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iPad Mini Prices: Starts at $329

iPad Mini Full Prices

The iPad Mini has a starting price of $329, for the base 16GB WiFi model. The range of models goes from 16GB WiFi only through to a 64GB WiFi + cellular model that will go for $659.

Just as predicted by Asymco last week, the price bumps up $100 for each doubling of storage size on the iPad Mini, and around $130 for the addition of cellular capability – as you can hopefully see in the shot above.

The $329 entry level price for the iPad Mini is a fair bit higher than some of us were hoping for (around $250 or so). Now some will certainly question whether this price is keen enough to compete with lower priced 7 inch tablets from Google, Amazon and others.

What do you all think of the iPad Mini pricing levels?

Image Source: Gdgt

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