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WritePad for iPad Updated – Adds Posting to Twitter

WritePad for iPad

WritePad for iPad has been updated, to Version 4.1.  The big new addition is …

Introducing twitter client: WritePad is the world’s first application to combine word processing functionality, handwriting recognition, and social networking in a single app.

I think the Twitter client wording is a pretty big exaggeration – it has added the ability to post to Twitter from within a note.  That’s nice, but it doesn’t make it a Twitter client in my view.

In any case, it’s a notable new feature.  I keep wanting to like WritePad better than I do – I’ve kept the app around for a while because I like the idea of its handwriting recognition, but I’ve found it hard to get the hang of it.

You can grab this latest version of WritePad for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $9.99.

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iPad Apps I Want to See: A Real Killer Notes App

iPad Notes app

While the built-in iPad Contacts, Calendar, Mail, and Photos app looked new, improved, and spruced up; the Notes app didn’t look very much different to the one we know and don’t really love on the iPhone.

I just about never use the built-in Notes app on the iPhone.  Instead I use Evernote, Notes Pro and others to do notes for app reviews and everything else.  None of them has me totally convinced though.  Evernote has lots of power and features than go beyond just note-taking, but it’s interface for inputting and editing text is lousy.  Notes Pro has a far nicer input interface but it lacks a good sync solution (offering only one way export to Google Docs).

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