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iPad Insight on iPad & Mobile – Refreshed

iPad Insight Mobile

As some of you may have already noticed, the iPad Insight mobile theme used on iPad just got a major refresh. The lovely folks at Onswipe rolled out the changes yesterday and I’m very happy to see this live.

Here’s a few of the notable improvements with this refresh:

— Faster page load times – because that’s just always a good thing.

— Support for more mobile devices. Right now it is optimized for iPad and iPhone running iOS 6 and higher and Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

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Keep Up with iPad Insight on Your Favorite Social Networks

iPad Insight Facebook Page

If you enjoy visiting iPad Insight for iPad app and accessory reviews, tips & tricks, and insight on all things iPad, then I hope you may also want to get engaged with us on your favorite social networks. If so, here are some of the best places to follow us:

Facebook: Comment on our posts and give us a Like when you have a chance.

Twitter: Tweet us about your favorite iPad apps, review suggestions or anything else iPad related that’s on your mind.

Google+: See our latest posts and talk to us on my favorite social network.

You can also check out our subscribe to our feed via your favorite RSS reader, or our YouTube channel, or become an email subscriber to the site vie the link in the site’s footer area.

Hope some of these are interesting for you and look forward to talking about the iPad with you.

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iPad Insight: Now in 82 Languages!

iPad Insight Translated

iPad Insight is now available in 82 languages. We’ve just enabled a new plugin that translates the site with just a couple of clicks – which we hope will make it far more helpful for many of our readers around the world.

This is something I’ve wanted to get done for a long while. I know from watching site statistics that we have a large number of visitors from non-English speaking nations and I’m very glad that we’ve now made iPad Insight far more user-friendly for all of you.

I hope you enjoy our iPad app an accessory reviews, iPad tips and tricks, and insight on all things iPad in your own language.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

If you’ve got an iPad app or an iPad related product that you want to promote, may I suggest that this site right here is an excellent place to do that.

iPad Insight is a leading authority on the iPad, offering app and accessory reviews, tips and how-to posts, and insight on all things iPad. You can’t get a more targeted audience for an iPad related product.

Price: $300 per week

Weekly site sponsorship includes:

— Exclusive site sponsorship – there’s only one sponsor per week.

— A promotional post from the sponsor in the middle of the week. This post will be shared via RSS and our social networks – Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ where we have over 70,000 followers.

— A Thank You post on the site later in the week, written by me and sharing your link/s and key information. This post will be seen by site readers and again shared via RSS and social networks.

— Sponsor items will be seen by the 300,000 unique visitors who account for around 1 million page views per month, as well as by our audience on social networks.

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iPad Insight: Follow Us

Follow US Snapseed Grunge

Just your friendly monthly reminder here on all the lovely ways there are to follow and engage with your favorite neighborhood iPad site.

Whether you’re new here or a veteran reader I hope you’re already browsing our archives a little and discovering all the iPad app reviews, iPad accessory reviews, iPad tips and tricks, our picks for the very best free iPad apps, and insight on all things iPad.

I also hope you enjoy our mix of content, and that you may be interested in keeping up with all our latest posts and engaging with us on social networks. Here are all the best ways to do that:

Subscribe to our RSS feed:

– Our RSS feed is:http://feeds.feedblitz.com/ipadinsight. You can just click on the handsome little button for it at the top of our right sidebar and add it to your favorite RSS reader app so you never miss any of our great app reviews, iPad tips, or iPad accessory reviews.

Follow us on Twitter:

– Our Twitter account is @iPadInsightBlog – follow us for links to latest articles and occasional NBA and general sports trash talking and such, or gloating about how great a town Austin is.

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iPad Insight on Flipboard – New Sections

Flipboard iPad Art

I know we have a number of readers here who enjoy iPad Insight in the excellent Flipboard app. I love the app and I’m delighted that iPad Insight is a featured partner site on Flipboard.

This week the Flipboard team has helped me make the iPad Insight pages a little more awesome. I’m a big fan of the new Flipboard magazines feature that was added back in March and of course I created a few on iPad topics.

Now, those magazines are included as individual sections of iPad Insight on Flipboard. The three new sections are iPad Apps, iPad Art, and iPad Accessories.

