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Crazy iPad Numbers – iPads vs PCs Sold Last Quarter

iPads vs PCs Shipped

Image Source: gdgt

As usual, Apple shared lots of huge numbers at yesterday’s new iPad announcement event. 25 billion App Store downloads, 76% of Apple revenues come from Post-PC devices, 352 million of those devices sold, over 100 million customers on iCloud already, and so on.

Here’s the one that was by far the most impressive to me, the one shown in the slide above:

We sold more iPads in the last quarter alone than any PC manufacturer sold in their entire line.

There were more iPads sold last quarter than all of HP’s PC sales for all their models combined. And the same goes for the entire line of PCs for Lenovo, Dell, and Acer.

So either you count the iPad as a PC and it’s the best-selling PC, or you say it’s not a PC and then you’d have to say the Post-PC era is well and truly here now.

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iPad Numbers and the Post-PC Era

iPad vs PC Sales Numbers

From Horace Dediu’s Asymco post on the second Year of the iPad in a row.

The iPad has out-sold the Mac since inception and is now about three times the volume. However, the growth rate in the Mac has not changed much.

The new data shows that the iPad alone would be the largest PC vendor and Apple with iPad and Mac combined is selling 5 million more units (or 30%) than the top PC vendor.

Selling three times as many iPads as Macs at a time when Mac sales continue on a nice upward trend is impressive – but that last bit that I’ve bolded above is the truly amazing part. The new data (latest quarterly results) shows that iPad alone would be the biggest PC vendor if it was considered a computer.

Maybe the Post-PC era that Steve Jobs talked about is not so far off.

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More Crazy iPad Numbers and More Thoughts on It from Apple’s CEO

App Wall

The iPad is an amazing and versatile device, and this week is providing plenty of evidence of the amazing numbers that back that up. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has also offered up some thoughts on why the iPad is such a huge success and how huge its potential is.

Here are a few of those amazing numbers that have caught my eye, along with some of those thoughts from Tim Cook, and a few of my own thoughts:

— As Alicia noted the other day, Apple sold over 40 million iPads in 2011, and over 15 million in the last quarter of the year. Both numbers are well ahead of all other tablets sold combined. The 15 million sold is also triple the number of Macs sold in that quarter – and it was a record quarter for Mac sales. Tim Cook said in Apple’s earnings call earlier this week that he believes there will come a day when the tablet market is bigger than the PC market.

That day may not be that far off, as highlighted by this comment noted by TechCrunch:

Towards the end of the earnings call, Tim Cook dropped a huge nugget of information: led by 15 million iPads sold last quarter, the tablet market is now larger than the entire desktop PC market.

–  More than 55 million iPads have been sold in less than two years on the market. Among the dozens of supposed rival Android, Windows, Blackberry and other tablets it doesn’t look likely that any of them have even sold 10 million thus far.

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Big iPad Numbers Announced at Apple’s iPhone Announcement Event


Yesterday’s big Apple event was all about the new iPhone 4S, but the first portion of things featured Tim Cook (Apple’s new CEO) highlighting some very impressive numbers in all of Apple’s core product areas.

Some of the numbers for the iPad are just staggering – like these:

— Customer satisfaction ratings show a 95% score in a recent survey. This is described as ‘unheard of’.

— Adoption of the iPad in schools is huge. About a thousand universities across the US, including Stanford and Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, all have iPad programs.

every state in the US now has an iPad deployment or pilot in place today

— Momentum in the healthcare industry is also big:

80% of the top hospitals in the US are now testing or piloting the iPad.

— In the enterprise space, the iPad is also seeing unprecedented interest. 92% of the Fortune 500 are testing or deploying the iPad.

— And of course there’s the stat shown in the image at the top of this post: three out of four tablets sold in the US are iPads – per IDC Q2 2011 numbers, and here’s betting that number rises in Q3.

Talk about universal appeal – looks like the iPad has it.

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Gartner Report Says iPad Set to Dominate Through 2015


If we needed any more evidence of the iPad’s dominant position in the tablet market, a recent estimate of tablets sales for the next four years by Gartner certainly provides it. As GigaOM’s Mobilize reports the future looks very bright for the iPad:

Media tablet sales are set to grow from 17.6 million last year to 326.3 million in 2015, and the bulk of them will continue to be Apple iPads.

That’s enormous projected growth, and it Gartner are correct that the iPad will maintain the majority of sales, that’s going to be some massive sales numbers for the Apple tablet line.

The iPad is definitely off to an incredible start in its first 18 months or so on the market, and perhaps even more importantly there’s still a dearth of any real competition for it. Perhaps that will change when Amazon releases their tablet soon, or when Microsoft finally wheel out their Windows 8 tablets late next year – but there’s an awful lot of catching up to do. I think Gartner’s assessment of the tablet arena over the next few years sounds about right:

Even over the next four years, as competing tablets and their supporting ecosystems mature, Gartner projects Apple’s iPad will hold a majority share of all tablets sales over the next four years. Android will continue to chase for the No. 2 spot but still manage just over a third of market share by 2015, while QNX and Microsoft slates bring up the rear. HP is considered to be out of the game completely due to abandoning the TouchPad hardware business with a massive inventory fire-sale.

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Cool Infographic – The Selling Power of the iPad


GigaOM has a great infographic post up, based on striking numbers extracted from a new report by Yudu Media. According to GigaOM the new report …

presents a very convincing case that when it comes to marketing and audience, few devices (tablets or otherwise) can compare with the iPad. The report collects the findings of a number of different surveys and research outlets, painting a picture of a device tailor-made to sell content, products and services.

Two of the numbers that jump off the page for me are these:

— 91% of iPad owners have downloaded at least one app – and 63% have downloaded a paid app.

— 50% of iPad owners read newspapers (on the iPad presumably) – and only 14% of other ‘E-Reader’ owners do.

Via: GigaOM

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Huge Increase in Apple Store Visitors


Image Source: http://pmpaspeakingofprecision.com

Digital Daily has published an interesting report about the profitability of Apple retail stores. The report states that in Apple’s last quarter — Q3 for Apple — the fruit company’s retail arm brought in $2.58 billion, a 72.8% jump from Q2 of 2009. … The iPad is being given credit for much of the retail success, the launch has, “generated a 38.7 percent increase in visitors per store, a 52.9 percent increase in same-store revenues, and a stunning 106.3 percent increase in non-Mac revenues.”

Crazy, impressive numbers.  Wonder what they’ll be like when supply starts catching up with demand. Smile

Via: BGR

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Crazy iPad Numbers: It Accounts for 26% of Mobile Traffic at Wired


Less than three weeks after its launch, Apple’s iPad already accounts for 26 percent of the mobile devices accessing Wired.com.

That’s a huge number considering how new the iPad is.  It also looks as if it is around double (or a tad more) the percentage held by ‘everyone else’ in terms of mobile devices that are not part of the iPhone platform.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Significant Web Traffic Share Already


In a report from NetApplications, the iPad averaged 0.03 percent, per day, of all Web traffic for the ten days after its launch. Launch weekend had particularly high numbers, and then the numbers trended down as people went back to work, presumably without their iPads. The numbers actually approach the number of users for Blackberry and Google Android phones.

The thing that makes this all the more impressive is that the iPad has only been out for around two weeks, the 3G model isn’t even out yet, and it has only launched in a single country so far.

Source: Ars Technica via TUAW

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