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How to turn your iPad into a MacBook

IMG_0566After the recent WWDC, Apple made it much easier to teach its programming language, Swift, in schools. In iOS9, you can run apps created in Swift on an iPad without the need for a virtual machine which means students can test, change a bit and test again with ease. They’ve also released some great looking iTunes U courses to help you learn. I look after the 1:1 iPad program in my school and I’d really like to take advantage of this for my students. The problem is I need to learn how to program in Swift and to do this I need a MacBook. Unfortunately I don’t have a MacBook. Everywhere I look, other teachers, students, everyone seems to have one of those sleek looking MacBooks, but I don’t. As I wipe my tears away at the prospect of all of my money going on nappies for the newest member of the Potter family and not a new MacBook, I turn my attention to making one from what I already have. Here is what I came up with. Continue reading

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Screens VNC for iPad review: Ideal for Productivity and Pranking!

Mac on your iPad
Mac on your iPad

In my first teaching job, my school at the time had a remote desktop system going where I could use my dodgy old computer at home to remotely connect to a desktop at school which gave me access to all of the programs I needed to prepare my lessons. I remember thinking it was almost like witchcraft – having more than one computer on your computer! It actually worked pretty well in the early days of broadband (despite having to set it to 16 colour mode!). This was a feature that I sorely missed when I moved schools. Jump in the DeLoren and get to 88.8 mph and fast forward to today. Fast connectivity and mobility everywhere means that we don’t have to rely on a meaty central server at a place of work to provide these connections, you can do it yourself at a fraction of the price. This is where Edovia’s Screens software comes in. Continue reading

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LogMeIn Ignition Updated – Adds Integration with Dropbox & Google Docs


LogMeIn Ignition – one of the best remote access apps for iPad and iOS – has been updated this week, to Version 2.2.380.

This update adds only a single new feature, but it’s a very powerful one:

My Cloud Bank integration that links Ignition with popular cloud services

The app now lets you add connections to cloud storage services – Dropbox, Google Docs, and WebDav servers.

This app already offered a unique and powerful feature that I’ve not seen yet in any other remote access app – the ability to copy files back and forth between remote computers and the iPad (or iPhone).

Now, with support for cloud services, this functionality has been extended. Now you can copy files from the cloud straight to a remote computer as well.

It’s great to see an app like LogMeIn Ignition, which for me is already right at the top of the list of best remote access apps for the iPad, just keep improving and adding excellent new features.

Here’s an App Store link for LogMeIn Ignition; it’s priced at $29.99.

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Parallels Mobile for iPad Updated, Adds Ability to Control Your Mac Just Like a Virtual Machine


Parallels Mobile – the iPad partner app for Parallels Desktop – has had a recent update, to Version 3.0.510.

The big new feature in this update is the ability to ‘control your Mac just like you control your virtual machine’. So it’s aiming to be more of a full-fledged remote access app rather than just a way of connecting to a virtual machine on a Mac.

I’ve been using Parallels Mobile for a long while now and it works very well as a means of remote access to my Windows 7 virtual machine on my MacBook Pro. I installed this latest update a couple days ago, and have also upgraded to Parallels Desktop 7 on my MBP (which is required for the new ‘control your Mac’ feature to work).

I’ve only given the Mac access a very quick try. It works, though navigation in it does not appear as good as in other remote access apps as a first impression.

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LogMeIn Ignition 50% Off for Back to School Sale

LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn Ignition is on sale at 50% off – down from $29.99 to $14.99. It’s a Back to School sale price for a limited time – and it’s a heck of a deal on a superb remote access app for the iPad.

LogMeIn has been a trusted name in remote access for home and business users for years, and their iPad / iOS universal app is one of the very best I’ve seen for remote access. Here are some of its notable features:

Remote Control
• Intuitive and flexible control modes
• Multi-monitor support
• Supports use of special key combinations
• Start a sleeping computer with Wake-On-LAN

File Manager
• Browse all your files and folders on remote computers
• Create a local folder and filing system on iPad or iPhone
• Transfer files and folders between remote computers with your iPad or iPhone
• Save PC and Mac files directly on an iPad or iPhone for offline viewing
• Directly access and transfer photos from/to your iPad or iPhone photo library
• Update locally saved files with changes made on remote computers
• Edit files using other apps (requires file editing apps)
• Print to AirPrint-compatible printers

Its big, unique feature is that it allows you to copy files and folders between your iPad and a remote PC. I’ve used this and it works like a charm.