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Flipboard Magazines – A Couple New iPad Titles

iPad Apps Flipboard magazine

Hopefully many of you are already enjoying the new ‘create your own magazine’ feature in the Flipboard iPad app. I know I am, and I’ve already created a few magazines.

Here are two of them I’d like to share:

— iPad Apps – a selection of some of the latest, greatest apps for the iPad, across all categories: http://flip.it/IgCDQ

— iPad Accessories – iPad cases and stands and lions and tigers and bears: http://flip.it/JmvND

iPad Accessories Flipboard magazine

Oh, and of course iPad Insight is a featured Flipboard partner site – so you can enjoy all of our content magazine style too. If you haven’t already added us to your Flipboard, please give us a look here: http://flpbd.it/ipadinsight

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iPad Show & Tell – We’ve Got an iPad Insight Flickr Group


iPad Insight now has a public Flickr group. This is something I’ve been meaning to get setup for quite a while now and I finally got it done today.

I’m hoping this can become a place where all of us can share some of our favorite iPad related (or epically handsome Labrador related) images. Here’s just some of the things I hope some of you may decide to share via the new Flickr group:

— Your favorite iPad wallpapers and home screens

— Shots of your iPad cases and accessories

— Shots of your iPad-loving pets. Like my handsome Deputy Editor Dawg shown above, hard at work as ever.

— Anything else you feel like sharing.

I’m sure I don’t need to belabor this, but just in case – please keep your images clean / family-friendly.

The group’s got a handful of iPad wallpaper and case pics along with a couple Deputy Editor Dawg pics of course to get it started. I look forward to seeing your iPad pics whenever you have some time to share. Check out the iPad Insight Flickr group here:


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iPad Insight Featured in Flipboard


iPad Insight is currently featured in the Tech & Science section of Flipboard, and of course I’m very pleased about it.

Fliboard is the flagship iPad magazine and one of the very best and most popular iPad apps. It was Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2010. 

And it provides great content to its readers of course. I know that many of you have mentioned that you follow this site in Flipboard. Well, now that’s a whole lot easier to do, and hopefully a whole lot easier for some new readers to discover the site as well.

You can find the site listed if you tap on the ‘More’ ribbon at the top right of Flipboard’s screen and then select Tech & Science on the sections list on the left-hand side.

You’ll also find it under Recommended if you do a search for the term ‘iPad’.

My thanks to Flipboard for including iPad Insight.

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Site Stuff – Design Refresh


As you may have noticed, this site has had a bit of a design refresh to go along with its new name. Yesterday we changed to a new logo / header and now we’re adding a few theme elements that work well with it.

There are a few more elements still to be added and some fixing up to do in some places where things aren’t quite right yet – but I already feel very happy to have a fresh new look for iPad Insight.

Huge thanks to Jamie and Nicole, the dynamic duo at Shatterboxx, who have created the new header and worked with me on this mini makeover for the site. They’re great to work with and I hope one day I’ll get them to do a complete overhaul of the site design.

I hope you all like the new look. Our content and focus remain the same as always – now we just have a smarter looking home for all our insightful iPad articles. :)

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Site Stuff: Changes


Image Source: Lifehack.org

As mentioned yesterday, we’re making some changes to the site. First off is its shiny new name: iPad Insight. We officially moved the site to this new domain yesterday. We discovered and fixed a number of big issues relating to the move yesterday; but I’m sure more will crop up over the next few days. Please let us know about any problems you spot in the comments, and we’ll do our best to get them resolved quickly.

Here are some quick things to know about the site move and some upcoming changes:

— There are redirects in place for all posts and pages from the old site, but I hope most of you will bookmark the new site at iPadinsight.com.

— Our RSS feed is the same as it has been – so if you’re already a subscriber you should stay subscribed with no effort on your part. If you’re not subscribed, what are you waiting for? Click this lovely link or the orange RSS icon at the top of the sidebar to make sure our posts make their way into your RSS reader.

— Our Twitter account was renamed yesterday – you can now follow us as @iPadInsightBlog.

— Our Facebook page cannot be renamed, so we’ll create a new one soon and let you know when we do of course.

— We’re going to change a few elements of the site design soon as well. It will not be a huge, revolutionary change, but I hope it will be a smart refresh that will go well with the new site name.

Thanks again for your patience while we’re making changes – and hope you’re enjoying Easter weekend.

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