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iPad Voice Dictation: Commands List & Tips

iPad Dictation Commands

Voice Dictation, or just Dictation as Apple calls it, is one of my favorite features of iOS on the iPad. As I’ve mentioned recently here, I use it more and more and it just keeps getting better. Though Siri may draw more attention, I think dictation is the far more useful feature right now.

If you haven’t tried out dictation on the iPad you really should give it a go. It can be much faster than typing at times. Here are a few little tips and some common commands you can use to get even more out of dictation:

Speak slowly and clearly: I know this sounds obvious, but it’s an easy one to forget. I find that when I speak too quickly or run my words together I see poor results, as should be expected. When I remember to slow down just a bit and pronounce things clearly I get great results – even when there are low levels of background noise around me (e.g. music or TV playing nearby).

Add punctuation commands as you speak: There are a great number of useful commands that can be used with dictation. Common punctuation is easy to add as you speak. For example you can say “This morning I ate breakfast comma walked the dog comma and took my daughter to school period” – and the result you’ll get will be:

This morning I ate breakfast, walked the dog, and took my daughter to school.

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