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Shocker: iPad Falls Behind Android in Make-Believe Market Share

IDC Tablet Market Share Q1 2013

According to preliminary data from IDC’s latest report on worldwide tablet market share, their Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, Apple is easily the biggest single vendor but iPad has fallen behind Android in market share.

But that’s make-believe market share of course. Like Easter Bunny market share but with less colorful charts. The iPad market share of 39.6% is based on actual officially reported sales numbers of 19.5 million iPads last quarter. The market share numbers for Android are based on numbers of ‘shipments’ reported by various vendors.

The thing is, those shipment numbers include shipments to distribution channels, not actual sales. Here’s another way of looking at the numbers in the chart above:

Apple: actual sales numbers

Samsung: shipments – just like the million shipments they reported for their first Galaxy Tab tablet, that turned out to be around 800,000 more than they actually sold.

ASUS: number based largely on sales of the Google Nexus 7. No sales numbers have been reported for that device.

Amazon: Amazon has never reported *any* sales numbers for their tablet devices

Microsoft: Microsoft have never announced any sales numbers for their Surface tablets.

That’s one hell of a level playing field.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 42 Million iPads Sold in Last 6 Months


Apple held their Q2 2013 results conference call yesterday afternoon. I listened in to most of it live and as always there were lots of impressive numbers thrown around for all of Apple’s core products.

Here are some of the big, crazy iPad numbers and comments that stood out for me:

— 19.5 million iPads sold last quarter (ending end of March)

— A 65% increase over the same quarter last year!

— Tim Cook noted that sales of iPad mini grew substantially in the March quarter as supply caught up with demand.

— Gartner estimates tablet market growth to projected 375 million units sold in 2016 (tablets – not just iPads)

— 96% satisfaction rate among iPad customers

— Over 350,000 apps designed specifically for iPad. According to Appshopper, this number is actually much closer to 400,000 as of today (394,127 as I write this).

— Here’s the biggest one: a little over 42 million iPads sold in the first half of this fiscal year for Apple. 42 million in half a year! I haven’t gone away and looked at the numbers at all – but I bet that’s not far from being more than all other tablet sales total, ever, for all iPad competitors combined.

Wall Street doesn’t have a lot of love for Apple lately, but it’s hard to argue with the iPad’s success and future prospects right about now.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 1 in 6 Computers Shipped Last Quarter Was an iPad

Biggest PC Makers Q4 2012

A report issued this week by the Canalys market research firm shows Apple surprisingly atop the list of the world’s biggest PC makers in Q4 of 2012. The clear reason for Apple’s position is that Canalys counts tablets as computers – unlike other major research firms like IDC and Forrester.

The chart above highlights that iPads make up the vast majority of Apple PC sales. It also highlights a few more staggering iPad numbers:

Around 1 out of every 6 computers shipped last quarter was an iPad!

— Apple sold more than twice as many iPads as Dell sold computers of any kind last quarter

— None of the leading computer manufacturers shipped as many computers total as Apple sold iPads. HP’s number is 15 million – well behind the iPad on its own at 22.9 million.

Given the iPad’s massive adoption rate in the Fortune 500, its use for a huge array of business and productivity purposes, and its amazing versatility I think it makes perfect sense to count it as a computer. It’s incredible to think that the iPad itself, and the sort of tablet it is, did not even exist just a little over 3 years ago.

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iPad Losing Market Share to Rivals with Make-Believe Numbers

Q$ 2012 Tablets Market Share

According to the latest figures from IDC, the iPad is still the leader in the tablets market, but its market share is falling for the second quarter in a row. Their numbers for the final quarter of 2012 show the tablet market overall growing very nicely, with 52.5 million units shipped – growth of 75% over the previous year.

iPad still holds the biggest market share at 43.6% – but the loss of market share is attributed mostly to two rivals: Samsung who are #2 on the chart with 15.1% market share, and Amazon with 11.5%. The thing is though, the iPad share is based on Apple’s actual reported *sales* of 22.9 million iPads during the quarter. Samsung reports only shipment numbers, which may differ significantly from actual sales. Amazon reports no sales numbers at all – they just come out with statements about how great sales have been for their devices on Amazon and how they’ve set new records.

I’m no brain surgeon, but I’ve got a quick strategic suggestion for Tim Cook and Apple if they want to increase their market share lead again: don’t report any actual, real numbers anymore. Just say “Gosh, we sure sold a whole bunch of iPads last quarter.”

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 22.9 Million Sold Last Quarter

iPads Stack

Image Source: 148apps.biz

Apple has announced their Q1 financial results this afternoon. These results actually cover the last 13 weeks of last year, ending December 29, 2012. And they include some very impressive iPad numbers of course.

A few numbers and statements that have caught my attention during the call (which is still going on) are these:

— 22.9 million iPads sold last quarter.

— 1.7 iPads sold per week

— “iPad mini has been a tremendous hit”

There was also a mention of the widespread adoption and rollout of the iPad in blue-chip financial organizations and in a diverse range of government organizations both in the US and abroad.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: As a Standalone Business It Would Make the Top Tier of Fortune 500


Ever wondered how big a business the iPad would be if it was a standalone company? Me either, but Fortune today shared one analyst’s report that says it would be huge. Huge as in it would slot right in at Number 98 in the Fortune 500 – ranking higher than household names like Nike,McDonalds, and many others.

