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Financial Times iPad Edition – Looks Good

Financial Times iPad Edition 

The Financial Times iPad Edition is the latest blue-chip newspaper title to come to the iPad.

I’m not a regular follower of financial news, but whenever I do fancy a look I’ve always found the Financial Times to be my favorite source.  I was happy to see their iPad edition is free (until the end of July) and have been browsing through it over the last day or so.

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Wall Street Journal’s iPad Edition – $18 a Month?


Yikes – I’m not a WSJ reader, but the rumored price point for the Wall Street Journal’s upcoming customized iPad version strikes me as quite high.  I don’t follow their print and online pricing much either, but from what I can gather the $18/month iPad version (if that’s accurate) would be around twice as much as their current online subscription rate. One of the funny things about this is that the price rumor is from the WSJ itself.

There’s been lots of talk of the iPad as a ‘savior’ for the newspaper and magazine industry – and I think there’s likely a lot of potential for that to come true, but I also think publications are going to need to find the right price points for iPad readers.  I am very anxious to see how other blue-chip titles get priced, and how the WSJ compares.

Any regular WSJ readers care to weigh in on that rumored price point?

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