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Back to School with an iPad? 5 ways to go paperless this term.


Back to School. The phrase that strikes horror into students (and teachers) of all ages up and down the land. Back in the day, there was the excitement of writing neatly on the first page of your new exercise book, and then slightly less so on the second page which was not quite so nicely padded on all those leaves of fresh paper. Now, many students are just as likely to walk into the classroom with a piece of tech as they are with a pencil case. Here are the top 5 cost effective, paper busting productivity apps for a student going back to school in 2014 armed with an iPad, in no particular order. Continue reading

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Graduation time from your favourite notes app? Notes Plus iPad Review

IMG_1074As some of you may know if you have read my articles before (thanks Mum!), I love productivity apps and the app which constantly does the business for me is Notability. Ginger Labs, the creators of Notability have designed their app in such a way that it appeals to power users and beginners alike. The school I work in has a lot of iPad users of varying experience, but Notability is a favourite amongst many of them. It is with this staunch Notability love that I review Notes Plus. Continue reading

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Check Out Apple’s Amazing Productivity Apps Sale

amazing productivity apps

Apple is currently featuring a sale on Amazing Productivity App, which you can find on the front page of the App Store. To be honest, I normally ignore most of these weekly or monthly sales, but this one has so many good deals that I couldn’t help but jump on a few intriguing new apps. I picked up:

  • Prizmo — I hadn’t heard of this app before, but I was curious about how well it could do Optical Character Recognition (OCR); a few quick tests on game manuals seem to prove its worth, but I’ll have to check out Scanbot’s new Pro features (which feature OCR) before I decide on an OCR app.
  • Grafio — I’ve been asked to do a few workflow charts at work, and Grafio seems like the easiest way to accomplish this. Drawing shapes is easy, linking shapes is easy, and I can even re-order everything on the page and still have arrows pointing to all the right places.
  • Gneo — I haven’t actually had time to try this out yet, but since I’m currently doing my task management within Evernote, I decided to pick Gneo up, just to see if it would help at all. My guess is that this app might be a little too complicated (it seems to create separate notebooks for Evernote tasks), but I’ll report back on it soon.

Of course, these are just the apps I picked up during the sale. I already own Clear, Fantastical 2, Tydlig, Writer Pro, and others. This would be a great time for you to decide to own them too!

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