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A Low-Cost MacBook Air Could Be a Big Seller for Apple

Last week, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicted that Apple will release a new 13″ MacBook Air with a lower price tag sometime in the second quarter. I find it interesting that a device many of us thought had been left for dead in the wake of the super-thin MacBook a couple of years ago still proves its worth in their product lineup. That is some remarkable resiliency, especially in the fast-moving tech world.

At one time it was the latest and greatest. The MacBook Air was the super-thin, super-light premium laptop that all comers were judged by. Now, it seems that it will be further confirmed in its role as the low-end value option in Apple’s laptop lineup. However, with the right combination of upgrades and concessions, it could still have one more good run before finally heading off into the sunset.

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