dr. Gonzo was not exactly a major surgical success. I think it’s safe to say the Doc won’t be putting in any more time as an effective skin. For now he’s been replaced by the fun Padintosh back cover case for the iPad that looks like a throwback Macintosh from way back in the day.

I’ve also got a BookBook for iPad and a few others lined up for use and review soon. When those reviews are done and dusted I’ll see about perhaps grabbing a new Gelaskin.

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Pad & Quill Back to School Sale: Free Shipping and 10% Off for iPad Insight Readers


Pad & Quill are having a Back to School sale this weekend, with free domestic shipping on all their products from today through Sunday – and reduced shipping for international orders.

The folks at Pad & Quill have also been kind enough to provide a 10% off coupon code for iPad Insight  readers. Pad & Quill are the makers of lovely handmade (in the USA) cases for the iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and more cool devices.

I reviewed their Graduate Edition case for the new iPad last month and found it to be an excellent case all round. I’ve got a few other Pad & Quill cases I’ve been trying out and they’re all equally impressive.

If you’re after an elegant and effective new case for your iPad or one of your other Apple devices, you may want to give the P&Q sale a look. It has already started – and here’s the coupon code to use for 10% off:

Code:  PD43

Happy case shopping.

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Padintosh Case for iPad: First Impressions

I posted last week about the Padintosh Case for iPad, and how striking looking it was. I ordered one very shortly after seeing it at ThinkGeek, and it arrived a little earlier today.

I’ve only given it a very quick tryout so far, but I’ve already learned one important thing at it, and have some quick first impressions to share. The one big thing I’ve learned is that this case is not fully compatible with the ultra-thin Gelaskin that I use in the back cover of my new (2012) iPad. It very nearly fits, but not quite. I can get the iPad into 3 of the 4 corner slots of the case by not into the final one, no matter which way I try to insert it.

Other than that one drawback, I’m quite impressed with the Padintosh iPad case. The cutouts are among the cleanest and most precise I’ve ever seen on a back cover case like this. The case feels solid and should offer good protection to the back of the iPad. It works nicely with the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad too.


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ThinkGeek Padintosh iPad Case: Party Like It’s 1984

Padintosh iPad Case

Here’s an iPad case that should have some strong appeal for those who have fond memories of old-school Macs. It’s called the Padintosh Case for iPad, it’s made by ThinkGeek, and it’s compatible with the iPad 2 and new third-gen iPad.

This is a back cover iPad case that’s compatible with the iPad Smart Cover. The original Macintosh look even includes a floppy disc drive slot.

Here are the product specs for it:

    • Nostalgic storage for iPad 2 & 3
    • Compatible with Smart Covers
    • Maximize your Mac geek cred!
    • Ultra-thin 2mm hard casing
    • Precision cut for snug fit and maximum protection

The Padintosh is priced at $24.99 and you can see more details or place an order at its ThinkGeek product page. I’ve ordered one this morning.

Spotted via Steven Sande’s post at TUAW.

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Fun iPad Cases – A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

Wolf iPad Sleeve Graphite Felt

I like to periodically browse Etsy and check out all the latest original designs for iPad-related items. Today I was on their site for all of 10 seconds when this Wolf sleeve for the iPad (all generations).

This may be one of those ‘It’s Just You’ moments but I love this sleeve. Maybe because I’ve always loved wolves ever since reading White Fang and Call of the Wild as a kid, and still think they’re majestic, beautiful animals. This sleeve just feels like all kinds of fun to me.

The shop owner for this one is Isabelle Dansereau – and here’s the general description of this iPad sleeve:

This wolf iPad sleeve fits the New iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2 and iPad 1. It is made with 100% wool design felt (color: graphite). The flap is attached with a metal button. Details are made with 100% wool felt. The sparkles in the eyes are added by Swarovski rhinestones. There is a useful pocket at the front of the sleeve to carry your small accessories.

The sleeve is lined with black 100% cotton and two D-rings allow you to transform it into a small messenger bag. The strap is included with the sleeve(you can also choose to get the sleeve without the D-rings and the strap, the price would be 71$ instead of 76$, convo me for a reserved listing).

