My New iPad Clearout: Free iPad 3 & iPad mini Cases for You

iPad Cases Collection

Want a great free case for your iPad 3 or iPad mini? Well, I’m going to give away about a dozen great iPad and iPad mini cases over the next week or so.

I just sold my iPad 3 and I’m clearing out my collection of iPad 3 and iPad mini cases as I get ready to buy the new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini. These are all pretty stellar cases and they’re all in mint and like-new condition. These include:

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover cases for the iPad and the iPad mini

– A lovely Pad & Quill Aria case for the iPad mini

– Apple Smart Covers for the iPad and iPad mini

– The excellent Case Prodigy iPad mini case

– Cases from Marware and Piel Frama and other leading vendors.

Hit the break for a sneak peek at the first case I’ll giveaway and how to win these cases for free …

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Poetic Giraffe Case for iPad mini = Happy Daughter

Giraffe iPad mini case

My 10 year old daughter is a big iPad user. Shocker eh? She has her own iPad mini and gets great use out of it for everything from educational apps to music and games. She’s interested in tons of subjects, but art, fashion, and design are near the top of her favorites.

She always takes a big interest in iPad cases that I have for review, and it’s clear very quickly when she takes a shine to one of them. That’s what happened when I was using and reviewing the Poetic Covermate iPad mini case, and I ended up handing it down to her once I had written my review.

So when I saw the new animal-themed Poetic cases for the iPad mini, and in particular the Giraffe case, I knew she would love it. I ordered one via Amazon and it just arrived a few days ago. She is very happy with it, and I think it looks great too.

If you’re looking for stylish iPad mini cases at very reasonable prices, it’s well worth giving Poetic a look.

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New Animal-themed Poetic Cases for iPad mini Looking Good

Poetic Covermate iPad mini Cases

Your Poetic has unveiled a number of new iPad mini cases this week. Three of their new animal-themed cases have particularly caught my eye – the Lion, Giraffe, and Elephant covers shown above.

I did a review of a Poetic CovermateiPad mini case a couple of months back and was very impressed with it. Here’s a little bit of my sum-up on it:

The Poetic Covermate iPad mini Case is a very nice folio case for the iPad mini. The Tree design is extremely handsome and the other designs look good too. It’s nicely priced at the Poetic site and is a real bargain at the prices you can currently buy it for on Amazon.

My 10 year old daughter loves that case and finds it gorgeous to use on her iPad mini. I know she’ll love these animal-themed cases too – and have ordered the Giraffe one for her today.

These new cases go for $39.95 on the Poetic site, but you can also find them on Amazon for $14.95. I just searched for ‘poetic covermate iPad mini lion’ for example to find the Lion-themed one.

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Cool Things: Pulp Art Covers for iPad mini

Paper Pulp Art iPad mini case

Here’s a new style of case for the iPad min that’s caught my eye this week: paper sleeve pulp art covers from a company called T&M. They bring some 40’s and 50’s retro flavor or, as T&M says, ‘retro futurism , science fiction and hair-raising adventure worlds’.

They’re made of cardboard and said to offer good protection as well bringing ‘color and humor to the public sphere’. I’m sure that second part is true, and I’m interested to see how good the quality and protection is with these cases.

One thing’s for sure here – I don’t think there’s a lot of danger of walking into a coffee shop with one of these on your iPad mini and then seeing somebody else with the same ‘outfit’. I imagine these would be good conversation starters, and good fun if you’re a fan of this sort of retro, pulp science fiction look.

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X-Doria Offers New Collection of iPad mini Cases, Exclusive to Target

X-Doria iPad mini cases

X-Doria have announced a new collection of iPad mini cases, available exclusively in Target and via

The collection includes three case designs, those shown above:

Featuring three Target exclusive designs including the SmartStyle in Pink Herringbone and Orange Bulbs and Dash Folio Cabernet, these cases provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional design, while keeping your device protected at all times. Along with these fashionable designs for Target, the retailer will also carry a wide array of X-Doria colors and styles in the Smartstyle, SmartJacket and Dash Folio Lines.

All these cases support the iPad mini’s automatic sleep/wake feature and can serve as a stand as nearly all cases of this type can. They’re priced at $39.99 each.

I don’t feel wowed by any of these designs, but I suppose if Target is your favorite shopping spot then you may want to take a look at these new options for protecting your iPad mini.

What do you all think of these? Will you be rushing to a Target store or online site to pick one up?

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Review: VersaCover for iPad mini

Moshi’s VersaCover for iPad mini offers a stylish variation on the Smart Cover with protection for the back of the iPad thrown in. It features a slim design and an origami folding cover that allows for various angles when using it as a stand. I’ve been a big fan of Smart Covers since the early […]

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