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Coming Soon: ZAGG Keyboard Cases for iPad mini

ZAGGkeys mini

ZAGG are amongst the leading makers of iPad keyboard cases. In my experience their keyboards are the best out there when it comes to these combo keyboard cases for the iPad.

It’s good to see that they’ve announced new ZAGGkeys Mini keyboard cases designed specifically for the iPad mini. There are two models – the ZAGGkeys Mini 7 and Mini 9. Here’s the brief introductions for each of them:

ZAGGkeys MINI 7:

Island-style keys in a sleek and unique layout provide maximum finger space in a compact Bluetooth® keyboard, perfect for accentuating the utility and convenience of iPad mini.

ZAGGkeys MINI 9:

Island-style keys with a carefully engineered layout to provide the same spacing as ZAGG’s traditional tablet keyboard. The compact Bluetooth® keyboard is perfect for accentuating the utility and convenience of iPad mini.

So the Mini 9 is a bit larger keyboard with more generous key spacing, which is always a good thing. Both models come with a durable hard case that doubles as a stand and protects both the iPad mini and the keyboard.

Both of these cases go for $89.99 and are listed as coming soon. You can check out full details on them and to submit an email form to be notified when they’re available at the ZAGG product pages for the ZAGGkeys Mini 7 and ZAGGkeys Mini 9.

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Oh – New Glamour Shots of the Brydge iPad Keyboard Case

Brydge iPad keyboard case

I got another Kickstarter update email about the Brydge iPad keyboard case. The project team’s status update included the news that packaging is complete and more.

It also mentioned that a number of backers were keen to see what Brydge looks like paired with a white iPad. As you can see above, it looks great.

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ZAGG Announces Their Thinnest, Lightest iPad Keyboards

ZAGGkeys Pro iPad keyboard case

ZAGG have announced their latest, greatest iPad keyboards, the new ZAGGkeys Pro and ZAGGkeys Proplus. The company touts them as their thinnest, lightest keyboards yet and one of the thinnest on the market.

The ZAGGkeys® PRO™ and PROplus™ are ultra-thin Bluetooth® keyboard accessories that accentuate the utility and convenience of the Apple® iPad® 2 or 3. The lightweight and durable aluminum construction of the ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus match the look and feel of the iPad. The ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus utilize an innovative magnet closure to secure the iPad 2/3 and protect the screen from scratches and damage.

Other notable features of these keyboards include:

— Integrated stand that’s said to hold the iPad at an optimal angle for viewing and ease of use.

— Island style keys and dedicated function keys for iPad 2/3 features

— Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity

— Rechargeable built-in keyboard battery that’s said to go months between charges

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CruxSKUNK: Another Great Looking Keyboard Case that Makes the iPad a Bit Like a MacBook Air


The hits really do just keep on coming on Kickstarter, when it comes to iPad related projects. The CruxSKUNK is the latest great example of this trend. It’s another very sharp looking keyboard case for the iPad that makes the iPad look, and work, a lot like a MacBook Air.

Its Kickstarter project title is CruxSKUNK – Powerful iPad Laptop – and it’s already at over 80% of its funding target with 37 days to go, so it’s just about definitely going to be funded and set for production.

Here’s some of the things that caught my eye and impress me about the CruxSKUNK:

— It’s sleek looking, and has a very Apple-like feel.

— It’s quite slim and super thin:

At 19 mm, the CruxSKUNK™ and iPad® combination is about as thin as a Macbook Air® and weighing about the same—it’s just as easy to carry around. … At 6 mm, the CruxSKUNK’s™ base is the thinnest keyboard for your iPad® on the planet!

— It’s got a full-sized QWERTY keyboard.

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Brydge MacBook Air-like Keyboard Case for iPad Hits Kickstarter Funding Target & Then Some

Brydge for iPad

Brydge – the super slick looking iPad keyboard case that makes your iPad look a whole lot like a MacBook Air – met and way exceeded its Kickstarter funding target. The project’s creators were looking for $90,000 and ende up with almost $800,000.

The Kickstarter project is over now and the company is moving forward with the aim of starting to ship these in the fall of this year.

I did a post about Brydge back in April and I also backed the project – so I am very much looking forward to receiving my Brydge in a few months time.

Pre-orders are now being taken for Brydge as well – you can see all the details and place a pre-order at the Brydge site.

