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Look Ma, No Hands – AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth Controller for iPad

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On the face of it, a hands-free accessory sounds superfluous for a chic device designed for hands-on use. Not only is the iPad screen meant to be touched, along with the OS, almost all well-designed Apps have been perfected to have an intuitive UI that requires minimal sequence of gestures to get a task done. With your fingers.

As it is plainly obvious however, these short years have seen the boundaries of function of the iPad repeatedly redrawn, or quite frankly completely erased. Along with the living room, bedroom and playroom, the iPad has now found its way to the classroom, boardroom and, err, apparently cat room! For all the love we have for its beautiful screen, there are specific moments that we could do with stepping away from it, whilst still in some control of it. Like when you need to flip a page with hands full of that cat. Enter AirTurn, the wireless page turner (and more), especially for those very moments.

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Review: Musyc for iPad

Musyc by Fingerlab is an exciting, fun and unusual music creation app that offers new ways to draw and construct compositions on your iPad or iPhone.

I often find myself backing into the same old familiar patterns when it comes to writing music.  We all have our favourite chords and song structures and sometimes it’s too easy to start pulling these old friends out for another spin around the block.  So for me an app like Musyc by Fingerlab is something of a revelation.

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Cool Things: iPad Orchestra & Beethoven’s 5th

Well here’s some iPads being put to a creative use. It’s an ‘iPad Orchestra’ taking on Beethoven’s 5th with the Salt Lake Pops. Here’s a little more intro on the video:

ArmorActive is proud to show off the Digital Orchestra – Beethoven’s 5th, collaboration video with Devin Graham. This video was all in good fun and we were stoked to be able to team up with one of the top YouTuber’s to make it.

Devin’s channel is famous for fun, trendy, spontaneous videos, and the Digital Orchestra was right up his alley. Integrating classic music of Beethoven and the modern technology of the iPad, throw in the iPad stands and enclosures from ArmorActive and the Salt Lake Pops bringing it all together.

I’m far from an expert on classical music, but this sounded pretty OK to me. Classical fans – school me, tell me how this was and how those iPads fared.


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