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Writepad and Phatpad for iPad 50% Off This Weekend


Phatware is offering its Phatpad and Writepad for iPad note-taking apps for sale at 50% off this weekend.  Phatpad is knocked down from $4.99 to 2.99; and Writepad for iPad is reduced from $9.99 to 4.99.

Writepad is the best app for rapid and effective handwriting recognition that I’ve seen so far – and works well when you use finger or stylus. I haven’t had a chance to try out Phatpad as yet, but here’s its App Store Intro:

More than another note-taking app, PhatPad turns your iPad into an advanced brainstorming tool. Draw, write, and type your ideas then instantly share them via email, WiFi sync, Dropbox, or presentation mode. PhatPad’s digital ink technology and handwriting recognition engine allows you to scribble handwritten notes and drawings and convert them into digital text, or perfect geometrical shapes.

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Simplenote Updated – Big Bug Fixes


Simplenote – the excellent note taking app for iPad and iPhone – has had an update this week, to Version 3.0.6. The updates changes list does not mention any new enhancements, but it does detail several important bug fixes.

The big bug that I am very glad to see squashed with this update is this one:

fixed text and notes sometimes getting duplicated

I have seen a lot of that over recent weeks in Simplenote and it was a distraction in an otherwise superb app. Other fixes in the update include: bug where edits could be lost if you create a new note quickly after making changes, fixed tags not being removed properly after a sync, fixed problem with pin syncing, and fixed note list flickering after a sync.

You can find the latest version of Simplenote in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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iA Writer – Gorgeous New Writing App for the iPad


A beautiful new iPad app from Oliver Reichenstein and Information Architects and designed with the sole purpose of being a top-notch writing environment …

That’s how Shawn Blanc summed up the new iA Writer app for the iPad in his recent post on it which led me to try the app.

I installed iA Writer last night and I’m already very glad I did. It really is a superb app for writing.

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Simplenote App Updated – Critical Bug Fixes

Simplenote for iPad

Simplenote – one of the very best note-taking apps for the iPad and iPhone – has had a recent update, to Version 3.0.3.  This update offers a few small enhancements and, more importantly, some critical bug fixes.  Here’s the full list of changes:

– fixed a problem that could result in data loss if you updated but had not yet created an account
– fixed a problem that could result in data loss while working offline
– fixed some problems with tags (although tag syncing is not yet perfect)
– fixed problems with searching in portrait mode (iPad)
– moved the Sign Out button
– only display Sync Now information once

You can find this latest version of Simplenote in the App Store now, and it remains a free app.

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Simplenote for iPad Gets a Major Update – Adds Tags, Sharing, Full Screen Mode, Lots More

Simplenote iPad app

Simplenote – one of the leading notes apps for the iOS platform for a long while – has just had a huge update last night, to Version 3.0.2.  As its name would suggest, one of Simplenote’s strongpoints has always been its simple and elegant look and UI.

With this new update, the app has managed to maintain that simple, elegant quality while adding a substantial amount of functionality and some lovely bells and whistles as well.

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Writepad for iPad Updated–Adds Dropbox Sync


Writepad for iPad – the iPad note taking app that converts handwriting into text – has been recently updated, to Version 4.2. The big new feature is Dropbox sync.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of Dropbox (for online file sync and backup), so it is always a big plus for me to see this feature added to any app.

Writepad is an interesting app – one I’ve kept around on my iPad and always intend to use more.  Its handwriting recognition – via fingers or stylus – is pretty good, though a little hard to get used to.  If I ever get over that hurdle, it may become a much more frequently used app for me.

You can find this latest version of Writepad for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $9.99.

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Simplenote Updated – Now Supports iPad!

Simplenote on iPad

Simplenote has just been updated – to Version 2.60 – and has added iPad support.

The update lists the new iPad support as ‘basic’ and says that it will be improved over time.

This is one of my favorite and most-used notes apps and I’d been looking forward to an iPad version of it.

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Evernote Updated – Finally Runs on My iPad

Evernote for iPad

Hurrah.  The Evernote app got an update yesterday – to Version 3.3.2 – and now it will finally run without crashes on my iPad. Previously it was continually failing to launch after using it just a few times, crashing straight back to the home screen – even after a couple of remove and reinstall efforts.


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Simplenote for iPad – Coming Soon

Simplenote icon

Simplenote has recently become my most used note-taking app on the iPhone.  It’s also the one I am likely to use most on the iPad (alongside Evernote, if I ever get the app to launch for me).

I’ve become a big fan of Simplenote’s (cough) simple approach and it’s clean OTA sync.  When I need to I use JustNotes on my Mac laptop to work easily with files synced across from the iPhone, and vice-versa.  I am using the app all the time on the iPad as well (it’s in my dock!), even its rather ugly pixel-doubled incarnation.

So I’m very glad to hear that there are plans for Simplenote for iPad – and that it won’t be too long before we see it.

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PadNotes for iPad – Coming Soon & Looking Good

PadNotes iPad app

PadNotes is a powerful looking upcoming iPad note-taking app.  Based on its video demo, it’s more like a note-taking app on steroids – with quite a few slick features, such as:

  • the ability to write, type, draw or highlight in a document
  • and to write, type, draw and highlight on new documents or over the top of any PDF or image file you open up in it
  • then export your work as PDF or image files via email and network sharing

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