Here’s an App Store link for LogMeIn Ignition. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is a great price to grab it at.

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LogMeIn Ignition Now Lets You Copy Photos & Videos Between iPad and PC


LogMeIn Ignition is one of the very best remote access apps for iPad and iOS. It’s got a great, simple interface, requires very little setup, and works like a charm.

This week it’s had an update that adds a very slick new feature – the ability to copy photos and videos to/from the iPad (or iPhone) photo library. So if I rushed out of the house for a meeting and forgot to get a few crucial photos onto the iPad before leaving, I can fire up LogMeIn Ignition on the iPad 2, connect to my MacBook Pro, and choose to copy those missing photos straight into the iPad’s Camera Roll.

I can just as easily to copy photos and videos from the iPad over to the MacBook Pro via LogMeIn Ignition.

This is a superb feature and as far as I’m aware it is still unique to this app.

Here are some other features added in the latest update to LogMeIn Ignition (Version 2.1.299):

    • Attach any file (including multimedia) to emails from Ignition
    • Save email attachments to File Manager
    • Control timeout settings while multitasking for Ignition

Here’s an App Store link for LogMeIn Ignition; it’s priced at $29.99 and is a universal app designed for  both the iPad and the iPhone.

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LogMeIn Ignition Now Lets You Copy Files from Remote PCs to Your iPad or iPhone

LogMeIn Ignition file manager

LogMeIn Ignition is one of the best apps around for remote access and remote control of PCs from your iPad or iOS device.  It works in tandem with the long-established free LogMeIn desktop software.

It just got a whole lot better though, after it’s latest update (to Version 2.0.264). This update added a File Manager mode to the app, along with an awesome new capability:

the ability to copy and move files from remote computers to the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch).

As far as I know this is a unique feature – I have certainly not seen any other remote access app that lets you copy files from a remote PC to your iPad. I’ve tried it out over the last week or so, and it works superbly well.

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VMware View for iPad Now Available


VMware View for iPad hit the App Store last week. The app provides access to your Windows virtual machines from the iPad, via a local WiFi network or via 3G.

Here are some of the app’s notable features:

Work on your Windows based VMware View virtual desktop right from your iPad giving you on the go access from any location. Support for the PCoIP display protocol means your desktop is fast and responsive regardless of where you are.
Feel right at home with support for native iPad gestures for quick and easy navigation around your desktop. Need to do something more complex? Call up the trackpad for better mouse targeting or the keyboard for efficient text input.
Tightly integrated with the VMware View 4.6 release for simple setup and connectivity. Quickly reconnect to you desktop by selecting from the recent desktop list.
The adaptive capabilities of the PCoIP protocol are optimized to deliver the best user experience even over low bandwidth and high latency connections.
At your desk or away from the office you’re always secure. Access your View desktop over WiFi or 3G and with tight VMware View 4.6 integration your desktop is delivered securely to you wherever you are.

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GoToMyPC for iPad Released

GoToMyPC for iPad

GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop) for iPad is the popular and respected remote access from Citrix, come to the iPad at last. Citrix is a blue-chip name in the corporate arena, and GoToMyPC is one of the leading universal remote access brands, that cuts across home and business users.

Great to see GoToMyPC come to the iPad – and the video demo of GoToMYPC for iPad looks great. Here’s an intro to the app and rundown of key features, via its App Store page:

GoToMyPC is the fast, easy and secure way to instantly connect to your Mac or PC, with access to all of your files, programs and network. And now you can take it to go with GoToMyPC for iPad.

No more filling up flash drives, worrying about forgotten files or late nights in the office. With GoToMyPC, everything you need is always just a few taps away.

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Wyse PocketCloud Remote Access App Now Has a Free Version

Wyse PocketCloud RDP / VNC (Remote Desktop)

Wyse PocketCloud RDP / VNC (Remote Desktop) is the brand new free version of one of the leading iOS apps for remote access to Windows and Mac PCs.

Today Wyse is announcing a new free version of its popular PocketCloud virtual desktop app for iPhone/ iPad, inviting consumers into what has been an mainly an enterprise focused space.  Now anyone can work on the Microsoft Office suite, browse the full web, and even play flash games.

This is definitely one of the best remote access apps – and especially for Windows / RDP – I’ve seen on iOS. The app now has over 250,000 users across the iOS and Android platforms, and has received rave reviews from a number of enterprise-focused titles.

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