Did any of you end up backing the Kickstarter project? Or are you planning to pre-order one?

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Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad


The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad is a very different spin on the typical iPad keyboard case. In fact, it’s not a case at all – it’s a handsome front cover with a Bluetooth keyboard neatly integrated within it.

Logitech says it’s designed to impress and type in style – and touts it is as the perfect partner for your iPad. I thought this cover looked great when it was first announced, ordered one back in April, and have been using it for a couple weeks now.

Hit the break to see my thoughts on whether it really is a perfect partner for the iPad …

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Brydge Kickstarter Project – Keyboard Case Makes Your iPad Look Just Like a MacBook Air


Brydge is yet another superb looking iPad-related Kickstarter project. It’s an iPad keyboard case that turns your iPad into something that looks a whole lot like a MacBook Air. The project creators reckon it transforms your iPad into a laptop worthy of Apple.

Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, with optional stereo speakers, Brydge connects to your iPad using a patent-pending hinge. This click-in hinge allows for close to 180 degrees of iPad positioning and holds your iPad secure.

The keyboard is said to be full-sized and looks great in their promo video.

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New Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the New iPad and iPad 2 Looks Great

How cool does the new Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the new 2012 iPad and iPad 2 look? My answer would be very cool indeed. Here’s what’s to like about it:

— It’s a Smart cover alternative that packs a good looking Bluetooth wireless keyboard to pair up with your iPad 2 or new iPad. It attaches automatically like the Apple Smart Cover and supports the iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature.

— It’s made of ‘ultrathin’ aluminum.

— It looks like the most slimline keyboard case combo I’ve seen yet for the iPad.

These go for $99.99 and are available for pre-order from Logitech now (shipping is expected within 2-4 weeks according to their Consumer Sales office). I just ordered one – and I’ll be sure to share some thoughts on it once I get it and try it out.

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ZAGGfolio Replacement Case Fixes Clasp Issue


The ZAGGfolio is an iPad keyboard case. It’s quite a good one too, but when it was initially released there was a problem with the case’s clasp that keeps the iPad secured in it.

ZAGG were very pro-active in acknowledging and addressing the issue. They emailed everyone who had purchased a ZAGGfolio to let them know about the issue and to state that they had corrected it and would be issuing replacement cases.

My replacement case arrived yesterday, within the timeframe promised in ZAGG’s email on the subject.

Happily, the new case looks good and the clasp works like a charm. I know that my iSource colleague, James Rogers, who initially reported on the clasp issue, has also said that his replacement case is working well.

Great work by ZAGG on fixing this issue and issuing replacement cases – that’s some top-notch customer service.

I’ll be reviewing the ZAGGfolio and / or comparing it with the Clamcase keyboard case soon.

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ZAGGfolio Replacement Cases Now Shipping


As we learned last month, the ZAGGfolio iPad keyboard case has an issue with the clasp on the case, and ZAGG was very pro-active in  not just acknowledging the issue but emailing everyone who bought one and making clear that they would be replacing the cases.

It was a strong response and a very good approach to see from a leading accessories vendor.


This morning I received an email from ZAGG confirming that my replacement ZAGGfolio case shipped, and giving an expected delivery date of September 15-19. These dates are in line with the 4-6 weeks that ZAGG promised when they sent their email advising of the problem with the case.

Well done ZAGG – excellent customer service on this issue.

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Latest ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case Looks Great


Boy, these iPad keyboard case combos just keep getting better by the looks of things. The pic above shows The TROOPER, a limited edition version of the ClamCase for iPad and iPad 2.

I think it looks really sharp, and the details on it sound quite impressive too. It’s got a hardshell case that should provide solid protection for the iPad, an integrated BT keyboard that has got some rave reviews, and a clever 360 degree hinge.

Here are some of its main features:

    • Apple® style scissor action chiclet keys.
    • Infinitely variable 360-degree torque hinge.
    • Instant wake when opened with ClamCase for iPad 2.
    • Made of ultra durable high grade PC-ABS plastic ensuring lasting protection.
    • Soft Touch surfaces for exceptional handling.
    • Quick attach and release of iPad®.
    • 3M® iPad® anti-scratch and shock absorption pads for safe transportation.
    • Latch free operation with snap close hinge.

The TROOPER is shipping now and is priced at $149. You can see more details on it or place an order at its ClamCase product page.

I’m definitely going to try to have a look at one of these soon.

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