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Editions by AOL Updated, Adds Instapaper & Read It Later Support

Editions by AOL Icon

Editions by AOL, one of the newer daily iPad magazine titles, has had a recent update, to version 1.1.4.

The big new feature in this new version is support for Instapaper and Read It Later.

Here’s the full change list for this update:

Improved stability, performance enhancements, compatibility, Read it Later & Instapaper integration, and more!
Here’s more about what’s new in Editions 1.1.4:
• Read it Later & Instapaper integration. Now you can also save articles to read later on your Read it Later or Instapaper account.
• More sources! A lot of people have requested specific sources, and we’ve added them!
• Improved stability and bug fixes throughout the app.

Editions was a recent pick of ours for Best Free iPad of the Week – you can have a look at that post for more of an introduction to the app.

You can add sources in Editions from within the Profile area. It would be lovely if any of you who are using Editions would request that this site be added as a source.

Here’s an App Store link for Editions; it’s a free app.

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Maxim Magazine for iPad Re-launched and Is Completely Crap


Maxim+ Magazine is the new iPad version of Maxim magazine. Previously Maxim HD was their iPad edition, but they recently switched to a different ‘publishing framework’ and re-launched this weekend with the new name.

I installed the new app and have been having a look at it this morning. Here’s my quick take: it’s a piss-poor effort and a terrible iPad edition. Definitely a poster child for ‘How Not to Do an iPad magazine’.

Here’s a few of the reasons why this is a crappy iPad magazine:

— There are tons of ads in it and they’re more than intrusive. It’s packed with full page ads and if you try to read in landscape mode you’ll find you can’t because each time you land on an ad page you cannot swipe past it at all. You’re stuck until you switch to portrait mode. Ads that actually prevent you from reading in landscape mode – this is the stupidest implementation of ads I’ve ever seen in an iPad magazine.

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CFG: Cosmo for Guys Launches on the iPad


CFG: Cosmo for Guys is the latest new title from the publishers of Cosmopolitan, the popular women’s magazine. Interestingly, the title appears to be another iPad-only magazine from a top-drawer publisher.

Here’s a little intro from Cosmopolitan themselves on the new title:

Conceived and executed by Cosmopolitan editors, the worldwide authority on women, love and sex, CFG is packed with original and highly interactive content geared just for men.

“The idea for CFG really came from men themselves,” said Editor-in-Chief Kate White. “They frequently tell us that they love reading Cosmo because they’re fascinated about what makes females tick, and they want to know how to better please the women in their life. We wanted to come to their rescue and take out the guess work.  Women are the real experts on the subject.”

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Quick Look: Technode Magazine on the iPad


Technode is a new magazine title that came to the iPad (and iPhone) a few weeks ago. Here’s a slice of its App Store intro:

Technode is an ace new quarterly technology magazine from the team behind ShinyShiny.tv and TechDigest.tv

In issue 1 we pick the summer’s 20 top gadgets, look at how 4G Mobile will change, look at the impact of coding on digital art and discover why Facebook has turned us all into liars.

I’m a fan of tech magazines and, of course, a big fan of iPad editions – so I was keen to give this title a look. Sadly, it was only worth a very brief look and I never really delved into it, as it just isn’t a real iPad edition. Here’s why:

— The app works in portrait mode only. For me, this is a very poor starting point for most iPad apps, but even more so for a magazine title. With any reading app, whether it’s an eBook, newspaper, or magazine I want to be able to read it in whatever mode I’m most comfortable in, and switch between modes as I shift where I’m reading, and so on. Being stuck in portrait mode makes for a lousy reading experience right off the bat.

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Wired Magazine iPad Edition Now Offers Subscriptions


Wired Magazine for iPad – one of the first big mainstream titles to bring out an iPad version last year – now offers subscription plans for its iPad edition. Wired has been one of the better selling iPad magazine titles even before subscription plans were available, so this news should make a lot of Wired fans happy.

There’s great news for Wired print subscribers:

And if you’re already aWired print subscriber, it won’t cost you a penny. … Our model is “subscribe once, read anywhere, anytime.” At the moment, that means print and iPad.

The subscription pricing for the iPad edition looks good too, with a year’s subscription priced at $19.99 and a monthly subscription at $1.99. The normal single-issue price is $3.99, so even the one month (auto renewing commitment that can be canceled) is a 50% saving on the standard issue price.

More good news mentioned in the Wired blog post on the new subscription plans is that they are working hard on reducing issue file sizes, and have already managed to reduce them by 25%. June’s issue weighs in at 288MB.

I did a review of Wired Magazine for iPad last June and it has been one of my favorite iPad magazine titles ever since. So I’m delighted to see its subscription plans go live today, and I’ve already subscribed.

Those of you who are Wired print or iPad readers, what do you think of these new subscription plans?

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iPad Subscription Plans Coming Soon for Wired, GQ, The New Yorker & Plenty More Top Titles


iPad edition subscription plans are expected to be coming soon to Wired, GQ, The New Yorker, O, The Oprah Magazine, and a number of other leading magazine titles.

According to recent reports, three of the major magazine publishing houses – Hearst, Conde Nast, and Time – have now come to terms with the App Store subscription model and will be offering subscription plans for many of their top titles. We’ve already seen that three premier titles from Time Inc. are expected to offer subscriptions, and a number of Conde Nast titles are due to start offering subscriptions this month.

