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Who’s Going to Bring the First Great iPad-only Newspaper or Magazine Title?


Despite all the enthusiasm for the iPad as a publishing platform for newspapers and magazines, to date we’ve only seen a small handful of iPad-only titles of this kind. The two most notable, News Corp’s The Daily and Project from Virgin Publishing, have both been hugely disappointing.

Project promised to be much more than just a monthly iPad edition, with frequent and even hourly updates – and never came anywhere near delivering on that promise. It has lots of multimedia bells and whistles, but it’s just another stagnant monthly title like so many that are the iPad editions of a print publication.

The Daily has good, frequent updates but also unfortunately has huge, basic technical flaws that have never been fixed even after three months of being in the App Store. Just as one quick and infuriating example, the app miserably fails to remember where you left off reading if you switch away to another app and return to it, making for a horrible, disjointed, and slow reading experience. Even so, it’s the closest I’ve seen to a worthy iPad-only newspaper or magazine, partly just because it’s the most ambitious – but until it can at least get the basics and basic performance right, it is far from great.

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The Daily Updated – Performance & Stability Improvements?


The Daily – News Corp’s highly touted new iPad-only newspaper title – has had its first app update today, to Version 1.0.1.

Here’s the list of changes in this update and an important note on getting the updated version:

• Increased performance and stability
• Improved introduction experience
• Twitter posting updated
• Twitter login updated
• Change to image caption text concatenation

Most of this of course sounds very minor; the one interesting item is the ‘increased performance and stability’. I haven’t had a chance to update yet, but I will soon – and I’ll let you know whether these improvements look substantial.

If you’ve already updated, please let us know what you think in the comments.

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