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iPad Art: Watercolor Tiger

iPad Painting Watercolor Tiger

Today’s featured iPad art is this beautiful watercolor style painting of a tiger. It was created by Flickr member whytnie2006, who offers these details on it:

Tiger watercolor painting. Used artrage, nomad brush

I’ve always thought big cats, and tigers in particular, are among the most magnificent looking creatures on the planet – and I love how this image conveys some of that beauty and magnificence.

You can see more of whytnie2006’s lovely iPad artwork at this Flickr stream.

And of course you can check out lots more great iPad paintings in the iPad Art section of iPad Insight.

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iPad Art: Black Widow

Black Widow iPad Painting

This week’s featured iPad painting is ‘Black Widow’ by Rafael Co.

Here’s a little background about this image, courtesy of the artist himself – note the link to the video showing the painting being made:

“Black Widow” Reference photo is from a movie poster of “The Avengers”. Drawn on the iPad using Procreate app. Here’s my work process –http://youtu.be/r34mgeg3QVY

I have never even seen any of The Avengers movies, but I still find the image striking and powerful. Another great piece from Raffy, who is another of my favorite iPad artists.

Please check out more of Raffy’s work at his Rafael Co Flickr stream.

And of course you can see lots more lovely iPad paintings in our iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: Paint on!

Paint On iPad painting

Wow, lots of reasons to love this week’s featured iPad painting. It’s titled ‘Paint on!’ and created by Hotel Midnight.

Apart from the fact it’s the work of a favorite iPad artist, of course I love the fact that it’s an iPad painting that’s all about painting on the iPad. Here. the artist herself can explain that far better than I:

Paint on!

I do not want a smaller tablet than the Air. I do not want to go back to being mired in one spot (desktop,etc.). How to go back to the easel when you’ve had such freedom. But I would not mind a tad more space. But only if it maintains its portability. An antigrav iPad AIR would be perfect.

So who’s on board with an antigrav iPad Air?

If you have even a little bit of interest in iPad art you should absolutely go visit the Hotel Midnight Flickr stream and enjoy more of her fascinating iPad paintings. And of course you can also check out the iPad Art section here at iPad Insight.

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iPad Art: Mr. Blue Sky

Mr Blue Sky iPad Painting

Today’s featured iPad art is this iPad painting of a car titled ‘Mr. Blue Sky’.

It’s by Michael Acosta, and was created using the Paper by FiftyThree app. I have to admit, I’m not even a big car guy generally – but Acosta’s iPad paintings of them could easily turn me into one. These make the cars themselves look like works of art, and sure as heck make you want to go take them for a spin right away.

Acosta mentions that this one was inspired by Google+ member Joe Frazee. I just took a look at Frazee’s Google+ page – wow, if you’re a car lover you’ve gotta go see his photos.

To see more of Acosta’s iPad paintings, circle him up on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MichaelAcosta/posts.

And for more lovely iPad paintings you can also have a look at the iPad Insight iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: First Day of Spring

iPad Painting First Day of Spring

Today’s featured iPad painting is a perfect image for the beginning of my favorite season, Spring. The painting is titled ‘First Day of Spring’, and is the work of an iPad artist who’s a favorite any time of the year – Helene Godberg.

For me, Spring is lovely warm weather, t-shirt time, my  daughter’s birthday, a great time on the sports calendar (The Masters, the start of baseball season, NBA playoff races and more), and colors. Here in Austin colors include bluebonnets and wildflowers on the highways and butterflies and other insects coming back out.

I love the colors in this iPad painting. I also like that it feels like such a happy image, and that’s what Spring is all about here.

Check out more of Helene Goldberg’s lovely work at her hgberk Flickr stream.

And take a look at our iPad Art section to see the work of more great iPad artists.

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iPad Art: Shepherd

Shepherd iPad painting

The iPad painting above is titled ‘Shepherd’. It’s the work of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo – featured here for the second week in a row.

