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Review: Apple’s iPad mini Smart Cover

iPad mini Smart Cover

Ever since I first used an Apple Smart Cover on my iPad 2, it has become a near-constant companion for my iPad 2 and now iPad 3. I’ve often written here about how the Smart Cover plus an ultra-thin Gelaskin have tended to be my favorite ‘outfit’ for the iPad.

So I when I bought the iPad mini on launch day a few weeks ago I purchased a Smart Cover for it right away, hoping it would become just as great a companion for the iPad mini as its bigger cousin has for my other iPads.

The short story here is that there’s a happy ending. The iPad min Smart Cover is proving to be every bit as much of a ‘bestie’ for my smaller iPad as hoped for. It is very rarely ever off the iPad mini. Hit the break for a few more photos and some further thoughts on the mini Smart Cover …

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