Design wool felt is an eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable material and it is perfect to protect your iPad since it is shock absorbent and water repellent. Felt thickness is 3mm or 1/8 inch.

The same seller also has similar owl and elephant sleeves available.

The Wolf iPad Sleeve is priced at $76 – for more details or to place an order check out its product page.

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Cool Things: New GorillaMobile Ori Case for the iPad 2

The GorillaMobile Ori iPad 2 case by Joby is one of the most versatile and slick looking cases I’ve seen, at least by the looks of things in the demo video for it. Here’s a bit of detail on this innovative looking case:

Inspired by the Japanese art of the fold, Gorillamobile Ori for iPad 2 transforms effortlessly from a flat, light- weight protective case to an amazingly versatile iPad stand. Following months of research, Ori was designed to provide limitless ergonomic screen positioning and hands-free stability, without sacrificing the protection or portability of a sleek iPad case. Whether you’re watching a movie on the plane, flipping through a portfolio pre- sentation or typing an email at a café, you can position your iPad at the most comfortable height and viewing angle for you. For quick adjustments, simply tilt the screen or swivel the iPad from landscape to portrait display. Engineered from a special aluminum composite used in high-performance cars, the Ori stand delivers rigid sta- bility in a sculptural, lightweight form …

I love the look of the Ori iPad 2 case, and ordered one earlier today. It goes for $69.95, and you can see more information on it and place an order at the Joby product page for it here:


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Cool Things: iPad Takes a 60mph Ride on a Porsche’s Trunk and Hangs on Tight


I’ve watched a lot of iPad case demo videos- but this is the first one I’ve seen where the iPad gets a 60 miles-per-hour joyride on the top of a Porsche’s trunk.

Oh, and quick spoiler alert – the iPad survives unscathed. The case being shown off here, and keeping that joyriding iPad safe, is a Sofshell – which is described like so:

SofShell is a crystal clear case so you can still show off your beloved (yet not anti-gravity) iPad or iPad 2, while keeping it protected. Unlike many cases that aren’t compatible with the Smart Cover, SofShell fully encases the iPad 2 bezel and Smart Cover hinge to hold the Smart Cover in place.

Why does it stay in place better than other cases? SofShell is made from a proprietary elastomer that outperforms Silicone, Neoprene, Rubber, Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) and plastic cases. In fact, SofShell provides super anti-slip protection on angles up to 70˚.

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First Impressions: Oberon Design iPad 2 Cover Case –Gorgeous


This morning I received the Oberon Design iPad 2 Cover shown above – a review unit provided by Oberon. The design I chose is called the Hokusai Wave and I hope that despite my terribly poor photographic efforts you can get some idea how gorgeous this thing is.

And that would be my strongest first impression of this case – that it is just a beautiful design and made with lovely thick quality leather. Or, as the Oberon site describes it, ‘old school leather artistry’. Hurrah for old school then.

I’m not sure how well this case will serve when using the iPad heavily (I’ll soon put that to the test) but it is certainly a fantastic looking option for a carrying case.

Once I’ve spent more time with the Oberon iPad 2 Cover I’ll post a review. In the meantime, you can see more details on it or place an order at Oberon’s product page for it here: http://www.oberondesign.com/iPad2.php

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Review: ReAuthored iPad Book Case


I’ve seen and used a number of good iPad and iPad 2 cases. Some are slim and sleek, some are a little less so but offer strong, full protection. What I hadn’t yet seen prior to this week is an iPad case that is 100% unique, a one of a kind like the iPad Book Case I received from the kind folks at ReAuthored.

It’s called a Book Case, and is a real one-of-a-kind case, because it is actually a genuine recycled book. Mine is portfolio of cartoons from the Wall Street Journal published in 1972. These cases are also custom, handcrafted efforts made here in the USA – another nice attribute right off the bat. I’ve been using mine with my iPad 2 all week and of course I’ve got some thoughts and photos to share …

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