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App Store’s iPad App of the Week: PopOut! The Night Before Christmas

PopOut! The Night Before Christmas

This week’s App Store iPad App of the Week is PopOut! The Night Before Christmas. There are lots of versions of this classic Christmas children’s story in the App Store, but this one boasts some unique, charming, and interactive elements and really is worthy of the App Store recognition. 

Here’s part of the Intro to the app on its App Store page:

See William Denslow’s masterful illustrations brought to life with innovative pull-tabs, spin-wheels, and elements that bounce and spring with the touch of a finger. Listen to "O Christmas Tree" beautifully performed on piano while you read and interact with each page of the book. Explore every scene and discover the many delightful life-like interactions at your fingertips.

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Hazy Dell HD – A Charming and Spooky iPad Book for Halloween

Hazy Dell HD for iPad

Hazy Dell HD is an extremely well done new Halloween themed book for the iPad. It’s a poem-story that’s very well written, beautifully illustrated, and that offers excellent professional narration.

Here’s a little more about it, straight from its App Store page:

Happy Halloween!! Find out what happens when the Cyclops Witch, the Willowy Reaper, the Prune-skinned Goon and other creepy creatures wander out from the wooded outskirts of town and into the sleepy confines of Hazy Dell.

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