Between these three big publishers we should see a large number of mainstream titles bringing out iPad subscription plans over the next few months. Early reports of pricing plans for Conde Nast titles, which include Wired, The New Yorker, GQ, and Vogue, say that single issues of these will be priced around $2 and annual subscriptions will be $20.

This is very good news for those of us who enjoy reading magazines and newspapers on the iPad. In a few months we should find that the number of iPad editions that have subscription plans has increased dramatically – and hopefully that pricing for subscriptions is at reasonable levels. $20 for an annual subscription for a title like Wired or The New Yorker seems fair to me, though I’m keen to see the range of price points for leading titles and be able to put these in better context.

In any case, going from only a small handful of iPad titles offering subscriptions to a wide range of them sounds very good to me.

Which iPad magazine titles are you most looking forward to seeing subscription plans for?

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Three Top Time Inc. Titles to Offer iPad Editions Free to Print Subscribers


Image Source: Time Inc

It looks like Apple is making a little progress in its on-going negotiations with major print publishers and their support for iPad editions and subscription options. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Time Inc. will be begin offering free access to iPad editions for print subscribers to Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune.

Starting today, the iPad editions of the three magazines will support subscriber authentication and free access for print subscribers. 

While that’s good news for current print subscribers, the not so good news is that there are still no subscription plans for these or other Time Inc iPad editions. Apparently the major sticking point is not Apple’s 30% cut on subscription plans, but rather their insistence that access to subscriber information is only provided on an opt-in basis.

I don’t think any of these mainstream magazine iPad editions are going to be successful until they come up with reasonable and attractive subscription plans. Let’s hope this small breakthrough with free access for print subscribers leads to more major movement from Time and other big publishers towards proper subscription models for their iPad titles.

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App Store Features iPad Magazines Offering Subscriptions, All 6 of Them


The iPad App Store has got a new featured section this week that showcases iPad magazine titles that are offering subscription plans.

A nice idea in theory, but seeing as there are only six titles shown – that don’t exactly cover a broad array of interests or include any real marquee names – it seems more than a little lame. Even a bit embarrassing, as it just serves to highlight how few publishers are choosing to get on board with Apple’s subscription model so far.

I hope more publishers and titles will offer subscriptions soon, as prices per issue for most titles are much higher than most of us would like to pay – but there certainly doesn’t seem to be a lot of momentum in that direction right now.

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Worst Apps Ever: i.Business Magazine


OK, if you want the short story – as the post title suggests, this is a terrible app. In fact it is the single worst newspaper / magazine title I’ve seen in the App Store – and I’ve seen a lot.

It’s  a shame because the actual concept of the magazine itself is one that interests me a lot. As you’ll see below, it focuses on Apple products as business solutions. Here’s its App Store intro:

i.Business Magazine—the only Apple-related business magazine on the market. Other Apple-based magazines and publications focus on retail and consumer products while i.Business is the only magazine that focuses on Apple business & enterprise solutions for end-users who are using Apple technology, or for those looking to switch.

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Project iPad Magazine’s Issue 3 Out Today – I’ll Pass


Project – touted as ‘the revolutionary multimedia magazine built specially for your iPad’ – has released its third issue today. Here’s what’s on offer in Issue 3:

And this month? Only Stephen Colbert dressed as Richard Branson with a nude model on his back. That’s all.

CONFUSION! America’s top pundit Stephen Colbert, being interviewed by Richard Branson… while dressed as Richard Branson. Baffled? Hey – us too
VEGAS! Your insider guide to Nevada’s neon jewel – starring David Copperfield
FILM! Incredible 360º interviews with the British movie industry’s finest
DESPOT HOUSEWIVES! Know your dictator spouses? Take our quiz!
HAITI! How life is returning to normal – as documented by 50 “junior” photographers
SUPERBOWL! An exclusive look inside the most spectacular TV ad
COMICS! How Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar conquered Hollywood
ORATORY! How to deliver the perfect speech – by those who did it for presidents
SPECIAL FORCES! How to… sleep like the SAS?
PARACHUTING CATS! It’ll ruin it if we explain this

I’ve found the first two issues of Project to be OK, but not anywhere near as revolutionary as advertised, and have also found it hugely disappointing that the title has never even come close to living up to its promises of regular content updates (it has pretty much none to speak of). So I won’t be getting Issue 3, and will likely delete the app if the stagnant content model continues.

Here’s the App Store link for Project, for those who have yet to try the title out. Issues are $2.99 each.

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Some iPad Magazines Already Offering Subscriptions

iPad magazines offering subscriptions

Yesterday Apple announced its new subscription service, making it possible for publishers of newspapers, magazines and other types of content to offer subscriptions to users. Before the day was even done, the first few iPad magazine titles offering subscriptions hit the App Store.

The first three I’ve seen are Elle, Nylon, and Popular Science+.

Popular Science+, which has had a very good critical reception since it hit the App Store along with the iPad launch last April, is offering an annual subscription for $14.99 until the end of February. That’s a 75% savings over the single issue cost of $4.99 and 25% off the regular subscription price of $19.99.

Of course, News Corp’s The Daily newspaper is also offering subscriptions, as they were the first app to use this feature when they launched earlier this month. 

Have you spotted any other apps offering subscriptions yet? Have you signed up for any subscriptions?

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