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iPad Run Over By a Car – Still Works, Laughs at Car


There are a lot of adjectives I associate with the iPad – but tough, rugged, and indestructible have never been on my list before today. Then I spotted a story at TUAW of an iPad that was apparently run over by a car – a PT Cruiser – and not only lived to tell about it, but appears to work just fine (apart from the whole totally shattered glass bit).

Reader Aaron sent us a link to a YouTube video (on the next page) demonstrating how an iPad belonging to a fellow employee handled being run over by the front and rear wheels of a Chrysler PT Cruiser. As the video shows, the iPad was in the standard Apple Case and the front glass was crushed quite extensively. However, the Home button still worked and the rest of the components in the display were totally functional. The touchscreen still responded to gestures, and the accelerometer responded by rotating the screen.

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Recommended – Comic: iPad Obsession Gone Too Far?


Oh boy.  I have a friend (cough, cough) who seems obsessed enough to probably have this sort of issue with my his iPad.  Great comic by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, aka iPadGirl. 

What makes it even greater is that she did it all on an iPad (though hopefully not in a bedroom).

I used Autodesk Sketchbook Pro to do the drawing, PhotoGene to rotate the image into the right orientation (since Sketchbook Pro doesn’t seem to have that feature), then Strip Design to add the speech and text.

You can follow @ipadgirl on Twitter and check out more of her writing and illustrations at her page here:


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iPad: Magical, Revolutionary, Not Bullet Proof

Oh the horror.  I don’t think an InvisibleSHIELD is going to help in this area.

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iPad News at WWDC Keynote – "Magical’ iPad Means It’s a Chick Magnet

iPad Gets girls

Steve Jobs started off today’s WWDC keynote presentation with an update on iPad.  He confirmed the 2 million sold number we already knew, and mentioned that means they’ve sold one every 3 seconds.  Perhaps more importantly, he let us know what ‘magical’ really means in the iPad’s description – it’s a chick magnet:

And it IS magical. I know it, because I got this email…”

Via: gdgt

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The iPad Comic, Or Is It Comics?


Either way, very funny video. 

Thanks to reader Adam for the heads-up on this one.

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Anything Cats Can Do (on an iPad), Dogs Can Do Better


We’ve seen some clever cats (and dogs) having fun with the iPad over the last couple of months, but this guy is my favorite so far.  With a name like Pixel, he’s got lots of geek cred right off the bat, and he only enhances it with his crazy air hockey skills shown in the video.

Chief Deputy Editor Labrador

I’ll be using this as a training video for my Chief Deputy Editor Labrador tonight. :)

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iPad: Magical – Here’s Proof


Steve should hire this guy for his next iPad keynote. He’s a great ambassador for the ‘magical iPad’.

Spotted via TUAW

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iPad: Magical, Revolutionary, and Crap as a Skateboard


We’ve seen an iPad microwaved recently – and now it has been tested as a skateboard companion.  The result is … not shocking.

Built To Shred host Jeff King and pro skater Chad Knight test the new iPad 3G. They take it from the work shop to the field and answer the question we’ve all wondered about the new iPad…Will It Shred? See for yourself.

I can’t manage to embed the video – but you can just click the image above – or HERE – to see it. 

Thanks to Daniel for sending us an email about this one.

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iPad Funnies: Revolutionary iPad Dock


Funny stuff.  The $300 Asus iPad Dock with built-in charger.  My favorite line is early on:

You’ll see it has several rows of buttons here for varying the angle.

This one was sent in by reader Brad.  Thanks for that!

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Recommended: The New Yorker’s List of Least Common iPad Complaints

Brilliant list.  Here are just a few favorite examples from it:

· When used as tanning bed, battery life is limited.
· Not rhino-proof.
· Strange odor coming from husband while using iPad.
· When used as murder weapon, oleophobic coating does not completely eliminate incriminating fingerprints.
· Insufficient media coverage.

Lots more great ones on the full list here:


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More Cat + iPad Fun


Jeez – at this rate Apple’s going to get more pre-orders from cats round the world than people.  This cat seems to be getting the hang of things even more than Iggy (who we posted about a few days back) – attacking the iFish Pond HD app.

I’m starting to feel a little ashamed at my dog’s total lack of iPad skillz. :)

Thanks to reader Greg K for sending this in.  Maybe your cat could give my dog some lessons?

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