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Photogene for iPad Updated – Adds Collage Maker, Localized Effects and More


Photogene for iPad – one of the best photo editing / photo effects apps for the iPad – has been updated this week, to Version 3.00.

Two of the big new features added in this update are Localized Effects and Collage Maker. Localized Effects is the ability to apply filters or color adjustments by just ‘painting’ them onto specific areas of an image. Collage Maker lets you select 4-6 photos or images and make a collage out of them. You get three standard collage templates to work with, and another six are available to buy via In-App purchase.

The localized effects feature is easy to use and works nicely. The collage maker is also easy to use and lots of fun. I was able to throw together the one used at the top of this post, with photos from the iPad 2 launch day here in Austin, in just a couple minutes.

Quick Hint: You need to allow Photogene for iPad to use your location, via Settings > Location Services, in order for the collage maker to work.

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Bummer – PhotoForge2 Launching This Week, but With No Native iPad App Yet


PhotoForge2 – the superb looking upcoming new version of the popular image editing app – is going to hit the App Store this week, on Thursday May 19. I posted last week on the video preview of this app – and it really looks fantastic.

That’s the good news. The not so good news is that although it will be released as a universal app it will not include native iPad support on release. As in, no proper iPad version on launch day. The developers promise that the iPad version is coming ‘very soon’.

Hopefully that means within a few weeks we’ll see an update and full iPad support. In the meantime, with this type of app the iPhone version, though far from ideal, may be usable on the iPad.

The developers are trying their best to do right by their current users. Though upgrades are not allowed to new apps in the App Store, they are offering PhotoForge2 for just 99 cents on launch day. So if you’re an existing user, or you just want a great deal on a great looking app, grab this one up on Thursday.

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PhotoForge 2 for iPad & iPhone Coming Soon, Looks Great


PhotoForge is one of the leading image editing apps for iOS devices. There are currently separate iPhone and iPad versions in the App Store – and both offer a good set of image editing tools and features in an easy to use interface.

Now the developers of PhotoForge have announced that a brand new PhotoForge2 app is on its way to the App Store soon. It looks like this will be a universal app, designed to run on both the iPad and the iPhone, and it looks superb in a preview video the devs have released.

Some of the things that caught my eye in the impressive trailer video include:

— PhotoForge2 is going to let you work with layers in images – including support for opacity, masking, and transforming of images.

— It’s got a great looking Visual History feature that looks a bit like Time Machine for image editing.

— The app doesn’t just show previews as you’re editing – it shows you the image in full resolution the whole time you work with it.

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Recommended: FX Photo Studio HD


First things first, if any of you would like to argue that this is not the cutest puppy in the world I’m happy to debate that with you at great length. That’s not the purpose of this short post though – which is to recommend the excellent FX Photo Studio HD app.

I’m not going to even attempt a review on this one because I’m just not adept enough at using photo effects apps in general to do it justice. What I can say though is that even with my clumsy, very amateur touch with these sort of apps, FX Photo Studio lets me create (what I think are) some lovely images from existing photos. Like the one above that took just one tap to render the ‘Vintage’ effect onto my photo.

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