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Notable New iPad Magazines: The Fog Horn

The Fog Horn

The Fog Horn is the first new iPad magazine I’ve subscribed to in a long time. I saw it mentioned by David Sparks at MacSparky, it sounded promising, and this morning I gave it a look. And I’m very glad I did.

In fact, I’ve been hooked since the About page, which promises everything I should’ve been looking for all along in an iPad magazine. I’m always telling friends that I’m a bit ashamed that I never find time for any real reading that’s not work related – that basically all I’ve read for years now is books about technology.

So The Fog Horn’s About page is a sight for my sore eyes, right from its opening lines …

Welcome to The Fog Horn. We’re a fiction magazine, publishing four original short stories every month, twelve months a year.

And parts of it are just spot on for me and my reading habits:

It’s just impossible to squeeze in a novel these days. We’re always on the move: wake up late, race around for twelve hours, and then hit the pillow with five minutes of quality reading time left before everything fades to black.

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Notable New iPad Apps: The Loop Magazine

The Loop Magazine

Today Jim Dalrymple has released The Loop Magazine for iPad and iPhone in the App Store. This magazine app is a new extension of the popular The Loop website, and will cover similar ground.

Dalrymople is known for his straight shooting approach on all things Apple, music, Heineken, and other topics. He’s not a man to use 30 words when just one will do – and he’s famous for giving his confirmation of a hot Apple rumor with just a simple ‘Yep’. Oh, and the fact that he’s nearly always right when it comes to his verdicts on these rumors doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s a little slice of Dalrymple’s Welcome post in Issue 1 of The Loop Magazine:

This magazine will serve as an extension of my interests on The Loop Web site, with articles written by some of the great authors I’ve come to know over my nearly 20 years writing about Apple. All of the articles have been written exclusively for the magazine.

Topics covered by the magazine will include music, design, technology, games, and Apple – as well as others. Issue 1 kicks off with a great piece titled ‘Enduring Design’ by Matt Gemmell. The design of the magazine is very clean and simple, much like Marco Arment’s The Magazine – which Dalrymple mentions in his Welcome post.

The Loop Magazine is a Newsstand title, that will be published twice per month. It offers a 7 day free trial and then a subscription plan at $1.99 per month.

Here’s an App Store link for The Loop Magazine. If you’re a fan of Jim Dalrymple and The Loop, or just of good writing presented in a clean and elegant magazine interface, you’re going to want to give this one a look.

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Issue #3 of Swipe Magazine Out Now – Featuring Yours Truly Again

Swipe Magazine for iPad

Issue 3 of Swipe Magazine for iPad is out today. If you’re a big fan of iPad apps and games this magazine is aimed squarely at you. Here’s a slice of its App Store description:

This is the only dedicated magazine that focuses on the best App Store content, and which has been built from the ground up as a true interactive digital experience for iPad. (An iPhone version is coming soon.)
Every issue is packed with only the very best games, apps, and accessories as rated by the leading independent review sites of the iPhone Alliance – a genuine ‘who’s who’ of the iOS media so you know they are opinions you can trust.

A bit of disclosure early on here: I’m a regular contributor to Swipe Magazine and this site is a member of the Smartphone Alliance.

Features in Issue 3 include an iPhone 5 case roundup, TouchGen’s preview of the Modern Combat 4 game for iOS, an iPad mini review roundup featuring my review along with those from TouchMyApps and 148Apps, and reviews of lots of hot new titles like FIFA 13,Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Angry Birds Star Wars.

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The New York Times Now Offers Subscribers the Full Paper in Flipboard

New York Times in Flipboard app

The New York Times is now offering ‘the full paper’ in the Flipboard app, to its subscribers. Previously only a portion of NYT articles were shown in Flipboard and to read the full article readers needed to tap to go out to The New York Times site – now NYT subscribers will see complete articles within the app.

Flipboard was updated today, to Version 1.9.4, with the NYT content news as the only change list item:

★ Enjoy world-renowned journalism from The New York Times. Paid subscribers can now access the full paper on Flipboard.
★ The New York Times’ Top News section is free to all readers.

This should be great news for NYT subscribers who own iPads. Flipboard is a flagship iPad app, easily the best news magazine style app that lets you create your own magazine with all your favorite sources and sections.

It’s also just an interesting move in general – as print publishers continue to tweak their approach to how their content is published on the iPad and this change may lead to fewer visits to The New York Times’ own web site from iPad users. I’ve seen recent reports on some other big-name publishers who are not so keen on this approach. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out for The New York Times.

Here’s an App Store link for Flipboard; it’s a free app and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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Time Offers Subscriptions on iPad Magazines, Sports Illustrated iPad Edition Still Not Worth a Subscription

Sports Illustrated iPad Edition

Time Inc. has finally begun offering subscriptions on their stable of iPad magazines this week. They had previously been holding out and objecting to Apple’s policies, apparently in particular to the level of subscriber info shared with them by default.

Three of the big Time Inc iPad titles that are showed off in the Featured area of the iPad App Store this week are TIME, People, and Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated was one of my favorite magazines for years when I was growing up. I had a subscription and always looked forward to grabbing it out of my mailbox on my way home from school on Thursday afternoons. I still enjoy Sports Illustrated’s sports coverage and their excellent writers – so I thought this week was a great time to take another look at the Sports Illustrated iPad edition.

