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New iPad Market – Iggy & Colleagues


Ha – excellent video.  Smart cat.  My big goofball dog gives the iPad one good, long sniff per day, determines that it doesn’t seem easily edible, and ignores it. 

Anyone else have pets vying for iPad time?

Via: Gizmodo

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Great iPad Stand


Great pic from Veronica Belmont’s Flickr stream.  I also love one of the comments on it:

Best use for cats yet.

My dog would disagree with that, but we both liked the pic. :)

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Recommended: David Letterman’s Take on the iPad


I’m guessing Dave’s not a big mobile devices kinda guy.  A couple of my favorite lines in here:

Even little Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have one.

For people who don’t like kids, or don’t like the kids they have, it comes with photos of a family.  So you’re not buying an unnecessary electronic device … you’re buying a family.

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iPad Reactions – History Repeats Itself?


Good comic from coregeek.net.  I guess that’s the guy from the ‘Get a Mac’ ads saying it’ll fail each time, or maybe Bill Gates after gaining some weight since stepping down at Microsoft. :)

Thanks to Eric at Coregeek for sending it to us.

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Another iPad Rival – for Just $4.99


I haven’t seen a lot of iPad alternatives with the price’s decimal point shifted over a couple places.  Until a couple days ago that is, when I spotted the iPaperPad – going for just $4.99 or $14.97 for a 3 pack.

It is hailed as …

Not magical or revolutionary, it’s a paper pad

You can grab one or more of these at Amazon now. I bet you don’t even have to wait for accessories for it to ship. :)

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Oops, One Comic That Will Not Run on iPad

Comic that won't run on iPad

I’m kicking myself for not guessing which comic this would be before seeing the cartoon strip. Very nicely done by FoxTrot, by Bill Amend.

Did you guess it just from the post title?

Via: Gizmodo

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Better than a Lemonade Stand


More great stuff from The Joy of Tech.  Probably a better business than a lemonade stand this spring. :)

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The Next Big (Really Big) Things After the iPad



Source: begeek.fr via Gizmodo

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