And huge as in it would be one of the largest tech companies in the US:

According to a recent report from Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi, the iPad line brought in $32 billion in sales last year — accounting for just over 60% of all tablet sales — and will grow 75% in 2013 to $46 billion. With numbers like those, Sacconaghi estimates that would make the iPad business, on its own, the 11th largest tech company.

Those are certainly some crazy, impressive numbers – but I don’t imagine Apple is looking to hive off the iPad business anytime soon.

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iPad Numbers & Notes from Apple’s Latest Financial Results Call

!00 Million iPads Sold

Yesterday Apple had their Q4 financial results call, and shared a vast amount of information about their latest results and how each of their major product lines is doing. This included some interesting numbers and comments related to the iPad.

Here are some that caught my eye:

— Apple sold 14 million iPads last quarter. That’s down from 17 million the previous quarter, but up 26% over the year-ago quarter. It was noted that lower sales in September are usual due to K-12 organizations doing the bulk of their buying in the previous quarter and not much in the September quarter.

— They also told us at the iPad Mini launch event that they sold their 100 millionth iPad earlier this month.

— It was noted that the gross margin on the iPad Mini is “significantly below” Apple’s average. An indication that Apple is pretty damn keen to get into the smaller tablet space, and not cede it to Google and Amazon.

— One final bit that has drawn plenty of people’s attention – Tim Cook’s comments on the Microsoft Surface:

Cook said he gets the impression it’s a “fairly compromised, confusing product.” and added that “You could design a car that flies and floats, but I don’t think it would do all of those things very well.”


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Crazy iPad Numbers from Today’s Apple Event

iPad and PC sales

As always, during their iPad Mini special event today Apple shared a lot of impressive numbers surrounding their iOS and Mac products. Among those were some crazy numbers for the iPad mentioned by Apple CEO Tim Cook, some I’ve seen before and some that are new today.

Here are the big iPad numbers that caught my eye during the Apple event:

— There are now some 275,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad.

— Two weeks ago Apple sold their 100 millionth iPad, after just two and a half years and in a brand new product category.

— 94% of the Fortune 500 are deploying or testing iPads.

— iPad accounts for a ridiculous 91% of tablet web browsing share.

— iBooks textbooks are now available for 80% of the US high school core curriculum and in over 2,500 schools in the US.

Cook finished off his talk on iPad numbers by saying “We’re just getting started” and “We’re not taking our foot off the gas”. Here’s to even crazier iPad numbers soon then. :)

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Survey Says: Teen Tablet Ownership Growing & Teens Love iPads

Teens and Tablets

A new survey shows that tablet ownership among teens is on the rise, and finds that teens are big fans of the iPad. The survey was done by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and polled nearly 8,000 teens.

As AllThings D reports, in addition to finding that Apple “remains the pre-eminent technology brand for teens”, the survey highlights these results related to tablets and the iPad:

    • 44 percent own a tablet – that’s double the number in the same survey 18 months ago
    • Of those who own tablets, 72 percent own iPads.
    • Of those who do not own tablets, but plan to buy one in the next six months, 74 percent hope to buy an iPad.
    • 43 percent said they’d be more likely to buy an iPad if Apple released a smaller version of the device at $299.

Good numbers for iPad momentum there, especially if we see that little fella come out soon as we’re expecting  to.

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Survey Says: iPad Market Share Fell This Year, but Still Over 50%

Tablet Ownershiop by Brand

The iPad’s market share has fallen dramatically over the last year, but is still above 50%, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Here are a few of the striking numbers from the survey:

— The iPad’s share among tablet owners has dropped from 81% down to 52%, and the survey notes that the success of smaller, lower-priced tablets is likely a major reason for the iPad’s lesser share.

The growth in tablet adoption is likely related to the advent of the lower-priced tablets in late 2011. Overall, about two-thirds of tablet-owning adults, 68%, got their tablet in the last year, including 32% in 2012 alone. That has lessened Apple’s dominance in the market.

— 25% of all US adults now have a tablet computer.

That’s impressive that 1/4 of US adults now own a device in a category that didn’t exist less than three years ago.

I’m not surprised the iPad’s share of tablet owners has dropped, but I do find it surprising that it’s all the way down to 52% if this survey is accurate. I still find that when I’m out in public places 90% or more of the tablets I see are iPads.

Of course there’s a little device that’s said to be in the works in Cupertino that just might have some impact on these numbers in future.

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iPad the Star of Latest Apple Results – 17 Million Sold Last Quarter

iPad Education Apps

Yesterday Apple announced their third quarter results for the year. For just about any other mere mortal tech company they looked pretty darn good – but after Apple’s immensely successful run over recent years they seem to have left Wall Street disappointed.

One thing that was far from disappointing was the iPad numbers announced – starting with 17 million sold, a huge 84% increase over last year.

Here are some of the other notable iPad related numbers and comments from yesterday’s announcement:

— This is a new quarterly record for iPad unit sales

— iPad momentum in the education sector was highlighted.There were more than twice as many iPads sold as compared to Macs in this sector last quarter. iPad 2 sales in K12 arena are particularly strong – as many had predicted give the lower price point.

— They estimate that the number of iPads in the enterprise space has tripled in the last year.

— There are now over 225,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad. Appshopper says there are over 250,000. 

— They also noted that $399 is a very successful price point for the iPad 2.

All in all, a stellar quarter for the iPad. Now if the iPad range gets extended a little later this year, things could really get interesting. :)

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