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iPad at Play: with a Band Making Music in an Elevator

Nice one. The iPad at play as the keyboard on this Journey cover done in an elevator.

The band is called Saints of Valory and they’re based in my lovely hometown of Austin, Texas.

Definitely the best Journey cover in an elevator I’ve seen this week. Smile

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What Happens When You Give an All-Girl A Capella Group iPads? Madonna Covers and No More A Capella

We wanted to be the first to let you know that an all-girl a cappella band took on the iPad. We wanted to test what would happen when you give an iPad to an an all-girl a cappella band. With instruments uploaded into the iPads and an impromptu party arranged for the event, see what happened when the girls got hold of it. Is this iCappella? Ipad´s have been avaible here in Finland only one week so far.

The song is obviously Madonna’s Material Girl. Viisi (Five) is a popular Finnish a capella band, which has never used instruments in any performance before (or the iPad, for that matter). Naturally we shot this using iPhones.

I have to say the song’s not exactly a favorite of mine, but the voices are very nice and I’m all in favor of more iPad-powered live performances.

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