I’m a huge fan of Ocabo’s work. I love the colors and the way his images capture city and rural scenes with such realism.

I especially love this Shepherd painting because it’s just such an idyllic image for those of us who earn a living in towns and cities. My office doesn’t quite compare with that hillside.

You can see more of Ocabo’s iPad artwork at his Flickr stream.

And you can see more great iPad paintings in our own iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: Alley

Alley iPad painting

Our featured iPad painting this weekend is ‘Alley’ by Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo.

This one is captivating to me because it instantly conjures up memories of Spain and of Europe. It just shouts ‘travel’ at me. I also find the color and lighting beautiful.

Here’s a little more about it from the artist himself, shared to our Google+ iPad Art community:

Here you have my latest digital painting made with my fingers on an iPad using Procreate.
The tittle is “Alley”.
I’ve only been painting with the ipad for 7 months, but each time I feel more and more comfortable!
Hope you like it!

Incredible that he’s only been painting on the iPad for just 7 months. You can see all of Ocabo’s work here: http://www.jaimesanjuanart.blogspot.com.

And of course you can see more amazing iPad paintings in the iPad Art section here at iPad Insight.

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iPad Art: Let the Light Shine

iPad painitng Let the Light Shine

Today’s featured iPad painting is titled ‘Sic Luceat Lux’ – a Latin phrase which translates to ‘Let the Light Shine’.

This is one of the latest iPad finger paintings by Andrew Harrison – created with the Brushes app. I was immediately taken with this image when I saw it in our Google+ iPad Art community, and I was very curious to know who was the subject of this lovely portrait. Here’s the answer, and a little background on the painting:

It was done in two days I actually found the picture on the web and liked it straight away it’s royalty free unknown sitter.I had too make a lot of the features up on it.I used Brushes and an iPad air.

Check out Andrew Harrison on Google+ to see lots more of his iPad artwork. And of course you can see more lovely iPad paintings in the iPad Art section of iPad Insight

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iPad Art: Gallery Of The Future

Gallery of The Future iPad Painting

Another Sunday, another amazing iPad painting. This week’s pick is ‘Gallery Of The Future’  by Hotel Midnight. I find the image stunning. It’s got so much going on, as with so many of Hotel Midnight’s paintings. I love the colors, the Sci-Fi effect, and those legs are not too shabby either. :)

Here are some far better words about the painting, from the artist herself:

IN A WORLD: where we will live the rest of our lives! Redone and repurposed., the art that is, not the future.

SketchbookPro, a lot of straight line work that took forever, ha! Alien Sky, NASA website. There’s one piece of SBP hardware I do use, that little bolt.

Hotel Midnight is one of my favorite iPad artists – take a look at her Flickr stream to see lots more of her lovely work.

And check out our iPad Art section here at iPad Insight for more great iPad art.

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iPad Art: Making Sandcastle

Making Sandcsastle iPad painting

This weekend’s featured iPad painting is titled ‘Making Sandcastle’.I can’t think of an image that more perfectly evokes the joy of childhood than this one.

It’s the work of Pilar Humada, who has been featured often here – painted freehand with the Sketch Club app. Once again I have to mention that Pilar only began painting on the iPad less than a year ago – which makes her work seem all the more incredible to me.

Please check out more of Pliar’s wonderful iPad paintings at her PHumada Flickr stream. And of course you can also take a look at our iPad Art section here at iPad Insight.

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iPad Art: The Snail King

The Snail King iPad painting

Today’s featured iPad  art is titled ‘The Snail King’ and is the work of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo.

I have to say I find this image striking and powerful, and also more than a little surprising. I mean, I’ve never seen such a regal and impressive looking snail. Hell, I’ve never seen even just an impressive looking snail.

Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time looking at them properly. Clearly, Senor Ocabo has.

To see more great iPad paintings take a browse through our iPad Art section.

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