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Do Judge This iPad 2 Book Case By Its Cover


The iPad 2 Book Case from ReAuthored is a great concept. It combines good looks, a secure housing for the iPad, and a heck of a good re-use of discarded old books.

It might even reduce the risk of having an iPad stolen, as it makes it look like an old book instead of an expensive tablet device. These cases are handcrafted with these materials:

    • Book: Discarded Book of Varying Title
    • Exterior Cover: Heavy Jacquard or Original Book Binding
    • Interior Cover: Heavy Jacquard 
    • Elastic Closure: Professional Woven Elastic

They’re compatible with both the original iPad and the iPad 2 and they go for $39. For more info and to place an order visit the ReAuthored site: http://www.reauthored.com/products/ipad-2-book-case

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Vroom, Vroom – Ferrari iPad Case


TUAW’s mention of these Ferrari iPad cases caught my eye this morning. They are made of genuine black leather and are modeled on Ferrari car interiors.

The red interior is another Ferrari signature, as is the prancing horse logo on the front of the case. These are only for the original iPad as far as I can tell.

Though these are hardly at the low end of iPad case pricing, their $94 price tag is relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of iPad cases from luxury vendors. In fact, you could buy over 300 of these cases for all your close iPad friends before you match the price of the Ferrari Masterpiece brooch listed on the same page as this case ($29,791).

For more details or to place an order for the Ferrari iPad case go here: http://store.ferrari.com/en/accessories/leather-and-bags/ipad-cases/leather-ipad-case-italy-collection.html#

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Otterbox Cases for iPad (1st gen) 25% Off Until Mother’s Day


Otterbox have got a 25% Off Mother’s Day sale going on for their cases for the original iPad. The sale is live now and lasts until next Sunday, May 8.

The two iPad cases on sale are:

The Otterbox Defender Series for the original iPad: down from $89.95 to $67.46

The Otterbox Commuter Series for the original iPad: down from $64.95 to $48.71

Otterbox cases have a stellar reputation and are always amongst the best rugged / full-protection cases around for the iPad, the iPhone, and a wide range of other mobile devices.

If you’ve been thinking about one for your V1 iPad, now is a good time to give them a look.

For more details on the sale or to place an order, visit the Otterbox page for the original iPad.

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Contest – One Free Vaja iVolution Top Case for iPad To Be Won


One Free Vaja iVolution Top Case for iPad To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Friday April 1st, 2:00PM US Central

** Please note this case is for the orginal iPad, it will not fit the iPad 2 properly.

As promised earlier, I’ve got a gorgeous Vaja case for the iPad to giveaway this week. It’s the iVolution Top pictured above. I’ve used this case for many months on my V1 iPad, so it has some good wear on it, but it’s in near-mint condition and still looks and feels fantastic, and it’s a damn fine iPad case.

It’s a front and back cover case, with wonderful padded leather that makes for a very elegant home for your original iPad. You can see more details on it at the Vaja Cases site: http://www.vajacases.com/

Read on for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win this case …

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Favorite iPad Accessories


The iPad has turned out – for me at least – to be every bit as magical and wonderful as Steve Jobs promised when he first announced it. Probably more so. I spend a lot of quality time with it every day and it is by far and away my favorite device to use (MacBook Pro included).

So obviously I like my favorite device to have some outstanding accessories – to protect it, add functionality to it, and help me use it as effectively and comfortably as possible. Just as a small example of my iPad accessories love, I have *two* favorite iPad stands (and a few backups). They are the two shown happily co-existing above – the Just Mobile UpStand and the BookArc from TwelveSouth.

Accessories are such a personal thing – so much determined by your very own set of needs and tastes – that I won’t venture to do any sort of best iPad accessories list. But I would like to share some thoughts on my favorite iPad accessories and why I like them so much, in the hope that some of them may fit the bill for some of you as well.

Hit the break for a quick rundown of my short list of favorites …

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Griffin’s Latest iPad Accessories – Cases, Handles, Straps, Cabinet Mounts



Griffin has announced a big new range of iPad accessories this week – cases, stands and more that they reckon will have the iPad covered ‘from the office to the kitchen and everywhere in between’.

The new range includes the AisrStrap, shown above, which makes it easier to hold your iPad with one hand.

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Featured iPad Accessories: Happy Owl Studios iPad Cases

Happy Owl Studio iPad cases

My good friend Judie at Gear Diary has a nice post up today showing off some very nice looking new iPad cases from Happy Owl Studio.  Apart from looking quite smart, the cases also offer pockets and storage for everything but the kitchen sink.

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Review: The Traveler – iPad Felt Folio Leather Case(with Video)

case-mate The Traveler iPad case

I’ve been trying out several iPad cases over these last couple of weeks.  The Traveler Felt Folio Leather Case, by case-mate, is the one I set out to review first, so I’ve been using it every day for over a week now. For the rest of this review I’m just going to refer to it as The Traveler.

Case-mate describes The Traveler as a ‘premium, side-opening felt folio’. Read on for a quick review here plus a little video run-through of the case in action …

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Featured iPad Accessories: Case-mate iPad Cases

Case-mate iPad cases

Case-mate make some great iPhone cases, including the case-mate ID combo case and wallet reviewed by Brandon at our sister site HERE.  They also make the best cardboard case for the iPhone ever. :)

So I’m glad to see they’ve got a line of cases for the iPad coming.  They currently list five iPad cases which offer a good range of choices already for those of us looking for a good case for our soon-to-arrive babies.

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Waterfield Announces a Couple More iPad Cases

Waterfiled iPad smartcase

I posted about a month ago on Waterfield’s first iPad case announcements, as their initial two looked quite good to me.

Now Waterfield have announced another couple cases for the iPad, and they’re also looking quite sharp – especially the Smart Case shown above.

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Range of iPad Cases, Bags, More from M-Edge [iPad Accessories]

M-Edge iPad accessories

M-Edge – who I’ve never come across before today and who specialize in eReader accessories – have got a good, broad range of iPad accessories coming soon.

Their range includes sleeves, jackets, cases, bags, and stands for the iPad – over a dozen items in all.

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