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Notes Plus for iPad Giveaway: 5 Free Codes to Be Won


You may remember last year I wrote a post about the excellent note taking app Notes Plus. My opinion was that it was a really well thought out app with plenty of options and excellent handwriting recognition, which at the time was an in-app purchase. You can read the full review here, and you can read my 3 way handwriting recognition app shootout here, in which Notes Plus came out as clear winner.

The developers have released a new version of the app with the headline feature being that handwriting recognition is no longer an in-app purchase, which is great news if you want to find a pretty accurate handwriting recognition app. The developers have also kindly given our readers 5 promo codes for Notes Plus which you can get by being one of the first 5 people to reply to this post in answer to this question:

What is the productivity app that you simply could not do without on your iPad? (mine would have to be Google Drive I think).

Your reply needs to have a valid email address, or I won’t be able to send the code to you and the contest will close on Sunday February 15 at 3:00 US Central.

In the meantime, here’s an App Store link for Notes Plus; it’s priced at $9.99.

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Simplenote Just Got a Big Update


Simplenote – one of the very best note taking apps for the iPad and iOS – got a big new update a couple of days back, to Version 3.1.0. Two of the biggest additions (for premium users only for now) are Dropbox sync and some basic support for lists.

Here’s the full list of what’s new in this new version:

This is a big update with lots of fixes and a couple new features:
Added option to lock the app with a passcode

Improved tags and sharing
– tags can now be added to a note via autocompletion
– you can tag people (email addresses), and the note will be shared with those people automatically
– you can add people to a tag to create a group tag
– notes with a group tag get shared with everyone in the group automatically
– tags can be renamed
– tag syncing is greatly improved

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Quick Look: Elements Dropbox Powered Text Editor for iPad

Elements - Dropbox Powered Text Editor for iPad

Elements is a new text editor app for the iPad, or for me a notes app. It’s full name listed in its App Store entry is Elements – Dropbox Powered Text Editor, and as that name implies Dropbox integration is one of its key selling points. 

It certainly sold me on wanting to take a good look at this app as soon as I heard it had hit the App Store – as I’ve been using Dropbox for ages and absolutely love the service.  If you’ve not yet discovered Dropbox, it is by far away the easiest and best online file sync / backup service I’ve ever come across.  It offers up to 2GB of space for free and then a very reasonable $9.99/month for up to 50GB on their premium service.  I use the service on my MacBook Pro, as well as my iPhone and iPad – so any notes app with a hookup to Dropbox has instant appeal for me, and I’ve been trying it out a bit.

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