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How to Sync Google Calendar with the iPad

iPad Calendar

Google has made some changes this year to how Google Calendar syncs with iOS devices. For years I have just setup Google Sync as an Exchange account in Settings on the iPad and iPhone and it has worked beautifully for me. It had been especially good whenever I got a new iPad or iPhone – as all I had to do was setup that account and within less than a minute all my Calendar info was up-to-date.

Unfortunately, Google Sync was shutdown by Google in January of this year. So when I recently bought a new iPad mini I discovered that Google Sync no longer works for Calendar or Contacts. But … there is still a way to sync Google Calendar and Contacts with the iPad – and both are easy to do once you know how. In this post I’ll outline how to get Google Calendar sync working; I’ll soon write another explaining how to setup Google Contacts sync.

Here’s how to get Google Calendar sync working with the iPad:

— Open the Settings app.

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