And boy is that a big disappointment.

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Notable New iPad Apps: swipe magazine

swipe magazine

swipe magazine is a shiny new iPad magazine app that’s touted as the essential digital publication for iOS fans. It just hit the iPad App Store yesterday and it’s published by The iPhone Alliance, which this site is a member of. The iPhone Alliance is described like so:

The iPhone Alliance is a part of the wider Smartphone Alliance which unites over 52 of the very biggest and best independent games and app review sites to work together on a number of initiatives in order to help promote and celebrate the best mobile content.

There are lots of great sites in the alliance and I’m happy that my site has been part of it for quite some time now. Now here’s a little more on what swipe magazine is all about:

This is the only dedicated magazine that focuses on the best App Store content, and which has been built from the ground up as a true interactive digital experience for iPad. (An iPhone version is coming soon.)
Every issue is packed with only the very best games, apps, and accessories as rated by the leading independent review sites of the iPhone Alliance – a genuine ‘who’s who’ of the iOS media so you know they are opinions you can trust.

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WIRED Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary with Reimagined First Issue as iPad Issue

WIRED Premiere Issue Revisited

WIRED Magazine is marking their 20 year anniversary with a special iPad issue that is a reimagined version of their very first issue back in 1993. Here’s a little snippet from the Introduction to this special issue:

The first copies of WIRED hit the newsstand 20 years ago, at the dawn of the digital revolution. A lot has changed since then. To help mark the magazine’s anniversary, the editors used the latest technology to reimagine the first issue of WIRED, turning it into an interactive digital special edition. What they’ve done will surprise you.

I’d never been a WIRED subscriber until the iPad edition came along, but I was a fairly regular reader of the print title for many years. Though I can’t say I remember seeing or reading their first issue I found this an interesting enough idea to make the special issue well worth a look.

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Record Circulation for The Economist Fueled by Digital Subscribers, iPad Chipping in Nicely

The Economist for iPad

Last week The Economist announced it had reached 1.5 million subscribers for the first time, and highlighted the contribution and the potential for growth of their digital subscriptions.

It took us 160 years to reach one million circulation, but only seven years to reach one and a half million. We now expect to reach two million within five years, fueled by rapid growth in digital circulation. By then we expect to have more digital than print readers.

Not surprisingly, the iPad edition – The Economist for iPad – is making a major contribution to the title’s digital success. Here are a few numbers on the iPad edition that the publishers shared with me:

— Over 127,000 of their subscribers are reading The Economist on the iPad every week.

— The number of iPad users is growing fast.

— Their research shows that readers of The Economist for iPad are spending and average of one hour and 45 minutes reading the weekly package.

The Economist is an outstanding publication; it’s great to see that its publishers are optimistic about its digital future, and that the iPad edition is a big part of that.

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The New Yorker Magazine for iPad Updated & I’m a Subscriber Now


The New Yorker Magazine iPad edition has had another update this week, to Version 3.7.1. The update adds a new storefront which is meant to make it easier to manage your library and search for special issues.

The new Store layout is very nicely done and today it helped me discover the iPad-exclusive series of anthologies called ‘The New Yorker Reader’

I’ve thought of The New Yorker as one of the best magazine titles for the iPad for some time now, but up to now had just been buying individual issues of it. Today I started a monthly subscription to it, which I’ve been meaning to do. I think the quality of its content and the excellence of its iPad edition make it well worth a subscription.

Any other iPad New Yorker readers here? If so, what do you think of its iPad edition?

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Survey Offers Good News for iPad Magazine Publishers


A recent survey (commissioned by a publishers trade association, the Association of Magazine Media) has some good news for publishers of digital magazines and iPad edition. As noted by All Things Digital, it looks like most of those who are reading digital editions are enjoying it and planning to increase the amount of time they spend with digital editions.

It finds that two-thirds of people who read magazines on tablets and e-readers think they’ll be spending more time with digital issues over the next year. Many of them — 46 percent — are consuming more magazines — both in print and digital form — than they did before they got their hands on an iPad.* And 63 percent of them want more digital stuff to read.

… The report does offer some guidance for the industry: 89 percent of readers want publishers to adopt a uniform way of navigating magazines, and 69 percent like watching in-app videos that run less than minute.

I’m a big fan of iPad newspapers and magazines. If I was asked for ‘guidance for the industry’ here are a few points I’d mention:

— Subscription pricing needs to be sensible. It still often isn’t and often fails to offer good, fair deals for existing print or online subscribers.

— Issue download sizes need to keep getting smaller. The promised key feature of Newsstand – automatic issue and new content updates in the background – needs to be delivered. Right now it is not working for most titles I’ve seen. It should be faster and easier to get into the latest issue.

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Newsstand Now Working, as Smart Folder for All Your Newspaper & Magazine iPad Editions

Newsstand for iPad

Newsstand for the iPad went live yesterday along with iOS 5, iCloud and all the other major updates Apple cranked out.

In case you haven’t had a chance to use it yet, Newsstand is a ‘smart folder’ that houses all your newspaper an magazine iPad editions and also offers a store where you can browse and install other digital publications for the iPad. It’s a lot like iBooks for iPad newspaper and magazine titles.

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